Oct 152015

The campaign group #StopChanges2ATW are aware that Deaf and Disabled people are still facing barriers when trying to access and use the Access to Work (AtW) disability employment support programme. In order to lobby for improvements we need to be able to evidence what is happening and to show where there are any problems. It is really important we can collect this information so we can show politicians and policy-makers what is going on with the scheme.

We would be very grateful if anyone with any recent experiences of either applying to or using Access to Work could fill in our quick survey and share with others to do the same. Please see our information sheet for more information about the survey and how it will be used.

The survey is in English and BSL. There is also an easy read version of the survey which can be downloaded.


#StopChanges2ATW is a Deaf and Disabled people led campaign that was established in November 2013 when the government introduced new rules to the Access to Work scheme. Read more about us here


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  2 Responses to “URGENT ACTION: Access to Work – please complete this quick survey about your experiences”

  1. Help with any form of access to work is not possible if your are not claiming benefit. I approached the nearest Job Centre Plus and asked for help to retrain. I was sign posted to the National Careers Website and that was all. It was not possible for me to speak to a disability advisor because as they no longer employed one.

    I am not eligible for any form of benefit as my wife apparently earns too much money as a nurse. I am 50 years old and it is hard to stay motivated in my current situation. I desire to work for my money and I want to do something meaningful. I do traditional voluntary work which is better than nothing.

    Education is so expensive today that I am reluctant to borrow money to pay for courses or go to university and would I still be employed with a chronic breathing condition?

    Still at the end of the day I am not alone in this predicament and I am well aware that there are many people worse off than myself. Some people seem to have wealth and many are experiencing so called austerity, I do know what the future holds but todays enforced monetary situation is not improving the majority of peoples lives. Something needs to change I am not suggesting all out revolution and anarchy, just a system better than this, one that really does help people.

    • you arent alone
      aged 60 retired medically 2005 (worked 30 plus yrs ) with several ” debilitating degenerative progressive ”
      muskoskeletal defects hip spine and now knees
      healed by atos 2012 zero points
      won 15 points at tribunal 11 months later
      however winning is losing am now reduced to £21 pw esa doesnt even cover the £22 enforced council and bedroom tax
      The long term sick have been having their benefits cut and removed unfairly since 2010 and no one cares

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