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Update Sat 12th March:  We have received a huge flood of information from you about MPs and their links to charities. Thank you all who have sent in information!

Its going to take some time to go through it all and produce a campaign page, but we are working through it and it should be up on the blog by the end of this coming week. 

In the meantime, please keep signing and sharing the petition to reverse the cut to ESA

The petition has already reached over 60,000 signatures and its still growing – getting it over 100,000 signatures will keep the pressure up over the ESA cut and might help to get it more media attention – so please keep sharing it on twitter and facebook

Its come to light in recent days that many MPs who have voted for the cut  to ESA have links to local and national charities that claim to represent disabled people (see examples below).

It is not acceptable that MPs can use disabled people to further their political carers, while at the same time stabbing us in the back by voting for this harmful cut to ESA.

It is also unacceptable that charities, that purport to work in the interest of disabled people, have links with any MP who has voted to bring harm to disabled people.

DPAC are starting a campaign to force charities to sever all links with MPs who voted for the ESA Cut.

We can’t do this by ourselves – we need your help, this is what we would like you to do.

  1. Check to see if your MP voted for the ESA Cut. If you don’t already know the name of your MP – you can look that up here:
  2. Once you have the name of your MP – look up to see if they appear on this list, if they do, then they are one of the MPs who voted for the ESA Cut.
  3. Now we’d like you to do some detective work for us –
    1. Go to the MPs website – see if they claim to support any disability charities. Look at the “about me” page, and also look at the blog to see if they have been at any disability charity events
    2. You can also look up your MP on Wikipedia – see if their entry in there mentions any disability charity links.
    3. You can do a web search for disability charities in your local area – look at their website – look especially for names of Patrons or Trustees of the charity.
    4. Look at the Charity blog, see if you can see a photo your MP grinning inanely in front of the charity logo.
  4. If you find a connection between MP and Charity – tell us! You can either leave a comment at the bottom of this blog – or email us at
  5. We can then put it on the blog and ask people to contact the charity – asking them to sever all links with the MP, and to ensure that they can’t use disabled people as photo opportunities again. When putting it on the blog – we will credit your work in finding the information – unless you ask us not to.
Grinning inanely while posing for a picture of himself "supporting disabled people". Nigel Mills MP - who then voted for the ESA Cut

Grinning inanely while posing for a picture of himself “supporting disabled people”. Nigel Mills MP – who then voted for the ESA Cut. Credit goes to @Mikebythemoor for finding the picture.

This approach has is already been used and is working to force charities to disown MPs who voted for the cut.

Case 1) Peter Bottomley MP, NIck Gibb MP and Tim Loughton MP, all of them voted repeatedly for the cut to ESA. All three of them are also Vice Presidents of the Coastal West Sussex branch of Mind (CWSM).

Mind was contacted, and a petition was started  and within a day – CWSM had issued a statement to say that they were going to “discuss the position of the three MPs at the next board meeting“. Its a start – but its not enough – we need to keep the pressure up – so if you haven’t signed it already please sign the petition and share it widely.

You can also contact CWSM on twitter at: @MindWestSussex and let them know that you want them to respond.

Case 2) Tory MPs Zac Goldsmith voted for the ESA cut – he is also a Patron of disability charity Richmond Aid. Today Richmond Aid released a statement condemning him for voting for the cut (see below). Tania Mathias is also a Tory MP – who voted for the cut and she has also been included in the statement by Richmond Aid.

From these two cases it appears that with not very much pressure – we can force charities to act as they should have already done – and disown MPs that voted for the harmful cut to ESA.

There is also a petition to get parliament to hold another vote to try to reverse the cut to ESA :

Sign and share the petition to reverse the cut to ESA


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  86 Responses to “Campaign: Force disability charities to sever links with MPs who voted for #ESACut (Updated)”

  1. Besides Mencap, Stephen Crabb appears to be associated with a Christian advocacy group named CARE (Christian Action Research & Education), who claim that their vision is “to see a society that has a greater regard for human dignity and increasingly reflects God’s grace and truth through public policy, media and local practical involvement with vulnerable people.”

