May 082017

It is vitally important that every disabled, and young person is registered to vote as both groups are under-represented in elections.

We are therefore asking all DPAC supporters to write urgently ie. this week to their local papers.


Here is a template letter you can use


Dear Editor,

I’d like to invite any readers who aren’t yet registered to vote to register before May 22nd and to use their vote in the forthcoming General Election.

You can register on-line in minutes at

All you need is your National Insurance number or alternatively you can register by phoning Electoral Services at your local council.

Anyone who may not find it easy to get to the polling station can also ask for a postal vote or proxy vote before May 23rd.

Make your vote count in this election.


Yours faithfully,

Doris Day


You can find contact details for your local paper by googling.


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  2 Responses to “Write Urgently to Your Local Newspaper #TrashTheTories”

  1. I have written to my local paper, they responded within a couple of hours saying they will most likely use a cut down version of what I sent them.
    It was definitely long and rambly. But I have a lot to say!
    This is what I sent-

    I am a Walthamstow resident and with the upcoming election I feel compelled to share my experience of local mental health provision. In particular the devastation that cuts to services, made by our current governments policies. These cuts laughably made under the guise of ‘streamlining’ improving ‘efficiency’.

    I currently receive DLA – both the high rate for care and low for mobility. I suffer from lifelong serious mental health problems; diagnosed with Complex PTSD, Psychosis, and a Dissociative Disorder.
    Despite a series of emergency hospital admissions, I have had to take legal action against the local NHS trust just to receive any support at all. The care I now receive is still patchy at best, despite numerous recommendations that I required specialist treatment and home care.
    I have jumped through the hoops of attending treatments that not only I knew, but the Psychologists and Psychiatrists providing the treatment knew from the outset would be inappropriate. But following the advice of everyone involved in my care, to not take up treatment offered I would be not be in a position to request any further treatment as I would be viewed as non-compliant and difficult. During one of these periods of therapy I became severely Psychotic for the first time in my life, but despite pleas by my therapist to the crisis team for urgent assessment and hospitalisation,
    I was left with no support or intervention as a single mother in charge of my twin teenage sons. Their exposure to me experiencing Psychotic episodes had a huge impact on their health. Episodes which had me too scared to change clothes, washing with bleach, convinced I was covered in bugs screaming in terror in the middle of the night and unable to complete even the most simple task such as cooking or cleaning without descending rapidly into a severely agitated state. My children, who up to that point I had managed despite my illness to provide a happy and secure childhood were left alone with not a single mental health professional visiting me or them. Then when they in turn needed mental health support, they were also turned away due to cuts in children’s services.
    The very real possibility that I might not qualify when I am moved over from DLA to PIP is terrifying.
    That somehow my conditions are less debilitating than a physical illness is beyond laughable. The deterioration of my health whilst living under the care of an NHS mental health service that has been starved to the point of virtual non-existence; has taken me to depths so low I would choose to be instatutionalised rather than continue in my current state with no real hope of treatment or care.
    There is serious damage being done to people with mental illness left isolated and unchecked by the agencies whose duty it is to protect them, but who seem now unable to even bare look at those in need because of their inability to provide even basic care.
    The idea that all this be further compounded by even greater financial difficulty is not worth imagining.
    Over and over services are cut and denied to those living on a razors edge. The safety nets have all but been removed, for people unable to fight back or even be heard. Perhaps no one sane wants to believe the NHS has fallen so far.
    It feels more and more as if in the last few years, people above have designated the most vulnerable as not worth saving.
    A lot more damage can be done in 5 more years I pray for a miracle come June 8th.

  2. I am disabled and so is my autistic son, we are registered to vote but we have to use postal voting. We have done this in the past. However, I have heard a great deal about postal votes being tampered with, indeed there was supposed to be an enquiry but we have yet to hear the out come. I am not sure but I have heard that Theresa May’s husband actually has a company involved in counting postal votes. This surely is a conflict of interest?

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