Aug 282012

After blocking the road outside the atos centre in Manchester 50 protesters marched round the city centre chanting

‘David Cameron hear us shout, time to kick Atos out!’




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  One Response to “Tuesday 28th August: Manchester Atos Protest”

  1. Great Demo outside ATOS Manchester, Lots of speakers, road blocked for 15 -20 minutes and cars coming from both directions just had to turn around, rather than pass..all going well with the blockade, even with the two Community Police who asked us to move off the road, finally backed off. until the ‘Heavy boys in Blue’ turned up and moved us back onto the pavements. We even had a singalong parodying Morecambe & Wise “Bring Me Sunshine” as follows:

    Parody of Morecambe and Wise “Bring Me Sunshine”

    “Bring us Sunshine, not your bile.
    Bring us laughter, not Seig Heil!
    In this world where we live, there should be more honestness
    So much joy you could give, if you’d just accept you’re shysters
    Make us happy, through the years
    Stop your fibbing, causing tears.
    Let your funding be as clear as the sun from up above
    Bring us hope, state the truth, then ‘eff off!

    Bring us Sunshine, not your lies.
    Bring us freedom, not your spies.
    All that cash you have spent, telling us we’re fit-for-work
    How can we be content, when you say we only ‘shirk’
    Ask the doctors, we’re not wrong
    Tho’ you’re singing a different song
    Yes you are, just as bent, as a nine bob note is duff
    ATOS Kills, all the sick, ain’t no loooooove!!”

    Amended by StevieB and Charlie Prawn

    The 50+ demonstrators enjoyed it…even the watching public clapped when it was over.:-)) And if that wasn’t enough after the miserable weekend weather..The Sun shone on the Righteous..

    Aaaah..its good to be 61 and still alive and

    P.S. The UK Demos made front page news in “The Independant” today…Jeezus..what an awesome day! Well done to One and All across the UK..We got these buggas on the run now…

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