    This group seems to have some not very Christlike ideas regarding sexual orientation, which makes one wonder to what extent and on what conditions they truly care about their fellow humans, but surely Crabb’s voting history flies in the face of what they are claiming to stand for, and they want to think carefully about associating themselves with a man who is willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable in society. I dare say Christ would not be very impressed.

  2. I’ve not managed to dig as deeply as I would like, but Dr James Davies MP (Vale of Clwyd), states:
    “As part of the Alzheimer’s Society ‘Dementia Friends’ initiative, I am organising meetings and training sessions with the aim of getting towns in my constituency working towards being ‘Dementia Friendly’.”
    He is also involved with palliative care (St. Kentigern’s Hospice).

    • Conservative MP John Hayes is a Patron of Headway Cambridge and voted for disability cuts.

    • He also attended the British Heart Foundation event on 18th February 2016, the “Beat Bowel Cancer” event on 2nd February 2016, and the “Target Ovarian Cancer” event on 24th June 2015.

  3. Maggie Fitzpatrick-Reeves made this list
    Stephen Crabb MP Patron, Pembrokeshire MENCAP.
    Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP Patron, Prostate Cancer Charity.
    Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP Patron, MS Action.
    Esther McVey * Patron, Wirral Holistic Cancer Care
    Esther McVey * Patron, Full of Life
    Rt Hon Don Foster MP * President, Bath MENCAP
    Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP Patron, Richmond MENCAP.
    Rt Hon Greg Clark MP Patron, Tunbridge Wells Mental Health Resource Centre.
    Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP Patron, Herts Action on Disability.
    John Hayes MP Patron, Headway (Cambridgeshire) (a charity for people with acquired brain injury).
    Helen Grant MP * Honarary Vice President, Maidstone MENCAP trust
    Rt Hon David Cameron MP Patron, Cancer Research UK Relay for Life, Witney.
    Rt Hon David Cameron MP Patron, Versus Cancer.
    Rt Hon David Cameron MP Patron, Lawrence Home Nursing Team.
    Rt Hon David Cameron MP Patron, Motability.
    Rt Hon David Cameron MP Patron, Trips, Outings and Activities for the Learning Disabled.
    Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP Champion, Roko Cancer Campaign *
    Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP Patron, Resolve Alcohol and Drugs Charity *
    Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP Patron, Isabel Hospice.
    Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP Patron, Herts Action on Disability.
    John Hayes MP President, Parkinson’s Disease Society (Spalding branch).
    Helen Grant MP * Honarary Vice President, Maidstone MENCAP trust
    Helen Grant MP * Patron, Maidstone Support Group, National Osteoporosis Society
    Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP Patron, White Lodge Trust (a centre for children with cerebral palsy, based in Chertsey).
    Rt Hon Mark Francois MP Patron, Cruse Bereavement Care.
    Rt Hon Mark Francois MP Patron, the Rayleigh branch of the Royal British Legion.
    Rt Hon Mark Francois MP Patron, Supporting Children and Families Together (SCAFT) *
    Dr Andrew Murrison MP * Patron, Arthritis Self Help
    Rt Hon David Laws MP * Patron, MIND
    Rt Hon David Laws MP * Patron, Motor Neurone Disease Association
    Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP Patron, St Michael Hospice.
    Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP Patron, East Sussex Association for the Blind.
    Dan Rogerson MP * Trustee, Bosom Buddies, UK Breast Cancer Charity
    Rt Hon William Hague MP President, Northallerton and the Dales Mencap Society.
    Rt Hon William Hague MP Vice President, Yorkshire and the Humber Muscle Group.
    Rt Hon David Lidington MP Honorary Vice President, Buckinghamshire MIND.
    Rt Hon David Lidington MP Patron, Chilterns Multiple Sclerosis Centre.
    Norman Lamb MP Patron, Hyper Mobility Syndrome Association.
    Rt Hon Theresa May MP Patron, National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.
    Rt Hon David Jones MP Life Fellow, Cancer Research UK.
    Baroness Randerson * Patron, Wales Council for Deaf People
    Rt Hon Don Foster MP * President, Bath MENCAP
    Sam Gyimah MP * Vice President, Young Epilepsy
    Anne Milton MP Patron, The Prostate Cancer Project (Guildford)
    Anne Milton MP Patron, OG Cancer Project *
    Mark Hunter MP Honorary President, Stockport Branch of Parkinson’s Disease Society.

