Apr 112012

by Holmey

via social warriors

In view of the welfare reforms that the ConDem’s have forced through parliament, reforms that are forcing many sick and disabled people deep into poverty and misery, it’s time to tell the DWP what we feel, where we think they are driving society, with you being invited to download and complete the DWP Euthanasia Assistance Form below and asked to post it off to –


Euthanasia Assistance Scheme

The Ministers

Department of Works and Pensions

Caxton House

Tothill Street



Next Tuesday or Wednesday, (17th/18th April), so that they get deluged with them on Thursday & Friday, perhaps having to work over the weekend to clear the mail backlog – Hopefully get to the attention of the decision makers.

A couple more websites I know are also hosting this campaign, and if you’re seeing it for the first time and have a website, please feel free to copy it. I’ll notify what media contacts I have, if everybody else makes a noise out of it, it may get some much needed publicity for what’s going on.

Also, on the Friday, (21st), perhaps you would like to emulate Stuart on his excellent recording (on social warriors’ web site)

Let’s shout out loud, give them all something to think about over the weekend.

Copy and paste this URL into your browser to get form and info:


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  2 Responses to “Atos & DWP Disability Euthanasia Assistance Scheme Protest”

  1. Hi there,

    As a representative of the mass term; “Benefit Scrounger”, I find it mandatory to at least make a point that BECAUSE of this country, I am in this mess. BECAUSE of the GOVERNMENT, that is supposed to BENEFIT, ENCOURAGE and LISTEN to the public, we are cast aside, into orders of numbers, how ‘sick’ we are has become something that is under some kind of scrutiny that I have never witnessed before. It’s like a Nazi Campaign, almost like de-population.

    I am very confident that most of the public, if not all, are on benefits, BECAUSE WE NEED THEM.

    All the government has ever done is promoted hate, capitalism and hidden any kind of justice or redemption. They are trying to tear apart a country that was once so strong in it’s beliefs that everyone is equal, everyone is entitled to a proper life, without having their benefits cut.

    I dream of a world that isn’t so bloody corrupt. I dream of having a government that isn’t after hitting these targets so they can gain money and capital for their second houses and horses. I wish the system wasn’t so robotic and hollow, but this, like everyone else’s opinion, will slip through the net.

    You see all these BBC Documentaries on how people are or aren’t fit to work, and the conclusion is always fairly mild, and; inconclusive. They take three moderately sick people, who are generally going to be passed fit for work, get a doctor to assess it, then make a decision. Where was the cancer patient in this programme, the Epilepsy Sufferer, The Manic Depressive or that person that suffers from horrendously chronic Back Pain? Invisible Disablilities according to the government.

    The BBC, and all other network partners are just generated to soften the blow of all these preposterous cuts, people have committed suicide after assessments made by ATOS, yet again, another contracted partner of the governments evil scheme to save 7 billion, just for their own profits.

    And I’m not just on about DLA, JSA, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, it’s everything. They’re training people, to say no. I was in Newcastle with my partner a few months back, and as we were walking past the main DWP block, she told me that in that building, there was a whole floor — just to train people to say NO. NO to claimants who need money cause they don’t have any electric. NO to people who don’t have any food or hot water, NO to some people that are on the streets, through no fault of their own.

    I’m not even here for myself, personally, I have a Chronic Bad Back, but I’m representing people with cancer, being told they are not sick, fit to work, intact. I’m representing people with Epilepsy, Blindness, Deafness, Disfigurements. People who have been beaten and affected for their entire life afterwards.

    IS IT THEIR FAULT? why should someone have to suffer when they already endeavour that impairment every single day. I don’t believe for a SECOND that one assessment could follow up on the developments and inabilities of a sick person, the GOVERNMENT is sick. The question I would pose to David Cameron and Nick Clegg is, what if your Daughter, Son or family developed cancer, what would you do?

    Because you know, again, that they would cast aside everybody else’s feelings to give them access to the best PRIVATE care available, I’m sure Nick Clegg or David Cameron has never waited in an NHS Hospital for an appointment for 2 hours.

    But they can suddenly come to the conclusion that cutting nearly every scheme or healthcare development probably is for the best, cutting cancer patients care treatments and medicines, (cancer research isn’t even government funded). DEPOPULATION.

    We are being controlled and moulded into a society that will never have a voice.

    Nick Clegg, David Cameron, if you’re reading this, a big FUCK YOU from everyone, including myself. You should be in prison for Gross Neglect of a population. A population that used to believe in it’s country, Freedom has no meaning anymore. As does the justice system.

    7 Billion? for all this? ENJOY IT.

  2. we need something big protest we need to united deaf people and disabled people and hearing people who had affect by cuts, benefits cut, lost their jobs and too many taxes we want the government to listen to british people who need jobs and help the people
    i am deaf and partially sighted in right eye i have horrible experience 6 years ago i got the job in the kitchen for school dinner i really happy and enjoyed it but 2 weeks later i had a shock they stopped me go to work in the kitchen it broke my heart that i am health and safety risk cos my eye sight that mean i not allowed to work in the kitchen it hit me hard i really upset and angry it unbelivable i found out that i am not the only one who had a problem with health and safety regulations we need stop now we should keep the benefits cos people who cant get a good job with health and safety regulations in other areas we need to change we can go to good jobs
    now i have a job as cleaner i am on IB because of that i am allowed to work under 16hours
    so please help us to protest and we need a revolution for britain we want to government to wake up
    we need a set a date so i can spread the words

    many thanks
    gemma day

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