Mar 242014

#Disability CON-fident

Another Con about us without us-but we can be there and let Penning and others know what a Con #Disability CON-fident is.


Lets take over the tweet stream with some facts on what this Government is doing, from cutting Access to Work to imposing work programs that don’t work- so much CON rhetoric and no useful actions. They might CON some but they don’t CON us

Join in the twitter storm from 9.30 am 25th March till 1.30, publicise Boycott Work fare’s week of action, the Deaf campaign against cuts in Access to Work, Why the Work Program only works for the private companies paid with public money and much, much more….


Go to and join us

Let’s tweet this CON out



Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel, South Quay, Marsh Wall, London E14 9SH


08:15Guests arrival and registration – Tea/Coffee

09:15Introduction and Domestics

Simon Minty

09:30Highlight Video of the National Conference from July 2013 to be played

09:35Keynote speaker

Mike Penning – Minister of State for Disabled People

09:45Keynote speaker

Ashok Vaswani – CEO Retail and Business Banking, Barclays

09:55Case study

Stuart Roe

10:05Case study

Beverly Tew – Action for Blind People

10:15Case Study

Hilary Farmiloe – Instructability National Project Manager

Vanessa Daobry – Administrator at Aspire

Andy Kelly – Fitness First Regional Manager

10:25Discussion and Preparation for Ask the Expert Session

10:30Case study

David Burdus – Director of Burdus Ltd

10:40Coffee Break

11:00Keynote Speaker

Simon Weston OBE

11:25Ask the Expert Session

John Beasley – Access to Work, Department for Work and Pensions

Terry Waldron – Co-chair of Barclays internal disability network ‘Reach’

Tracey Abbott – Special Recruitment Advisor, Business Disability Forum

Kate Headley – Co-Founder and Development Director, the Clear Company

Dawn Milman-Hurst – Founder/ Owner, Equal Approach

12:10Make a pledge

Fiona Kilpatrick, Department for Work and Pensions

12:25Closing Speech

Mark McLane, Managing Director, Diversity and Inclusion – Barclays

12:30Wrap Up Session

Simon Minty

12:40Performance – “As I am”

Oscar Bell (Student Kidderminster College)

Jordan Statham (Student Glasshouse College)

12:45Networking lunch

13:30Conference Close