  4. My MP Geoffrey Cox cons Torridge is a Vice President of the North Devon Hospice. On his web site it says ‘Geoffrey takes a special interest in ASC provision in Devon and maintains a close working relationship with the North Devon Forum for Autistic Spectrum Conditions’ yet he voted for the cut to disability benefits!

  5. Jo Churchill, who backed the plans to cut the disability benefit, will be supporting Headway Suffolk’s Cycle – she can’t seem to make her mind up!

  6. Amanda Solloway MP
    29 February at 10:52 · Derby ·
    I am delighted to be appointed the role of Rapporteur on Mental Health and Human Rights, to the Joint Committee on Human Rights.
    It will give me the opportunity to be a stronger voice in Parliament for people experiencing mental health issues.
    Approaching mental health from a Human Rights perspective means that I will be able to focus on key areas for improvement, and ensure that the rights of vulnerable people are safeguarded wherever possible.

  7. Hugo Swire MP for East Devon is patron for the following organisations zccording to his own website:
    The WESC Foundation, the specialist care centre for visual impairment.
    Devon Link Up, a charity for people with a Learning disability living in Devon.

  8. Hugo Swire MP for East Devon is a patron of the following two charities according to his own website:
    The WESC Foundation, the specialist care centre for visual impairment, a charity for people with visual impairment and other complex needs.
    Devon Link Up, a charity for people with Learning difficulties living in Devon.
    Hugo Swire voted for the benefits cut.
    I hope this helps.

  9. Amber Rudd MP has recently resigned as Trustee of the Snowdon Trust!

    MIND West Sussex are due to meet on April 10th to discuss their 3 patrons.

  10. Johnny Mercer – Plymouth Devonport voted 3 times for cuts despite being vice chair of the parliamentary group set up to campaign for disabled people.

  11. My MP (Chris Heaton-Harris) voted for the cuts. From what I can find, the only charity he’s actively involved with is BLISS (the premature baby charity). However, he has put forward a private members’ bill, the Access To Medical Treatments (Innovations) Bill, and mentions how it could provide DSR to all children with cerebral palsy who need it. Yet he doesn’t seem bothered about cutting funds for adults with cerebral palsy…

  12. Caroline Nokes, MP for Romsey and Southampton North:

    Since her election, Caroline has used her position to campaign on subjects close to her heart, including the equine industry, issues affecting children (especially those with autism and Special Educational Needs), rural affairs, consumer protection, energry policy and the environment, the brewing and pub industry, planning and international development. Caroline has introduced two pieces of legislation, on consumer protection and on dangerous dogs.

    Caroline is one of Parliament’s best known advocates on body image, and the related subjects of eating disorders and nutrition, but a regular speaker on a wide number of issues affecting her constituency.

    She has recently campaigned for and been seen in press releases with the Alzheimer’s Society

    and the NSPCC

  13. Petition signed – terminal cancer victim myself nervously awaiting cuts to my benefits or perhaps removal of my mobility scheme car as has happened to other terminally ill people.

    My MP DR David James (Vale of Clwyd) voted FOR ESA cuts, unfortunately I’m too spaced out on my meds to do the charity-supporting research, sorry.

    Will these Tory c*nts make me take a temporary job due to being terminally ill?
    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least!!!!!

    • You are absolutely right: Dr James Davies (Vale of Clwyd) voted FOR the cuts, despite publicly endorsing a number of health related charities. You’d almost think that MPs use these charity events as vehicles to promote their own careers… Anyway, he’s on the list!

