Oct 212016

As some of you will know there were changes in Blue Badge entitlement as a result of the introduction of PIP which meant that anyone who could walk regardless of other impairments such as Autism, MH or visual impairment were no longer able to qualify for a Blue Badge.

This change affected one of our supporters whose son had previously been entitled to a Blue Badge for around 30 years and the Local Authority involved refused to renew their badge when it ran out earlier this year. The result of that has been that the person became virtually housebound as he frequently had meltdowns and his PAs needed to be able to get him into the car quickly.

We referred this person to one of the solicitors we often work with Louise Whitfield of Deighton Pierce Glynn and we are delighted to report a very successful outcome.

Not only have the Local Authority backed down and renewed the Blue Badge but even without the case having to go to court The Department for Transport have agreed to carry out a review of the entire Blue Badge policy and its approach towards people with “non-physical disabilities.

The DfT have said: “I can confirm that the review process has now begun internally. The Department’s Blue Badge policy team is undertaking the review. They intend to involve the Department for Work & Pensions, Department for Health, lawyers, local authorities, DPTAC, disability organisations and mental health experts.  

They will look at how the scheme works for people with non-physical disabilities, with a view to ensuring that equalities issues are addressed and that the scheme continues to be sustainable for disabled people. Following the initial work, a public consultation is likely. Local authorities are also likely to need fresh guidance. It is not possible to give timescales at this stage but further information on the review will be provided in due course.”




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  6 Responses to “Changes to Blue Badge Entitlement following the implementation of PIP – a victory”

  1. I lost my son blue badge , he has severe autism and spd , he had the badge for a number of years under DLA , he lost it under the pip score points of 8 or more ! I appealed and got it today , sadly so many adults with autism are going to lose out unless you appeal , the rules need to change ! Fast

  2. Thank you for your post Linda, very interesting, the blue badge scheme should cover all disabled people not just the physical impaired,

  3. This is excellent news.

  4. As if having lost DLA to be replaced with barely a fraction of PIP support is not bad enough to try to deal with the loss of blue badges will leave me housebound & isolated, I am now in despair with how I am going to cope.

  5. What an important victory -we have been refused on several occasions a Blue Badge. A relative we share our life with, has Altzheimers. This intriguing condition does on occasion result in our relative being very disorientated with a tendency to wonder when outside. It is almost impossible to go out in the car without two people to be available for support. The Blue Badge does provide an essential support to mitigate some of the distress that can arise when access to local area and wider travel is denied or limited.

    Yes, another callous action of this government that we must resist.

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