Jun 282015

On 30th June, the day the ILF closes, ILF recipients, campaigners and Allies will meet outside Downing Street to hand over petitions calling on the Prime Minister to protect Disabled people’s right to independent living. Over 25,000 signatures have been collected online (supported by the brilliant video made by the stars of Coronation Street) and also during the Graeae Theatre Company’s 2014 UK Tour of The Threepenny Opera.

After laying a wreath for the ILF, Schimmel, the equine star and proud battle horse of the Threepenny Opera will lead a march to the Houses of Parliament to continue the fight for dignity and equality.

But this isn’t theatre… It’s real and it’s our lives.

Join us in person or show your support on social media with the hashtag #SaveILF, to say “Today marks the closure of the ILF. This terrible action is wrong but the battle to protect our right to Independent Living will go on. For disabled people and for everyone who cares about fairness and social justice.”

Meet 11.30am outside Downing Street.


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  15 Responses to “It Ain’t Over – ILF Closing Ceremony and March for Independent Living”

  1. I am disabled. I have never received ILF but understand how vital this support is for people. My elderly neighbour has in home support. Carers come in several times a day but they have minuets to do this care? The whole of social care/ support needs a shake up. To truly care DOES have a monetary cost. We need to look at what the government is spending our money on? Caring and supporting people has to be a priority.

  2. The government are corrupt murderers, and they don’t care what happens to us…

  3. How am i surpost to live,

  4. As a disabled person I am against the closure of the ILF. The ILF has enabled many people with severe disabilities to continue to live a life of their own choosing and participate in activities and interests they value. It is not logical to me for the Government to create The Care Act – a piece of legislation that purports to intrinsically be about improving the Wellbeing of disabled people whilst simultaneously abandoning the very funding that enables people to achieve Wellbeing in their lives.
    Participating in activities and living full lives costs money, much more money than Local Authorities are able to provide and without the ILF there is no doubt that the lives of severely disabled people will suffer.

  5. how do they expect disabled people to live in there own homes when they are stopping ilf

  6. how do they expect disabled people to be independent when they take away ilf

  7. They are messing with people’s lives with uncertainty, and disrespect…. Disgusting

  8. The introduction of Independant Living was enlightened and recognition of the need for opportunity and equality for disabled people – DONT GO BACK ON THIS!

  9. Please spare a thought for those people who could not advocate for themselves who are constantly worrying and are not sure of their independence and stability for the future. We have been assured the Service will continue with our Local Authorities (this funding has not been ring fenced and could be subject to change in the future), in these worrying times of cutbacks; this is a concern for all.

  10. can’t maike the march, but behind you all the way!

  11. I’m so sorry that I can’t make it tomorrow as I just don’t have the money to get up to London but I am going to be with you in spirit and I really hope it goes well. Give them Hell!

  12. Please save the I.L.F. I cared for a disabled man who had funds from them, he is very distraught now, as will no longer get the care he deserves.

  13. Supporting the cause for equality for disabled people

  14. If the Government’s going to cut, let’s make sure they cut those who are too big, too self-important, who’ve got too much, whilst an increasing number of us have got too little and increasingly suffer as a consequence.

    let’s cut an increasingly useless Governmental system and strategy down to size, and expose it as the incredible pomp it really is : this is our human moral duty, for, whilst the ‘fat cats’ luxuriate and are still being given no more less than a helping hand and a pat on the back, an increasing proportion of the population are precariously balanced on the rickety edge of the stale breadline, suffering more than ever.

    • Well said to all above. …I doesn’t make sense to me for the government official line to be all about hard working people and getting people off benefits, then cut a fund that could help severely disabled people reach their potential and participate as valued members of society, most likely creating employment opportunities as well because of the assistance they may need to achieve these things. …btw what was their official line re the ilf, as to why it was deemed suitable to be cut?

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