      My very best wishes to you, and your fighting spirit!

  14. Gosh, looking at all the MPs trying to get close to charities, it’s seriously sickening how desperate the politico’s attempts are to look even remotely human.

  15. My MP is Tory Caroline Nokes, who, of course, voted to steal even more from the most vulnerable in society (as if disability and sickness wasn’t bad enough, but hey, things you do to appease Iain Hitler-Smith). On her website she claims the following subjects were close to her ‘heart’: “…….issues affecting children (especially those with autism and Special Educational Needs….” Looks like these are close enough to see them in even more hardship. Thank you, Caz.

    To take the proverbial even more, she has press snippets of supporting the British Heart Foundation, a Local Autism Charity and Home For Heroes. If it wasn’t so desperate and sad, I would be tempted to laugh out loud 🙁

  16. There’s only 1 Scottish MP that wears a blue rosette and yep, his name is on the list of shame.

    David Mundell (Conservative MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale) makes remarkably few references to charity but his website does say this:

    Unfortunately, that’s as specific as it gets. I believe he is the only Scottish MP that voted in favour of the cuts.

  17. Graham Evans MP for Weaver Vale voted in favour of the cuts. He is a member of All-Party Parliamentary Group for Muscular Dystrophy, the Emergency Services All Party Parliamentary Group, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Young Disabled People.

    He is a champion for disabled children’s charity Whizz-Kidz.

    On his website it states: “Graham was re-elected as Member of Parliament for Weaver Vale in 2015, again pledging to work hard for all constituents and put them before everything else in politics, including his own party.”

  18. John Baron MP for Basildon. He is the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer (APPGC). He campaigns to improve cancer services!

  19. David Warburton, MP for Somerton and Frome is a Trustee of Somerset’s Down’s Syndrome support charity Ups and Downs. Information from his website at
    He is my MP and voted for the cuts.

  20. Andrew Jones MP for Harrogate voted for cuts . He is the chairman of The Pippa jones little treasure Trust for children with cancer .I don’t think a man like this should be allowed anywhere near sick children

  21. My MP is Helen Whately.

    She is Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Healthcare and Vice- Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Mental Health. For the past six years she has been a consultant at McKinsey & Co – a massive American management consultancy company that is ‘lovingly’ referred to as ‘The Firm’; a company that carried out and published a survey that became “a useful tool for critics of the Affordable Care Act.” Both the contents of the survey and the methodology used have been subject to question. There’s no doubt that her experience in privatising healthcare will be invaluable to this government.

    On the 2nd March, Macmillan Cancer Policy Department tweeted a quote from Helen Whately:

    “@Helen_Whately in the end of life estimation debate, ‘As MPs we need to know how good #EndofLifeCare is in our constituencies’

    Link to tweet here:

    Do Macmillan really want to be associated with an MP who has had a direct and adverse affect on the lives of cancer patients?

    Her website says: “Helen has worked with several charities as a volunteer and advisor.” There are no details of any of these ‘several’ charities.

    I think DPAC’s work is incredible. From a disabled women terrified of whats happening, and terrified more of what’s to come, thank you.

  22. I’m gathering some info here, so people can also see who abstained and thereby effectively allowed it through…

    • Hi Paul, just be aware that abstentions are more problematic than voting yes or no. There are some valid reasons why an MP might not be listed as having voted yes or no – it might not be possible for them to in parliament at the time.

      There is a case of an MP who was attacked in a previous vote for abstaining – it turned out she was having a baby while the vote was happening.

      There is also something called “pairing” – MPs who intend to vote but can’t be there arrange with a member of the opposite party who can’t be there either to both abstain so the overall balance of the vote is unaffected.

      So while some of those on your list did abstain in the traditional sense, others will have not voted for legitimate reasons, the difficulty is that its very hard to tell the two apart.

      I’m all for naming and shaming those who are responsible – but we need to be careful not to target the wrong people.


