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2 days ago, on 31st of May, we wrote the following letter to the Green Party co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley asking them to respond to our concerns over their social care Manifesto proposals. We’ve not yet had a response, but we will publish any response we receive.

Dear Caroline and Jonathan,

We were very surprised to see, as were a number of our allied campaign groups, in your Disability Manifesto the following statement

“At the heart of the Greens’ disability manifesto is a plan for a community-led Care & Support Service where we will train, support and resource communities to better help each other and the most vulnerable in our society, at the same time saving money by supporting wellbeing and helping communities to identify and meet their needs, alongside councils, the NHS and Government.”

We can only interpret this as meaning that the Green Party are proposing that care in the community is delivered by volunteers who will no doubt disproportionately  be women. We feel it is only right that we ask for clarification of what this policy actually does mean in plain English.

We look forward to a speedy reply.

Disabled People Against Cuts.



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  3 Responses to “DPAC concerns about social care proposals in the Green Party Manifesto”

  1. As you quote yourself, the Green manifesto says “we will train, support and resource communities”. As a disabled person myself, I know that resourcing means NOT relying on volunteers. If it said “train and support communities” it would be as worrying as the letter suggests (but still not conclusive – what would ‘support’ mean? But the policy says “and resource”, when relying on volunteers would be the implication of ‘failure to resource’.

    As for savings they would come about 1) by making more inclusive societies, so far less need special provision as disabled people (a demand of organisations of disabled people since the days of UPAIS), and because 2) to some extent at the moment care needs are escalating in financial terms because so much relatively cheap provision is being cut, meaning disabled people are no longer able to live independent, fulfilled lives, but rather become more dependent on more expensive care provision (coming out of a different pot). One example – cutting a motability car, resulting in a bill many times higher to pay for taxis (and causing reduced independence).

    The Green Party is incredibly disabled-friendly. One in six GP general election candidates are disabled. The GP has the first ever candidate of any party who is both profoundly deaf and visually impaired this time (Ben Fletcher, Putney), and has produced manifestos in a wide variety of alternative formats, including 11 in BSL (compare Tory Party – none in BSL).

  2. As a disabled person, a member of the great party and a candidate standing in North East Bedfordshire. I would like to reassure all disabled people that you will not be expected to pay for your own care. The care that you require will be completed by qualified, paid staff. Additional to this our longstanding policy (over 10 yrs) of citizens income will be considerably higher for disabled people. This is because we want to raise people out of poverty. The citizens income will be enough to cover basic living costs like housing day to day bills with an extra provision for the expenses you endure as a disabled person. I can assure you that if I thought that the Green Party would not support those with disabilities I would not be a member & I certainly would not be standing as a candidate.

  3. Absolutey. My council tried to remove my one hour a week domestic help without notice and via a telephone call. I had to fight to keep it, which I successfully did.I fund a second hour myself. Before making a decision they explore family intervention opportunities, and possible help from community volunteer agencies. The only reason I have maintained my hour is because I live in a rural village. this policy brings in to question the safety of vulnerable people, and the reliability of any voluntary worker.

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