Apr 132017

For He Who Is Winning, Another Must Lose

A song about social justice (or the lack thereof). Written and performed by Ryan Fox. (Lyrics below)

Rich is a wolf, he cheats and he steals
He’s jolly well banking on insider deals
He lies in his den with a grin full of sin
As Sarah the cleaner mucks out his bin
He howls at her haircut and third-rate shoes
For he who is winning, another must lose

Lucy forgets to turn off the hob
The government says she should go get a job
The voices she hears make her feel sad
Though Sarah her carer makes things less bad
But working two jobs gives Sarah the blues
For he who is winning, another must lose

Rushing for the bus
Sarah has a fall
Racing to the A and E
She needs a new hip
The wait will be a year
‘Til then she can’t walk
Forced to take an office job
How will Lucy cope?

Upper side of town
Rich is racing fast
Didn’t see the ambulance
Crashed his Jag
Neck brace and physio
The firm will cover that!
He’ll be fit in no time
The very very best

Lucy forgets and now is forgotten
Society’s safety net ragged and rotten
Her benefits slashed for missing a meeting
No money for food or central heating
Lifting the cup to her cold, crusty lips
She takes enough pills to make it quick
This wasn’t the end she imagined she’d choose
But for he who is winning, another must lose


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