      • Bob,

        Thank you for explaining the situation here. I’d hope that in the days of lightning fast modern communication, Parliament will soon be fully transparent and able to explain all the ins and outs of any such private agreements or reasons for not attending to the public who fund the whole set-up.

        We can then have all the information and act on it rather than guessing or falling into the trap of making wild accusations. I’ve already toned down my original post and if I’m feeling generous one day may dilute it further. However the insulting, callous, selfish behaviour of some of these creatures may prevent me doing that,

        Thanks for your time,


  23. Sir Alan Haselhurst (Con Saffron Walden) voted to remove the “work-related activity component” from the Employment and Support Allowance and to remove the “limited capability for work” element of Universal Credit.

    He is the patron of ‘Fledglings’, a charity which supports disabled children and their carers.

  24. John Whittingdale, Maldon.
    President , Maldon Branch Parkinsons Society
    Vice-Patron – Helen Rollason Cancer Care Centre Appeal
    Honorary ‘Friend of Swans’ – SWANS, Maldon (Sometimes We All Need Support) (offers support for local people with physical or sensory disabilities)

  25. Margot James our MP for Stourbridge is on the list , yet here she says she supports the campaign for disabled kids …not sure I understand her way of thinking does she like disabled kids then resents them the money to live as they reach adulthood…does not make sense to me.

  26. Lucky The All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (linked with the National Autistic Society) keeps a list of MPs both as officers and members on its website:

  27. Good work as usual, I support this initiative.

    Although this is a bit old, Malcolm Bruce voted for Coalition welfare reforms while holding a bunch of positions on Deaf charities and organisations, including Action on Hearing Loss and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness. My then blog post:

  28. james morris (MP halesowen , west midlands)

    im assuming there are not multiple MP’s with the same name

    for many years this MP has ‘campaigned ‘ around mental illness , a simple web search will bring up many links such as >…..alth_forum…..elected_as

    if it is indeed him that is on this list he should be ashamed of himself and someone needs to post on his twitter/facebook feeds (i dont have accounts with either)

    *yes its him >……

    *this MP is also the chair of the mental health APPG which is supported by Rethink Mental Illness, Mind and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

  29. He voted to support ESA reduction but couldn’t miss a photo opportunity……. Mark Lancaster MP said: “As the MP for Milton Keynes North, I am pleased to pledge my support to Blind Veterans UK by helping to ensure that no veterans in my constituency will have to battle blindness alone. It is vital we all work to honour the Armed Forces Covenant and make sure everyone who comes into contact with blind ex-Service men and women signpost them to Blind Veterans UK for free, lifelong support.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @YourMKWeb on Twitter | mymkweb on Facebook

  30. Oh, why didn’t my 2 comments get accepted ? I did ‘out’ my MP, Anne Main (St Albans). Petition signed anyway, yesterday.

  31. Gavin Barwell always votes for cuts to disabled people even though he briefly became the tory poster boy for mental health with his anti discrimination law which when you looked at it didn’t help anyone outside the 1%. Only ‘charity’ he’s involved in is The Whitgift Foundation who own half the land in Croydon and have just made a development deal worth £billion – guess who the biggest fan of that was…

  32. Robert Goodwill MP (scumbag fox hunt supporter) voted for ESA cuts but visited Peregrine House, Whitby, North Yorks, the constituency’s premier residential care home, and presented owners Dr. Kevin and Teresa O’Sullivan with an Excellence in Care Standard award on Tuesday. 6th August. (2015?)
    Goodwill observed:

    “There is clearly tremendous compassion in the way the residents are treated. It’s good to have a home like this in the area where relatives can be assured that the residents are cared for better than they could be in their own homes.”

    Let’s hope they can still remain there once their money has been cut.

    He also did this at St. Cecilias, 18 Jun 2015:

  33. Ian Liddle-Granger voted for this cut whilst he says he supports care for dementia sufferers . He even had a picture of him holding a poster saying so!

