Apr 172017
As some of you may know there is an opportunity for people along the route between Wolverhampton and Wigan to tell their story to the Mirror’s Road to Wigan Pier series.
Three of our supporters have already done this to help highlight the cuts disabled people face and links to their articles are here.
If anyone else is willing to speak to Ros Wynne-Jones or Claire Donnelly please phone 07538 000271 or you can sign up in the link below


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  3 Responses to “Take part in the Mirror’s Road to Wigan Pier Series”

  1. Sorry don’t see the point people or dieing every day because of this government. And sorry for being so blunt but it’s murder. And every one nose it’s happening. No one givesome toss unless they end up disabled. But anyone can end up disabled so just remember the government will be coming for you. We’ll need a safety net. But the government or taking. That away

    • Sorry Stu understand your pessimism and anger at what seems the apathy of people towards disabled, however, its not as clear cut as you think and even if it were it would mean that you and I need to redouble our efforts to expose what you rightly say about this governments but not just this government but a large part of the establishment including the right wing Blairite infiltrators into the Labour Party. But its not just about Disabled its about other minorities and vulnerable people like immigrants and unemployed etc. the attacks are wide spread and vicious.
      but we can be successful its a long hard difficult road nothing worth achieving is easy and simple but you do have comrades who know and understand what you are going through you are not alone in the fight even if it seems that way some times. I wish you well and hope you can see the greater picture that will encourage you to see the point in fighting back at every opportunity, because what is the alternative just sgive up let them win sorry but that’s not for me.

      • I totally agree, yes we can feel like giving up but that’s what is wanted there are lot of us trying to deal with your disabilities and health conditions as well the this horrible system. I feel we owe to those who come after us to organise & resist in anyway possible. Battle such as these are never won simply refought every so many years.
        We have to highlight what is happening to us and our family’s every chance we get, there allies out there dispite a hostile media. Hang in there & try enjoy any happiest you can find because there is no way I going to be made to feed guilty for something beyond my control or allow pvt company’s to get rich though our suffering.
        Please hang in there as hopefully poeple will come to their sense’s regarding the mess of W.C.A & P.I.P

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