Dec 162015
It seems that Empire cinemas are taking us back to the days when disabled people weren’t allowed in cinemas because they were considered a health and safety/ fire hazard. It is Empire’s policy that all cinema seats for disabled people should now be at the front of the cinema near the fire exits.As I’m sure most of you know sitting right at the front of the cinema having to bend your neck up to watch the show is often not only painful for most disabled people but also impossible for others.
Also Empire cinemas seem oblivious to the fact that disabled people have friends and may have families and their new cinema has introduced metal barriers segregating disabled people from the rest of the audience. They can only sit next to one other person.
DPAC think this attitude and policy should be changed so we’re taking advantage of the release of Star Wars in Empire cinemas to launch the #DPACStrikesBack campaign.
Pleas email Empire cinemas and tell them disabled people should be treated equally to other cinema patrons and be able to have a choice of where they sit. After all we pay for our own tickets they aren’t free.
Template letter/email to use or change, and below that there are some tweets that you can send to @empirecinemas on twitter.

 Dear Empire cinemas,
As a disabled person/ friend of a disabled person I want to let you know that I am opposed to your policy of treating disabled people as second class citizens who are only able to sit at the front of your cinemas because you seem to deem them as being a fire hazard.
Further in your new cinema In Hemel Hempstead disabled people are segregated from sitting with friends and family other then one other person. This too is unacceptable.
This backward way of thinking should have totally died out by now and given that many disabled people either find sitting at the front of the cinema having to bend their neck up to see the screen or are unable to even do this we want you to change your seating policies for your cinemas so that disabled people also can choose to sit at the back or even in the middle of screens.
I look forward to your response to my letter/email
Yours faithfully,

Some tweets to aim at @EmpireCinemas to get you started, please add your own as well

Disabled People Strike Back at @EmpireCinemas #DPACStrikesBack #ForceAwakens

.@EmpireCinemas Segregating disabled people cos they are a file risk? #DPACStrikesBack #ForceAwakens

Segregating disabled people where they cannot watch with friends. Fuck you @EmpireCinemas #ForceAwakens

DPAC say @EmpireCinemas have gone over to the Dark Side #DPACStrikesBack #ForceAwakens

.@EmpireCinemas Disabled people are not a fire risk,we do not spontaneously burn #DPACStrikesBack #ForceAwakens

.@EmpireCinemas disabled people are not putting up with this #DPACStrikesBack #ForceAwakens


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