Sep 182015

We wish to give a welcome to Debbie Abrahams as the new Labour Shadow Minister for Disabled People.

She has a thorough knowledge of the issues facing disabled people, having previously been a member of the Work and Pensions Committee.

This is a committee comprised of backbench MPs who have the task of holding the Department of Work and Pensions to account.

Debbie has been outstanding in her role on the committee, doing more than any other MP to hold slippery Iain Duncan Smith, his hench-ministers and civil servants to account over their miss-treatment of disabled people. She has done this with intelligence and tenacity, skills that will serve her, and disabled people, well in her new role.

Below are some video clips of Debbie at work.




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  4 Responses to “DPAC Welcome Debbie Abrahams as the new Shadow Minister for Disabled People”

  1. OT: OT: Privitisation of DWP via Backdoor

    “DWP have decided that private company Serco will be involved in delivering the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

    They will deliver PIP new claims and new claim reassessment service lines. This work is currently done in-house by DWP staff. Serco will taking on the work of about 279 staff at their existing sites in Bolton and Knowsley. Serco will take on this work in two phases, in October and November 2015. No DWP staff will transfer to Serco under these arrangements.

    PCS were not consulted over this privatisation of DWP work. We have made clear to management that outsourcing this work is likely to create problems in the services to the public which our members will have to deal with.”

    Any who claim, brace yourselves for a sh*&storm of problems…

    As this affects disabled people, you might want to keep an eye on this.

    With the UN investigation started [well as far as the media is concerned, we all know how quick offthe mark the DailyHeil is…] could this be an attempt to deflect blame from here on me wonders….

    • Thank you for this – we are looking into it

    • I have a friend who has severe disablement with injuries to his spine. His doctor has produced 20 sick notes since March and the ESA can’t give a date for a Work Capability Assessment. Surely this isn’t right making people who are severly disabled,wait months and months and months for a Face to Face assessment.
      Even doctors can get fed up issuing sick note after sick note all the time
      Whats going wrong with these government departments
      Surely if PIP recognise the disabilty why can’t the ESA CROSS REFERENCE IT as PROOF
      This government truly knows how to waste Millions each day. Its wrong to put disabled people through more agony

  2. Well I hope she’s on our and keeps going after.Smith whose lies have blighted so many and led to so many deaths and poverty. .Smith has built his life on a pack of lies and the sooner he leaves the better. .Good riddens to McVey and well done to the good people of the Wirral for there common sense. .she was a glory seeker and good riddens to bad rubbish. .as for Smith we won’t remember him as a force for good, but rather for a detroyer of lives..THE FIGHT GOES ON.

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