Aug 032013

The High Court rejection of 10 legal challenges this week exposes the savage injustice of the Bedroom Tax. Let’s turn anger into more action, more pressure, and ensure no landlord can evict tenants –

The next steering group of the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation meets on 7 September 12-4pm in Manchester.  Please email to confirm you can send one or two reps from your local groups and supporting organisations, to help decide next plans.

Ask all Councillors against the Bedroom Tax to add their name to this statement to support tenants and push politicians and landlords to abolish the Tax:

Eileen and Kate
Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation

Other News

Urgent warning to those in the WRAG group of ESA and information on Discretionary Housing Payments:

*Protests Force Canterbury No Eviction Pledge – Canterbury City Council agree not to evict council tenants who cannot pay the Bedroom tax:

National Day of Protest Keeps Up Pressure – Saturday 27th saw 250 marching through Newcastle, hundreds in Manchester marched on the Court, 500 in Liverpool and actions in Barnsley, Milton Keynes, across London, and more.

Launch of Greater Manchester Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation – over 100 delegates launched Manchester’s city wide fightback.

Housing association report on the first 100 days of the bedroom tax show rising arrears and a negative impact on disabled tenants:


24 August The Mass Sleep Out: protest against Bedroom Tax!/MassSleepover  Plans for 39 towns and cities (and rising)!/MassSleepover/info

Disabled People Against Cuts week of action 29 Aug – 4 Sept will be a chance protest against the full range of attacks on disabled people ending with a march through London4th September:

7 Sept Anti Bed Tax and Benefit Justice Steering Group – 12-4pm Manchester

24 Sept meeting at Labour conference: Cut Rents Not Benefits – Build the Homes we Need  6pm Brighthelm Centre, North St Brighton

29 Sept Manchester protest at Conservative Conference,  with plans for a Bedroom Tax feeder march

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Jun 192013

The fight against the Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts is spreading to new areas, as rent arrears and eviction threats sharpen the pressure. 

Manchester had a first victory last week, when protests outside Court headed off a Bedroom Tax eviction – see report and photo

Barnsley will be outside Court on Thur 20th when 700 people are summonsed for Council Tax arrears.  They are asking other groups to come with banners – details here (scroll down the page)

In Birmingham 300 people marched on Saturday despite pouring rain, in memory of Stephanie Bottrill – see BBC and ITV Central News report

Campaigns and growing rent arrears are upping pressure on Councils and landlords. Tenants are demanding to address landlords at this year’s big Housing Conference 2013 and will join a big Bedroom Tax protest when Lord Freud and other ministers speak to the conference 27 June in Manchester details here

Councils oppose Bedroom Tax:  36 local authorities met at Manchester Town Hall 7 June and called on the Government to abolish the bedroom tax – see report. This is a welcome beginning – we will continue to campaign and call for councils and landlords to agree “No Evictions” due to benefit cuts, as at least 15 councils have so far, and fight to ensure no one loses their home.

The first steering group meeting of the Anti-Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation on 8 June (see broadcast here) heard reports from round the country and agreed the following:


  • Produce more material including a guide on how to fight the bedroom tax
  • Feed the website, twitter and facebook with reports and stories: email
  • Frequent press releases


  • Try to co-ordinate a network of local and national politicians against the bedroom tax
  • Start discussions about date for national demonstration
  • Next steering group meeting – early September – venue tbc


  • Saturday 22 June: Help leaflet and talk about benefit cuts at the People’s Assembly – London
  • Thursday 27 June: Lord “Spare Mansion” Freud Protest –  Manchester
  • Saturday 27 July: National Day of Protests against the Bedroom Tax and Benefit Cuts – leaflet here

Keep in touch – let us know your plans for 27 July Protests – and if you have suggestions, want speakers or help.

Eileen Short

for Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Fed

Follow the campaign:     facebook: The Anti-Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation Twitter:  @benefitjustice