Aug 262013

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Dear Councillor (insert name),


I am writing as one of your ward constituents to ask you to sign up to the Councillors Against the Bedroom Tax and Benefit Cuts statement and oppose anyone losing their home or being forced to move due to the Bedroom Tax or other unjust benefit cuts, and call on landlords not to evict those pushed into arrears due to these measures:


The bedroom tax or ‘under-occupation penalty’ is unfair and unworkable. Two thirds of those affected by it nationally are disabled and the majority have no-where suitable to move to. Discretionary Housing Payments are a short term solution that create more work for local authorities. A July survey by the Papworth Trust, backed by the National Housing Federation , said nine out of 10 disabled people are cutting back on food or bills to pay the bedroom tax if they are refused a safety-net housing payment. Meanwhile the cost of implementing the bedroom tax costs far more than the savings the government claimed it would make.


To add your name to the list of Councillors please contact


Yours sincerely,


(include your address)

Download Word version of text here: Dear Councillor-2





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  2 Responses to “Write to your local councillor on the Bedroom Tax”

    ID Smith has not only been taken to the Hague over his Welfare Cuts but now the UN are here to inspect the impact & rise in Poverty caused by the Bedroom Tax.
    Universal Credit is still an ‘Embryo’ & not fit to be rolled out in October.Although Smith in his ‘wisdom’ has brought in the Ex Head of a Building Firm “to cement it together”.
    Nicholson with NHS Deaths on his hands has so far collected £8000,000,000 for the sell off of the NHS.Austerity – “were all in it together”,BS.
    Compulsive Liar & Expenses Thief Grayling stated in February that Prisoners watching TV would be restricted & they must work harder to earn Privileges.From 2009 to 2013 we have paid £15 million on TV’s.
    The Funding we give to Al-Qaeda against Syria’s Assad is being spent on Engineers to examine the Vulnerabilities in Drones. Lying Public Purse Thieving Lunatics Run the Asylum.BSB

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