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Whatever happened to free speech and freedom of opinion? It seems that this is something Tory MPs don’t believe in especially when it is a disabled person exercising those rights.

Mick Hardy, a veteran disability rights campaigner from Norfolk, is being taken to court for shouting at Chloe Smith MP at the Norwich Pride Parade 2017 where she gave a speech. What exactly could Mick have said that would lead him to be charged with allegedly inciting public disorder and threatening behaviour ? What could he possibly have shouted at the Tory scumbag that would lead her to take him to court?

You might have guessed but if not Mick shouted “Chloe Smith you’re a fucking little Nazi.” Surely for any MP being heckled like this is just part of the job- and for a Tory MP being called a Nazi must be par for the course. And of course Chloe Smith is little about the same height as me so it can’t be that word she took offence at.

Mick is not online. Mick has both physical and mental health conditions. Chloe Smith knows who Mick is because he stood against her as the Disabled And Not Dead Yet Party candidate at the 2015 general election.

Mick says ‘this is a very stressful time and he wants to thank everyone from the bottom of his heart for all their support. He refuses to be intimidated because he is only highlighting what is happening to those most vulnerable to Tory cuts in society! Solidarity.’

120,000 people have died because of ‘economic murder’ inflicted by Chloe Smith and her party as reported in The British Medical Journal. If we leave the system unchanged until 2020 then 200,000 people will have died because of Tory policies. Mick says “When are we allowed to mention the Nazis? How do we make them stop if we don’t protest?”

The treatment of disabled people under this government has been described as a ‘Human Catastrophe’ by the United Nations.

If people living nearby want to come to court to support Mick come at 9am on the 9th February to Norwich courts. BBC will be there.
It gave Mick a great lift to know people are talking about his case and offering support.

Depending on the outcome of this totally vacuous case we may need to help crowdfund for Mick’s court costs all because he exercised his right to free speech.

Mind and DPAC protest at the Transforming Mental Health Contract

Solidarity Mick from all at DPAC.




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  3 Responses to “No Right to Free Speech? Have we become a Fascist State?”

  1. Does anyone know the outcome of this court case as I can find no record online.

  2. Go for it Mick Strange how the word Nazi can be used by journalists to describe the evil policies brutally enforced by this sociopathic narsasstic government. I’ve read all sorts of names being given to this vile government by all people directly affected by their Nazi style legislation. Time after time they have tried to use the law to enforce their discriminatory and murderous legislation and lost. The very fact their cuts have resulted in deaths does make them the same as the Nai’s. They were and are aware of the result of their evil and sick cutbacksof the welfare state and the majority of them directed at the disabled. No other group in society has been so brutally treated by this government. Mick was right to express his anger and frustration at this mp as she is part of that Tory scum. I don’t believe for a minute Mick attempted to insight any kind of riot. Expressing our views is part of our democracy and if this is the start of a means of shutting up decentors then something has to be done. Count me in for donating twoards Micks court costs.

  3. Solidarity for ever Mick!

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