Jun 252017


It is your opportunity to say what you think of him as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

We have created a twittlist to help with this, but there is so much material to choose from that you can keep on going all week and beyond. DPAC created a while ago the IDS files that you can find here

Otherwise you can use the tweetlist here

We will start by using the hashtag #R2Vine, but will adjust as time goes.


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  9 Responses to “IDS on Jeremy Vine all week at 12:00”

  1. The revolving door between the Tory regime and the Tory BBC continues. Highlighting the chasm between an absolutely controlled propaganda arm of the Tory Regime – totally and utterly disengaged. Iain Duncan Smith has been the subject of a damning United Nation investigations – His departments horrific treatment of disabled people, unemployed people, the physically and mentally ill – this man is the personification of the banality of evil. Thereby making this temporary appointment even more of an insult to the 91,740 people who have died under this regimes, this horror of a man’s ‘final solution’. This is a gross insult – for this man will be held accountable for his crimes against the people – Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice Everywhere. This man, and Freud MUST face justice for their psychopathic actions. No lie or Liar shall last for ever, they are responsible and will face judgement. The bbc are simply a failing arm of the Tory regimes propaganda unit – they too will reap what they have sown.

  2. I sent a complaint to the Beeb as well. It is an utter disgrace that this deeply dangerous man is allowed out, let alone invited to present on Radio 2.

  3. I agree dianne don’t have to say anymore

  4. This person should not be allowed to talk in public, he is a walking example of self-harm and suicide,him and his parties attempts at assessments carried out by three companies who have deniabilty issues when they do something wrong and when faced with a expert complaint try to waffle with half baked answers and buck pass, looking at how much this is a actual cost vs saving, lets be brutally honest tribunal costs, legal circuit must be at least 5k, cases lost,even at 50 percent they still have to pay back, complaints against assessors,no figures but panel hearing at nmc level are 5 to 20k daily,then there cost of going back into nhs system, overnight stay in hospital 400 pounds, so were looking at a ids/tory policy that is saving well lets just use this on esa along 30 pounds a week vs potential savings of hospital re-admittance for one week 2800, 5k per person tribunal so 96 pounds weekly , complaints against assessor, must be at least 200 pounds per complaint, payment to assessor/company 165 pounds if this included hospital stay for a week that is 3261, if not 461 pounds,can you see the saving I cannot, I also did not fail the maths, neither have I got a 2:1 degree in social history to work out that something does not add up and that is just the esa structure,don’t let me pick on the rest, it has complete negligence and incompetence written all over it and what is more wrong is they actually allow idiots like this to speak,when in truth he should be answering misconduct in public office charges along with some other names and there so called expert advisors (bank and telecoms really)

    • Well said Justin! However, you did not include the projected 12.8 billion that the ‘roll-out’ of Universal Credit will cost the taxpayer. A sharp increase from the original 2.6 billion estimate and no doubt the bigger figure will get even larger by 2021.
      There are no savings, only increasing costs. The government wrote off something like £660 million due to the the failure of the IT system (I think the company was Siemens) and they still got paid! These are scandalous examples of wasting taxpayer’s money and us ‘scroungers’ are a mere drop in the ocean. Anyone got a good IT system? I know this fella see and he is lookin for……..

  5. I sent a complaint to BBC and offered my services to take over

  6. and the nastiest, most vile and cruel politician this country has ever had in Parliament.

  7. This man, AKA ‘IBS’, is responsible for the murder of many vulnerable people. He is simply incapable of genuine human contact or understanding.

    • Ha ha, love the IBS thing. My mother has named this abomination of a man, Iain Drunken Spiv. Brilliant.

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