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DPAC Week of Action Logo with "DPAC Week of Action, September 4-10th 2016" underneathThe online day will begin on the evening of Wednesday 7th September to coincide with the Paralympic opening ceremony at 9.30pm going on till half past midnight (UK time)

We are not against the Paralympics, or Paralympians, indeed we wish them all success. But we want to remind spectators who are using social media that the vast majority of disabled people are not paralympian or superhuman, we’re people trying to live our lives to the fullest in spite of the barriers that society puts in our way.

We’ll be unveiling a new online app which will enable a whole new way of campaigning online. We are not going to unveil the tool itself but you can prepare to join in when it is revealed on Wednesday evening. (see below)

As well as the new tool there will be a traditional DPAC Twitterstorm and for the first time we’ll also be campaigning on Facebook (details of the tweetlist, hashtags and how to take part in the Facebook protest will be released nearer the day)

All of these activities will begin at the start of the Paralympic opening ceremony and continue throughout Thursday 8th September or until you wear your computers, smartphones and tablets out.

LiveProtest! A new concept in online protest!

Screenshot of the LiveProtestTool

Liveprotest was developed by the inestimably brilliant Ben Redgrove and Arjun Harrison-Mann (to whom we are supremely grateful) with support and input from DPAC, and we hope you members and supporters will enjoy it. You can see the tool (from 9.30 PM today) on the link

Liveprotest is a whole new concept in online campaigning, it enables people on social media to join together to create a virtual protest. When you first view the page you’ll see a riotous cacophany of  banners, all the videos playing and everyone speaking at once (just like you would at a real world protest.). Now move the cursor (the black triangle) and hover it over one of the videos. Then you just get that single video playing with one person speaking or signing their message. On an tablet or smartphone just tap to select a video.

LiveProtest works best when viewed on a desktop or laptop PC, but it also works on tablets and most smartphones.

To take part in the protest take a video selfie of yourself, saying what YOU want to say about the situation facing disabled people in the UK right now, and what rights and legal protections you think disabled people need to have.

The video you take should be about a minute long, maximum 1 minute 30 secs (but you can actually say quite a lot in that time)  and you can get a sheet of paper or card with the hashtag #RightsNotGames written clearly on it into he picture it would be great (don’t worry if you can’t)

Here are some youtube videos that give hints and tips for taking a good video selfie here and here

Once you are happy with your selfie, you can either email it to   or click on this link to upload it to google drive

Once we have checked your video (we won’t accept any that contain abuse or any other unacceptable language) which will take a little time, but then we’ll upload it to the tool and you will be able to see yourself take part in the protest.

(BSL Video Describing the tool, with thanks to Penelope Beschizza)

(BSL Instructions for using the tool, again with thanks to Penelope Beschizza)


TwitterStorms for the Paralympics

Again, it’s worth stressing that DPAC are not against the paralympics and we want our disabled athletes to do well in Rio. But the paralympic opening ceremony will be one of the few occasions where very large numbers of non-disabled people are taking an interest in an event for disabled people. We want to grab this opportunity to tell people out there what this government has done to us, what has happened to all disabled people, not just paralympians, since the start of the financial crisis.

We have not one but two different twitterstorms preprepared for people to take part in.

This evening, from 9.30 pm, the first twitterstorm goes off to coincide with the Paralympic opening Ceremony. You can join in with the hashtags #RightsNotGames #Paralympics #RoarTogether, or you can use tweets that we’ve prepared already

Then tomorrow, Thursday 8th Sept, we continue with an all day online action. Hashtags are #RightsNotGames #Paralympics #Superhuman and we’ve prepared tweets on this tweetlist, or of course you can use your own.

Hope you enjoy the twitter fun!

New! Facebook Protests for the Paralympics

We are asking our supporters to take part in our first online facebook protest. What we want you to do is seek out facebook pages where non-disabled people are gathering to talk about the paralympics

Then we want you to post some articles, text. videos to raise awareness about disabled people who aren’t paralympians in the UK.

Guidelines for taking part:

  1. be polite – we want to inform people, not offend them.
  2. when you find a group, check to see if anyone else has posted material from dpac, if they have move on to another page
  3. if people want to engage and discuss with you that’s great please do
  4. but if people start trolling or getting abusive, just walk away and leave them to it.

Here is some material to share round on facebook

See DPACs new concept in Online Campaigning for the #Paralympics
Turning Paralympians into superhumans is no help to disabled people #Paralympics
A #Paralympics guide to disabled people, for non-disabled people
 Disabled People are not #Superhuman #Paralympics


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