Nov 102015

For important research we’re currently involved with we need to hear from anyone who has been assessed, is  being assessed or waiting to be assessed by Maximus for an ESA claim. Please get in touch with us at


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  2 Responses to “Callout for people who have had or waiting for WCA with HDAS (Maximus)”

  1. I have had my WCA, awarded zero pointsl, requested M R.
    No income now for 5 weeks.
    Despite being unfit for work, told on phone to sign up for JSA when I would have to agree to minimum of 5 hours work to receive benefit. Have fit note stating unfit to work, so not possible.
    Told I don’t qualify for Income support, so told to claim JSA again. Took whole afternoon on phone, plus visit to job centre, where advised that because of significant deterioration shouldn’t even be there so must request MR and re-claim ESA, followed by another telephone interview to reclaim ESA. Left me feeling exhausted and poorly.
    Received lots of paperwork to complete and send back, which is mentally challenging.
    As yet have heard nothing.

  2. I had assessment with maximus and you are welcome to a copy.
    I had decision, then MR then another MR then filed for Appeal then after had MR again without me asking for another.

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