Jun 092017

In spite of all the efforts we’ve made over the past few weeks sadly we haven’t all woken up to a Tory-free Britain but the Tories have sustained considerable damage and if May had any morals she would be resigning.


Of course we all know Tories don’t have any morals so she’s not.


The only way that the Tories can form a government however is to resort in pure desperation to forming an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) the Northern Ireland equivalent of the nasty party.

The DUP sound delightful and they are ant-abortion and women’s rights, anti-LBGT rights and like Trump are climate change deniers. Just what any Tory would want as allies.


They also seem to have laundered dirty money for the Saudis and been involved in covering up the Kincora child abuse scandal. Mind as they’re all Christians so I’m sure things will be fine.


Key Tory ministers are also going, going, gone and in at least 2 of those instances DPAC supporters have been very active and vocal in campaigning to get rid of them. Ben Gummer, Jen Ellison, Simon Kirby and Gavin Barwell have packed their bags and won’t be returning to parliament any time soon. Amber Rudd’s majority has been slashed to a mere 346. Even better news is that in Pembrokeshire Crabb’s majority fell to a mere 314 votes. In Canterbury too a Tory stronghold for over 90 years the Tories were booted out. Their wobbly attempt to seek a larger majority to reinforce their strong and stable governance lies in tatters and there is no doubt at all that they are the laughing stock of Europe.


With your help we targeted 50 of the most marginal seats using facebook adverts which we’ll be analysing the use of more fully when time permits. However a quick glance this morning shows that Labour won in Brighton Kemptown, (our Miriam is also chair of the Labour Party there) Croydon Central, Warwick and Leamington, Ipswich, Keighley, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, Cardiff North, Wrexham and the Fib Dems in Eastbourne. Just a few of the seats we have targeted with our adverts.


We are organising a week of action between July 14th– 23rd with final dates to be confirmed. If anyone wants to help with this or has any ideas they’d like to put forward about what we should do please email us as always at mail@dpac.uk.net


The Tory-free Britain we all dreamed of may not have happened just yet but we hope that the mass movement for change is something that will keep on growing and nor fizzle out. DPAC will certainly be hoping to help keep this amazing movement growing and hope locally you can all get involved and help to support that.


Solidarity everyone and the fight goes on #WeFightOn



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  2 Responses to “Pick Yourselves Up, Dust Yourselves Down and Start All Over Again. Week of Action provisional dates between July 14th-23rd.”

  1. I would also look at targetting the assessors themselves, how many people have read reports by these assessors and thought are they capable, take a look at the reply when you do a complex complaint and they get there cut and paste report out, we need a PALS System to weed out the maggots and a reporting that means they are reported to the professional body instead of having to go through the waste of time complaints system, which for those strong enough to go that far, after all they will have been through mandatory reconsideration, tribunal and if there not a nervous wreck by then they need the year to recover!! Target the assessors there the incompetent ones, fit enough to work but not fit enough to assess properly sounds like a good slogan!

  2. Good morning DPAC,
    The 1st thing on the agenda has got to be making MP’s of all persuasions realise how much damage Osbourne’s Welfare Reforms have done to the disabled community. I personally believe that the tory treatment of OAP’s, sick, disabled, & vulnerable was a major factor in thinning out the tory ranks, we must capitalise on it where-ever possible although I fear it will be too late for me.
    The pain & suffering caused by ATOS (who I’m almost sure Mr May has links with) implementing the losses of DLA & Pension Credit under the guise of ‘We’re all in it together’ was then compounded with an even bigger insult, MP’s voting for a pay rise for themselves.
    As we know MP’s will promise everything standing on your doorstep wanting your vote but in all my years I’ve never known a government take so much away from the electorate in one foul swoop, this is where DPAC has the most opportunity to attack the tory record.
    Probably repeating what many others have already said but , hey, I’ve said my piece.

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