  34. Thank god you people are fighting for us and can see what’s happening coz no one else bothers. THANK YOU

  35. My MP, Chloe Smith, supported the bill. She has links to CancerResearch UK and Sport Relief.

  36. P.S. I forgot to mention that I emailed my M.P., Anne Main, about this matter about 24 hours ago. I was pleased to get a prompt response. I will most certainly be taking up this matter with her again. Her response was thus:

    Briefly, to explain the background to these changes, it is my understanding that when a person claims Employment Support Allowance (ESA), there are two groups that you may be put in – the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) or the Support Group. The WRAG group is for people who hope to return to work or who have a more short term illness – you must go to regular interviews with an adviser who can help with things like job goals and updating or improving your skills. The Support Group is for people who are unlikely to return to work, and therefore don’t have to go to interviews – you’re usually in this group if your illness or disability severely limits what you can do.

    It is my understanding the changes which are being brought in for ESA mean that new claimants placed in the WRAG from April 2017 receive the same amount of money as those claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) – those who are currently claiming ESA in the WRAG will not have this change applied unless they stop claiming, enter work and do not re-claim within 12 weeks. Those who are placed in the WRAG currently receive more money a week than those on JSA, but get nothing like the level of help and support that those claiming Job Seekers Allowance do to help find suitable employment when they are ready. Therefore, for future claimants only, the Government will align the ESA WRAG rate with the rate of JSA. The Government will be using these monies to invest in services tailored towards helping people with disabilities into work, meaning the money will be targeted much more effectively. I am told that this will include £43 million to pilot schemes for helping people with mental health conditions into the world of work.

    Further to constituents raising concerns with me, I contacted the Department about provisions for those with Cancer, Parkinson’s and MS in the WRAG. I have also made representations in early February to the Minister asking about what additional support will be given with regards to improving employer attitudes and in-work adjustments for those with disabilities. Further, two weeks ago I wrote again asking about the effect that the proposed changes will have on people with mental health issues. If you would like to see a copy of any of the responses I receive, then please do let me know.

    I also appreciate that disabled people often face extra costs of living – the aim is that Personal Independence Payment will continue to provide for these extra costs of living. PIP will provide a tailored daily living allowance for those who need it to cover the extra costs, and ESA WRAG will provide the equivalent of a ‘job seekers allowance’.

    Alongside this, I have been told that the additional ESA Support Group rate will continue to be paid to those with the most severe work-limiting conditions and disabilities. I was also pleased to hear the Minister, Priti Patel MP reassure the House that:

    “ESA claimants will not be affected. There will be no cash losers, and the policy applies only to those who apply for ESA and subsequently enter the WRAG from April 2017. We also aim to protect those who move off ESA to try to work. Those who were receiving the component returns to ESA within 12 weeks because they could not cope with work will be able to reclaim ESA and receive the component again. Hopefully, that will help to dispel the myth that everyone who is currently in the work-related activity group will be affected by the change”.

    Indeed, I was further pleased to hear that the Government are publishing a White Paper this year that will set out plans to improve support for people with health conditions and disabilities to reduce the disability employment gap, which will include exploring the roles of employers in this matter. Taking all of this into consideration, I voted with the Government.

    • The reply was quite detailed but if I understand correctly, the WRAG component amounting to £30 which will not be paid as of April 2017 (for new claimants they say) is to be replaced using a PIP Assessment which I bet will be a lot less. This is a specific issue I intend to raise.

      I will also comment on the ridiculous WCA form which asks idiotic questions like “can you press a button” (section 5 – manual dexterity) !

      On top of this, I’ll be commenting on my last face-to-face assessment where the assessor lied and the DWP ‘Decision Maker’ even invented a non-existent doctor he claimed to have spoken to. Thankfully, at my Appeal, the panel had already decided in my favour before I entered the room and I didn’t have to present any further evidence.

      If you’re going for a face-to-face assessment, do ask for it to be recorded (you are entitled to it). You get a copy as does the DWP. They don’t have enough recorders to go round, so it’s a neat way of putting a spanner in the works and exposes any lies the assessor may have put on the report.

