Oct 072012

TUC rally 20th October speakers DPAC and Black Triangle

Dear Mr Barber

Both DPAC and Black Triangle have the largest supporter base of any grass root groups of disabled people and have worked tirelessely to raise the issues that this government have been responsible for – we have also made it clear that we support union actions and have supported these through tireless promotion and speakers at major and local union events .

 We were therefore dissapointed and surprised at not to being asked to speak at the TUC Rally on the critical issues that face disabled people.
This is something we know a lot about with a combined supporter base of thousands with Black Triangle’s blog rated 3rd on ebuzzing politics ( bigger than Labour’s List) and 4th of all UK blogs for October. DPAC is also in the top 20 for politics and has been at number 1 of UK health blogs for some time
However, we understand how difficult it is to organise such an event so assume this may be an oversight.
We look forward to hearing from you on this issue.  
DPAC and Black Triangle
We will be posting this email and the response on our web sites


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  4 Responses to “Email sent to Brendan Barber on TUC Rally 20th October on lack of representation for disabled people”

  1. Some of us were once members of trade unions and activists for the cause. Trade Unions were and still are the mouthpiece for workers rights and are above and beyond the Health and Safety act. So why is there little to no support from the TUC for their ex disabled members ? These are people who have little representation from any organization independent from Government and with status like the TUC. Please help

  2. I am amazed that NO consideration has been made for our support. We together with Black Tri-angle have very large voices. I had arranged for a pusher to attend with me although I am still waiting to hear whether I have two seats on a coach going from Northampton. We at Northants DPAC support this rally and have good relations with our local unions. It would be a travesty if we are not there to be seen and heard.

  3. Dear Amarjite Singh, President of Wales TUC,

    We are writing to ask you take up a matter on behalf of disabled people. Please see the letter below to the TUC. As disabled activists we are also very concerned about the lack of accessibility to and on the 20th Oct march. All the accessible tube stations will be closed, and apparently no provision has been made to enable disabled people to march with their unions – apparently there is an alternative “short route” for disabled people. This segregationist approach is completely unacceptable. DPAC was excluded from giving the TUC any input into the planning of the 20th Oct march.

    We in Dpac Caerdydd are appealing for students and volunteers to help push our activists wheelchairs so that those not able to walk the distance are nevertheless still able to participate fully. However, this is a far from ideal situation because disabled people should not have to be dependent on the charity of others. It would be much better if the TUC demonstrated its commitment to disability equality, and recognised the outstanding direct-action role played by disabled people at the front line of the fight against cuts, by making mobility scooters available to everyone who needs them so they can march with their unions or community organisations.

    We’d also be grateful if you could let us know how we can raise disability equality issues to the Wales TUC given that the Wales TUC’s disability equality committee has been scrapped.

    In solidarity,

    Dr Liza van Zyl
    Disabled People Against Cuts Cardiff


  4. I don’t think there’s a lot of support for the disabled people of the UK, orther than the disabled groups, and ourselves. Whom else do we hear shouting on our behalf?

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