Nov 012011

At the beginning of the conference on 29th October a number of apologies were given, one of which was Maria Miller MP (Minister for Disabled People).

She sent a quite lengthy response that said very little to decline her invitation and a number of points she raised provided much amusement to the people who attended the conference.

She started by saying that “the Government is fully committed to enabling disabled people to have the same opportunities and choices as non-disabled people”. As you can imagine that caused a stir in the room straightaway.

She then went on to say “over the past year I have made it a personal priority to regularly meet with disabled people, their families and the organisations that represent them.” She spoke about organisations that “are already working closely with the government to help shape welfare reforms”.

To view the full letter that was received, follow the link below –

Maria MillerMP Letter pg 1Maria Miller letter pg 2 (PDF)