  37. I had already signed the petition before finding this page. As I write it has 56,758 signatures.

  38. Stewart andrew voted for cuts..these are the charities mentioned he been involved with or still is.
    British heart foundation. Hope House Children’s Hospice and East Lancashire Hospice.Fundraising Manager at Martin House Children’s Hospiice . Hes also been involved with this …his words copy and pasted The Big Issue in the North
    ‘s #VendorWeek Big Sell. I will be out on the streets of Horsforth selling The Big Issue in the North magazine as a guest vendor, mentored by a real Big Issue in the North seller.
    The #VendorWeek Big Sell challenges perceptions of homelessness and poverty, as well as raising money to support INSP and local Big Issue in the North vendors.

    Thats all i could find…go get him please im disabled and will be effected in 2017 its about time they where shown for what they really are..nasty people

  39. Peter Heaton Jones North Devon ‘Inspired by the Calvert Trust’ charity for disabled people.

  40. Geoffrey Cox – Torridge and West Devon. Vice president North Devon Hospice.

  41. Richard Bacon voted for the cut but I can’t find any links to charities on his websites (although one is archived for updating). I have had contact with him and have correspondence (he just trots out Tory propaganda). I can’t recall any charity contacts he has and I know most charities operating here. But I’ll keep an eye open.

    Mike Llywelyn.

  42. I may be wrong, and I always support this org, but Will this not play in to their hands? Isn’t this exactly what they want! For charities to not use the powers they have to try and stop influencing gov. I.e. they have already brought in the anti advocacy clause to stop this happening….

    • Hi Iggy

      Thanks for writing in to voice your concerns, Charities already have access to ministers, peers and MPs aplenty and we’ve been critical of them in the past for being too compliant and not being forceful enough in opposing welfare reform. They have given opposition to the ESA cut, and we hope that they will at last adopt a more strident tone with government.

      The Anti-advocacy clause doesn’t have to stop charities speaking out against government if they don’t want it to, All the clause says is that they can’t use funds recieved from the government to lobby government. As long as they use money from a separate pot they can say what they like.

      But what we’re trying to do here is to end the cosy relationships where an a particular MP can use the name of a charity to boost their votability. We also want to send a signal to MPs that they can’t vote to harm us with impunity.

      I hope that helps to respond to your concerns

  43. Stuart Andrew (Pudsey, West Yorkshire)

    – Worked for the British Heart Foundation and Martin House Hospice before becoming an MP
    – Campaigned for several years to save Leeds’ Children’s Heart Unit
    – Is a memeber of “Team Leeds” which is a CPG for keeping up-to-date on issues in the NHS and patient care
    – … Still voted for the ESA cuts.

    As far as I can tell, he thinks of disabled people as like being pet crocodiles; Cute when they’re small and easily-contained, but a dangerous liability when they’re opinionated adults.

  44. Tom Tugendhat of Tonbridge & Malling voted for the cuts while working with disability charities (spinal injury & autism) as seen on his twitter

  45. Richard Bacon, Conservative MP for South Norfolk, and co-founder of a charity, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope

  46. Amber Rudd (whose constituency I have just moved into, unfortunately!) obviously voted for the cut.

    She is a trustee of the national charity Snowden Trust. They Provide grants to physically disabled and sensory impaired students studying in the UK – in further or higher education or those training towards employment.

  47. Liam Fox voted for the cuts – patron of Jessie May Trust – / He also claims to be a patron of Mencap & Children’s Hospice South West –

  48. Simon Kirby Mr Kirby became Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV/AIDS and served on the Business, Innovation and Skills and Administration Select Committees. Since becoming a Member of Parliament he has also become a patron of the Sussex Beacon, the Sussex ME society.

  49. Caroline Ansell accepts invitation to become the new patron of Families for Autism
    Families for Autism is launching a Job Club for job seekers living with ASD

  50.  Victoria Atkins MP for Louth and Horncastle ( my MP) voted for the cut to ESA. Below are a few words from her website……..hypocrite!!

