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Would you be willing to take part in a focus group to discuss these experiences?

My name is Rosa Morris and I am doing research on:

changes over time in the way the government defines ‘disability’ for the purposes of employment-related disability benefits how this definition compares with disabled people’s lived experiences.

As part of the research I want to find out about:

disabled people’s experiences of the Work Capability Assessment how well they think the WCA reflects and understands their experience of impairment and disability.

I am a disabled person myself with experience of applying for Incapacity Benefit and Employment and Support Allowance. I hope this research will give a greater voice to disabled people and their experiences.


First focus group looking for disabled people to take part on Wednesday 27th January 2016, 2-4pm


Second focus group Wednesday 3rd February 2016, 2-4pm


I am particularly keen to include the experiences of people with mental health difficulties in the research, in order to explore:

  • people’s experiences of the Work Capability Assessment
  • how well they think the WCA reflects and understands their experiences.


Both meetings will be at at 336 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AA.

All travel and access expenses will be reimbursed – please contact me if you have any access requirements to be able to take part.

All participants’ details will be kept anonymous. You will be able to withdraw your consent at any time before or during the focus group and for up to 3 months after participation. All focus group participants will be asked to respect other participants’ confidentiality.

If you are interested in taking part and/or would like to speak to me, in confidence, to find out more information please email me at

Thanks very much for reading this.









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  2 Responses to “Experience of applying for Incapacity Benefit and/or Employment and Support Allowance?”

  1. Have mentally disabled middle aged son , have dealt with most of his affairs and have found a mix of responses from involved agencies . Many appear to understand situations providing you give a cooperative and informative approach often making sure you emphasize salient points and obtain written receipt of any statements. Effectively it means persisting with process and procedure and nailing agencies with their own legal remit that is mandatory and sifting out who is making arbitary decisions. Demanding ” who” is important. What agencies do not do is inter- communicate to colate relevant information unless it is to disqualify claimant. That is a Gov. driven edict and is one of the many insidious tells this unpleasant administration issues. The Gov is playing a long game, they are dis -infranchising the weakest first to render them powerless and on minimum means in order to inhibit disrupting protest. This is the creation of a “sword of Damocles” over the pseudo middle England class created during the Thatcher admin. this stategy coupled with extreme and divisve propaganda insures the mid strata remain obedient for fear of being cast down. What we have overal is social/ economic engineering going on that is part of the massive wealth transference into the hands of the few via a multitude of contrived conduits and stealth laws that establish themslves as the norm. It creates desensitised “slips” and insularity of fear in the public mind. We are undergoing a 21st century version of 1984 implemented by a gov. that is the acolyte of the corporate elite. It is the most evil gov. this country has had since the Victorian era. The ghost of Nurenbeg arises as the benign face of evil.! Ray

    • I was taken off of income support and placed on ESA, I am long term unemployed status with what i would call long term MH issues which i beleive that over the years i have been able to manage reasonably well . whilst on income support i was able to care for my father belonged to many community organisations volunteering including patient related ,carers, housing and a patient governor at a local MH trust. I attended the new horizons program and was all for equal rights for MH service users in society and and the work place. What is in place now is not what was intended.
      I received an invite to my local wcp and given a dissablity advice coach who assesed my and importantly my family situation as a long term carer to my daughter as well as father . My daughter had been in a serious car accident aged 4 and on income support i had obviously needed to care for her and when not required gave my time to community issues. in that time i spent a year unable to walk due to an injury myself. in following years my daughters mental health was severe and no governor training was to prepare me for that yourney and the hurdles we face. The coach at the time was supportive of my situation and we had a very good relationship and he made many adjustments due to our circumstance giving me no retun to work duties that i would be set up to fail. This went on for over a year and out of the blue i was taken away from him and moved to another coach (work coach) I had missed a missed a previous appointment with the former coach and received a threat of sanction from the new one ignoring the fact I had called in on the day of the missed appointment infrorming why and that had been accepted. From that telephone conversation onwards i was met with rudness and hostility and was told my daughters DLA of the lower rate had ceased and had it been still in place would not place me in the CA Group. My benefit was about me and not family circumstance.I found she was correct unknown to me as my daughters appointee her benifit had stopped and in contridiction to DWP’s statement that a definition of a carer is someone that goes beyond the normal care ESA is based on the higher rate only for you to fit that category. The work coach informed me that gps often get it wrong claimants think they have more rights than they do in an attempt to defraud the government ant that MH Profesionals create work for themselves by diagnosing conditions that my be falsely declared and that most if not all are subject to change and so work preparation is necessary. she questioned why i had evaded being moved onto her sooner stating if movement in my work prep was not met by the nearing time scale of completion.her office would not be paid and did i think this fair she explained she had been a care and held down a job and i should too. she dismissed my point on my own MH and that of my family. The last straw to me after many protests of my situation was when she hostillly asked “why did i think the tax payer should pay for me to look after my child” I removed myself from her asked to see a manager, no room available for me so I sat with a duty manager in shock and tears running down my face, I explained the journey i had been through with my self harming and suicidal risk daughter and she told me in a nicer way she to had overcome that and was able to work. I got up and left walked into a road of traffic and nearly caused an accident. I phoned the JCP the next day asking to be placed with another job coach this continued to be denied. I attended the next appointment but still they refused the change and i resulted in walking out, My anxiety and depression had been trigered by her last comment to me I was sanctioned repeatedly knowing that my daughters DLA had also stoped which was placing us in poverty and dispare. Amost1 year on my mp supported me in seeking a resolution to my daughters DLA the error was theirs moving forward mid next month my daughter will get the enhanced rate meaning i can claim carers allowance if i donot get this I will be back in the position I was before. My mental Health is still not on a par as before i cannot get the service as i have been to late for the 15 minute rule which works against the symptoms that we face. I still havnt felt strong enough to place a complaint anxiety and depression is exhausting and at times imbolising and does not turn on and off at our own requirment. The system is made to fail us those who depend on us and society as a whole, I remain devastated by this experience.Appologies for the presentation I write this as a needy service user and not the confident governor and care that I once was.

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