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The Public Law Project (PLP) is an independent, national legal charity which aims to improve access to justice for those whose access is restricted by poverty, discrimination or other similar barriers. It represented RF in the recent High Court case where the DWP’s changes to the PIP regulations were found to unlawfully discriminate against people with mental health conditions. PLP is representing another individual client, who is bringing a case concerning the DWP’s “workaround” communications system for people with disabilities who receive DLA/ESA/IB/PIP.


The DWP has a policy that it communicates with (non-UC) benefits recipients by post. However, its policy allows them to agree to email as a reasonable adjustment (the “workaround”), for example where a recipient has a disability.


The case is that the workaround is not satisfactory because it puts people using it at a disadvantage, including because there is a risk of letters being lost and there is no provision for two-way communication.


PLP needs to gather evidence of examples of problems caused by the workaround to support its client’s case. If you have had difficulties with the DWP’s communications system because of your disability, in particular if you have had difficulties getting the DWP to agree to email you as a reasonable adjustment, or have had information lost,  and are willing to discuss this further then please email Ollie Persey (o.persey@publiclawproject.org.uk).





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  3 Responses to “Evidence sought in case concerning DWP’s policies for communicating with people with disabilities”

  1. Elsie says
    I would not trust the DWP or any of their sub-let hatchet companies like Atos/Maximus ect. with my e mail address because they do not get it right on paper.
    My DLA was stopped because they said, I did not attend my medical assessment, when in fact it was a Home Assessment and they had told me on the telephone that it was Not going ahead!
    I am in the process of appealing for pip with the help of the local councils welfare rights department.l could not cope with this alone. The welfare programme of today is very devious and will stoop to nasty tricks to save money by stopping people’s benefits. Keeping every thing they send you on paper is firm evidence, e mails are not. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Applied for PIP . Sent off application recorded delivery as PO advised to prevent DWP claiming they did not receive it. This is so common the local post office knows about it.
    Waited weeks & weeks until a letter arrived from DWP saying because did not turn up for medical assessment I would not get PIP. Never received a letter or text informing me of appointment . When I contacted Atos they claimed they had sent both letter & text. Checked they had the correct address & phone number. They had.
    DWP told me I had to appeal via mandatory reconsideration. Did that & DWP decided against me. So went to tribunal who decided in my favour without me attending. DWP had tried for an adjournment as I was too ill to attend. Tribunal denied them.
    Have now got a date for a medical assessment for April 2018. I put my claim in February 2017.
    You cannot prove you did not receive a letter or a text so why are DWP insisting on a MR & then escalating this to tribunal level ?
    Absolutely disgusted with the treatment of sick & disabled. I have complained to my MP & he has written to DWP but just receive a load of nonsense back.

  3. True I’ve won 3 tribunals and still have keep fighting it’s a condition that’s degenerative so why as it’s not going to get better it’s mri scanned and various Dr’s and top surgeons said can’t.

    I’ve been near suicide because they don’t care or look at facts and I’ve learnt you have to send every letter recorded make lots copies as otherwise seems to “of not arrived” yet it’s impossible they think sometimes there own letters don’t arrive or they mess up as I was underpaid 2 years then when was mentioned they stopped my money and j had to go through year tribunal again it’s exhausting and I was living on handouts ….I’m not educates as had problems at school in 80s but was ignored back then too. Then ringing them you get different answers from different people.

    I won in end and pip pulled out before tribunal but since 2009 to last year been tribunal after tribunal lies at medicals I get so much anxiety and fear that they mess about and just stop it and facts are Mr is and Dr’s not some silly assessor in a room for a fee mins.

    Certain conditions shouldn’t have these once it’s degenerative and factual mri etc.

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