    Victoria said,

     “I was delighted to support the disability charity Rehab by taking part in the first Parliamentary Pancake race of this Parliament.

     It was great fun to join colleagues in this, surprisingly competitive event, which saw Members of Parliament bring home the Tin Cup of victory!

     Of course, the purpose of the race was to support the excellent work being undertaken by Rehab to support the disabled and the most vulnerable in our society. Rehab were the real winners on the day.


  51. Both our Reading MP’s voted for this. Lets hope that local charities remember this and stop inviting them to events and photo opportunities. Believe you me, when it comes to the Tories, we are definitely not “All In it together ! “

  52. Andrea Jenkyns fundraises for charity including Macmillan and Help for Heroes. The section on her Web site About Andrea describes her as “compassionate”. She voted for by the cut to ESA.

  53. First up, Nigel Adams is a patron of the Selby Hands of Hope charity

    • yep, was on our FB page recently, even has his name on the side of the van doors, many people queried how it had been paid for, not sure if we ever found out as Nigel has a habit of blocking people who ask him questions he don’t want to answer

  54. Here is the link to show Greg Clarke MP supporting volunteers at Pepenbury in Tunbridge Wells, a charity for adults with learning difficulties last October. Greg Clarke voted for the ESA cut.

    Pauline Alexander

  55. Haven’t found one yet, but my MP just took part in a campaign called #GetWinterReady because she was so worried that her constituents wouldn’t be able to keep warm this winter… Then she voted to cut £30 a week from ESA.
    Guess what, I have news for you. No amount of budgeting or #GetWinterReady slogans will make up for that. Your constituents have been betrayed and will freeze.

  56. I have written a stinging letter to my MP who voted for this vile cruel cut (Henry Smith Conservative) and asked him to justify his decision to vote for it. I reminded him of how Corporations Billionaires Multi-millionaires and millionaires dodge tax worth 10’s of £Billions every year and the Government doesn’t attack them the same way they attack the disabled. In fact,I informed him, George Osborne has done deals with tax dodgers to allow them to duck being prosecuted and only pay a fraction or nothing to the tax Office of what they owe.An example is Bernie Ecclestone , owner of Formula 1 racing he owed £1.2 Billion in tax but a deal was done for him to only pay back £10 Million. It seems the disabled are the one’s having to make up the short fall in the treasury. If a disabled person accidentally forgets to notify the smallest change of circumstances they are threatened with prosecution. I firmly believe there should have to be an investigation into this pseudo-Nazi constant attack on the disabled.

  57. Check out Justlin Tomlinson MP on Twitter. Sickening to see so many disabled charities sucking up to the Under Secretary for disabled people!

  58. Signed the petition. Peter Bone MP has raised money for British Heart Foundation, Crime Stoppers and the local St John’s Ambulance.

  59. Kevin Foster MP for Torbay is a supporter of RBIB and Guide Dogs for the Blind. He also voted for the cuts even while getting his pictures taken with sight impaired peopl and their dogs. Shame on him.

  60. Caroline ansell dose save the dgh, campaign for reducing bowel screening. also brain tumour charity. There was more on her page. I hope that has helped

  61. David Warburton,Somerton and Frome.Great supporter of Somerset Downs syndrome charity Ups n Downs also a keen supporter of Help the Aged,beggars belief:(

  62. Alan Mak MP has no local connections was given a safe seat on a plate also During the election campaign it was alleged by the rival UKIP candidate that Mak had falsified his CV,

  63. Gordon Henderson is cashing in on the publicity of endorsing/promoting a charity here. He voted to cut esa by £30 a week.

    • “Putting people before politics” was his campaign slogan during the election in Sittingboure. Lying sack of crap.

  64. www specialeffect org uk the dwp under-secretary is an CEO

  65. Gladly signed the petition, and TY for the credit. My MP would never vote for the cuts, but I will certainly investigate others and duly report back. @mikebythemoor

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