Aug 062019

If you are in a self employed, zero hour or gig economy job and you are claiming Universal Credit, we are interested to know your experiences of claiming UC while self employed.

Is it working OK? Or not? Please email us at and tell us your experience.



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  One Response to “Callout for people in self-employed, zero hours or gig jobs, let us know your experiences of being on Universal Credit”

  1. Hi DPAC

    I’m on UC and trying, slowly, to get back on my feet with a bit of freelance writing.

    The DWP has been utterly useless. When I called to ask for advice on how to let them know if I was earning, I was initially told the call centre doesn’t deal with that query, then that the JC should help or I should write it in my UC journal. But as soon as it’s noted in the journal, DWP wants to start reducing my UC payments, even tho my freelance income is not steady. And nobody can agree whether I meet any threshold for “permitted work” while still claiming full UC.

    It’s a nightmare and really putting me off trying to get work. Because I’m terrified of losing my hard-won UC and have no financial cushion if it was taken away and I had to appeal. This is not the way to support someone back into work!

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