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This is an important survey for understanding the experiences of people who access support from their local councils and find out how they are charging for care and support and how this effects people who use support.


Click here to access the survey


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  4 Responses to “Please respond to this survey about charging for care and support”

  1. I nearly had my leg amputated fighting for this country, but my surgeon rebuilt it. Now I have difficulty walking, and chronic pain and medication means I often am distracted, this and the sick note my doctor wrote was ignored and a WCA awarded me no points, basically I and my doctor were called liars. So I felt looked upon as a burden to society, worthless and made to jump through hoops recording my search for work I knew I couldn’t do. I paid my taxes, I did all I thought was right, but after my injury the DWP actually had me scared, I had to take pain killers in doses that would overdose a person without tolerance to go and sign on. It was a nightmare, but an appeal emphasised enough points, my nightmare was over, but I am left feeling that I live in a society that wants to discard me and if I don’t find charity in an employer who feels sorry for me, then I may end up begging. This is the 21st century, why am I made to feel like this.?!!!!!!!

  2. It’s disgusting how the disabled are treated in this country and I put that down to the tory government

  3. I provide support to a large number of disabled people throughout the UK and have seen first hand how the Care Tax can negatively impact upon the lives of other disabled people.

    The vast majority of disabled people either already live in poverty or are extremely close to doing so.

    Local authorities make use of the Care Tax as a convenient revenue-raising facility, rather than concentrating on ensuring that support increases independence and well-being.

    Local authorities are also tasked with undertaking Equality Impact Assessments with regard to their policies. There are no positives in their Care Tax Policies, yet that does not stop them from wringing as much as they can from the pockets of those least able to challenge them.

    Disabled people and their campaigning DPOs (such as DPAC and countless others) have been raising these issues regarding the negative impact of the Care Tax even prior to their introduction and yet those who require support are still being unjustly penalised.

    So many disabled people are already in the situation or choosing between heating and eating and yet they have to juggle their finances to cope with obtaining a basic human right.

    The need for support is not a matter of choice – for most people it is a tool that enables them to survive.

    How many non-disabled people would choose to suffer the indignity of being taken to the toilet and supervised to ensure that they are safe?

    This is one issue that could so easily be remedied by Government – if they had the will to do so. It is not as if MPs and all other elected politicians are unaware of the problems created by the Care Tax – they just do not CARE!!

  4. In my experience the councils see disabled people as a money making business opportunity, like a car park. They supposedly provide a service which we would pay them for. We would pay more than they pay so they would make a profit out of our disability. So an hour of care might cost us £10 but they will pay an apprentice or a volunteer nothing but expenses so making a tidy profit for their election slush fund. This is how it works in Bournemouth where I’m just ignored. I have been asking for help for over a decade but have to depend on family and friends. Hopefully a democratic election will put things right for my family.

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