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  5 Responses to “Vicious DWP Continue to Hound Disabled Bedroom Tax Victims”

  1. We are facing a 14% bedroom tax @ nearly £30 next year when our kid leaves home. We moved to this bungalow because my wife is now in a wheelchair full time and there are no one bedroom bungalows out there. Why are we going to be penalised when people are in private rented houses that cost far more than our little bungalow get 100% housing benefit is it the rich Tory landlords happy to keep on taking by any chance?
    Very stressful situation and this tax on the sick and disabled seems to be forgotten about.

  2. Cut and Pasted – This ladies friend is on JS and often forced onto the same courses now she also has to go on more courses for Leeds council otherwise they will withdraw her council tax benefit/support !!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211247645447820&set=gm.1425084207619532&type=3

  3. We pay the bedroom tax but when I tell people that we have to pay 24% of our rent they nearly all say that they thought the bedroom tax had been stopped. It seems like we’re the invisible minority in a catch 22 situation. We have lived in our home for over 30 years we were homeless at the time so we had to move into our 3 bedroom council house. It’s situated about 2 miles from the nearest town, down hill but up hill all the way back, and there’s no public transport. Our house had been empty for a long time before we were given it, I think due to the lack of amenities. When the bedroom tax came in a council housing officer called to explain about it and at that time she also said that the council didn’t have an alternative home to give us, because we had already decided we wanted to stay put she offered to help us with a budget plan. Luckily we were given a rebate because of the amount of time we had been living in the property, it was a mishap by the DWP, so we left half of it in credit for times when we may miss a week and we haven’t used it up so our council give us free weeks for being in the black but we keep paying so the credit stays up. We don’t have sky, holidays or any smartphones, we have basic stuff that is good enough for us, we have got a roof over our heads and no dents and we’re ok but we are luckier than people with kids or single in a similar situation. It needs to get more publicity as there’s a lot of people suffering and getting into debt because of it, show that they haven’t been forgotten.

    • Hi, have you thought about appealing? There are many reasons to appeal. Join the STOP bedroom tax on Facebook, and we can try to help you.
      Jason Carmicheal in the above article is a member

      • I don’t use FB.
        I’ve mental Health & physical Health problems.
        I’m in a 2 bedroom house, possibly around 20 years.
        I couldn’t possibly share my house with a stranger.
        Sometimes i wake & don’t know who people are, imagin waking up to a complete stranger, I’m sure I’d flip. But not in a good way. & that’s me talking nice.
        Why should i down size. I didn’t ask them to flood the UK with people, Then make us to pay for it.

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