Mar 302017

Have you used food banks or community kitchens, or found it difficult to feed yourself or your family?

Would you like to share your story?

I am a trainee psychologist carrying out research into the impact on people’s lives of not having secure access to food.

I’m looking for participants who are willing to tell their stories confidentially, including how experiences of the benefits system and/or disability have had an impact on the availability of food.

If you are interested in taking part then please email me on

I will then get in touch to arrange to meet you at a convenient time and location.

Interviews will take between 45 and 90 minutes and a £10 voucher will be given in return for your time.

Many thanks,

Ryan Wczasek

University of Essex



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  4 Responses to “Food insecurity study – have you got a story to share?”

  1. My career as a teacher was removed due to carer responsibilities. I could not eat as I awaited my tribunal. I stayed in bed on a Prozac, diazepam and beta blockers. I won 40K but they won’t employ me (The solicitor took 13k). Since then they have changed the rules so if the same thing happened now I wouldn’t be able to stand against them I am currently a Borough Councillor and standing for County Council. I can’t stop fighting for justice

  2. I am disabled and my husband is my full time carer with all the constant cuts to benefits and the bedroom tax its impossible to eat good food anymore as yet we have not used a food bank but may well have to before too long

  3. I don’t eat real food
    .I can’t figure out this technology either. I work two jobs and go to pieces if I have to.prepare food for a client. My social worker doesn’t know I survive on white chocolate and coffee. My skin is a mess and my health is deteriorating. I was offered a food bank but how could I admit I don’t eat real.good?d
    So I didn’t go. I think I’ll die eventually from my own ridiculous non real food keeps me alive. Social workers have been useless.

  4. I’ve just endured six weeks without money for food bills nothing. Because I had a specialist appointment at Hospital, which I wrote WCA and told the before appt.On 24th they backpeddled and paid me bcos MP involved. (Maladministration)…
    Also on 24th, a letter “processed” by WCA for a Jobcentre WCA appointment! So before my payment entered my bank account theyd already decided to organise a letter processed by WCA Jobcentre appt. If you beat them, they don’t like it. So they’ll use a sneakier way to get you. “If you don’t attend appointment your Benefits affected” ie stopped again. I’m a wheelchair user, housebound, legs wasting away. Diabetic, Ex-Army, Royal Engineers. Nobody deserves this illegal treatment. They tried to starve me to death, nearly, but, failed, tried nonpayment of rent to make me homeless, failed.put me in debt, succeeded.

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