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So we tried an open letter but so many of you tried to sign at once, that you jammed our technology!!! Never deterred, we’ve come back with a petition.

Fingers crossed that change.org can cope ….. Sign the Petition here (you can view the text below the picture or on the petition itself):


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Picture with campaiging banners, with the text "Disabled People have had enough"

Petition Text:

Disabled People have had enough…..“I say to those watching today and who are genuinely sick, disabled or are retired. You have nothing to fear. This government and this party don’t regard caring for the needy as a burden. It is a proud duty to provide financial security to the most vulnerable members of our society and this will not change. This is our contract with the most vulnerable.”Iain Duncan Smith – October 2010 http://www.conservative-speeches.sayit.mysociety.org/ speech/601437As disabled people we’ve spent the last five years enduring attack after attack-we’ve fought back in any way we can. But fear and anxiety are now part of everyday life. Over the past five years we’ve seen our support and whatever security and peace of mind we once had being slowly and methodically being stripped from us .Through a combination of ‘reform’ and the notion of austerity we have been hit by cuts and have borne the brunt of the Coalitions ideological determination to reduce the welfare state.

There’s plenty of statistical evidence to show how the abolition of the Disability Living Allowance, the proposed closure of the Independent Living Fund, the Work Capability Assessment, sanctions and savage cuts to local authority budgets have removed our basic human rights and tried to remove our dignity and fight-and these are just some of the cuts. We’ve also been hit by cuts to our rights to inclusive education,cuts to legal aid,cuts impacting on the right to a home,cuts to our travel support,NHS cuts and many more.

We have been dismayed at the lack of opposition to these cuts, from some politicians and from some of our fellow citizens. However, we believe the public has fallen prey to a propaganda campaign which has led them to believe that many of us are scroungers and fraudsters. Remember when Grant Shapps said that almost a million people had dropped claims for disability benefit to avoid being assessed, the implication being that they were all fraudsters? This was headline news in the Daily Mail, but when the UK Statistics Authority rebuked Shapps for completely misrepresenting the situation,there was very little coverage, so people were left with a totally false impression. http://www. newstatesman.com/politics/ 2013/05/grant-shapps-rebuked- uk-statistics-authority- misrepresenting-benefit- figures

In 2014 we learned that the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is said to be conducting a confidential inquiry into the “grave and systematic violations” of the human rights of disabled people in the UK. https://www.opendemocracy. net/ourkingdom/stuart-weir/ britain-faces-un- investigation-over-systemic- violations-of-disability- rights

Every week we learn of more people who have lost their lives due to government policies. We try to keep a records  http://blacktrianglecampaign. org/2014/10/21/uk-welfare- reform-deaths-updated-list- october-21st-2014/ although we know there must be more, and we know that these deaths represent just the peak of a mountain of misery that is being heaped upon people whose lives are already difficult. We believe that if they knew the truth, the ordinary people of this country would be appalled at these policies and their results.

We know there are more cuts to come, both the Tories and Labour have vowed to continue their notion of austerity. The Tories have said there will be 12 billion pounds of further cuts

​The IFS have said we face cuts of 21 billion by 2020.​ Leaks say that again these will target disabled people and what’s left of the vital welfare support that many of us have contributed to so that there is a welfare state and safety net in place for all when they need it. We’ve had enough…

Its time all political parties came clean on further cuts to disabled peoples support,instead of false promises and lies

Please, oppose any further cuts to vital support for disabled people and those with chronic health conditions by signing with us below.



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  1. Remember in a instant it could be you that its you or your family or friends that could be disabled so sign if not for you for them

  2. Hi, I have been waiting over 18 mths since I applied for pip from dLa with a lifetime award I have a degenerative condition,why do I have to have a face to face consultation when the government said claimants with degenerative conditions do not need a face to face , however already had doctor visit at home also been to tribunal and won in the past why be put through all this again it is making people more ill than they already are, this evil man wants dealing with sooner rather than later

  3. Hi to every one who stormed the chambers today, you are my heros. I am not disabled myself, but my husband is, he is in alot pain like all disabled people are. I am so proud of you for making a stand for all the disabled people of england. I did not no that you where doing this demonstration today,but all I no is it took alot for you to do this with all the pain you are in. There is no care in the minds of cameron and osborne for even thinking about cutting disability living allowence for they care not for pain or suffering, but for greed and getting fat on others misfortune with all the high pay checks there getting out of this, god bless you all and thankyou once again.

  4. As a protest I think wearing blue stars would be a good way of protesting against victimisation by the UK government. This would be a powerful but silent statement. What this government(and the previous one) has done is demonize disabled people to the general public, so they can get away with all the cuts. I am sure if they could get away with it they would exterminate us all. Think of the savings!!

  5. Hate everything that’s been done to disabled people, it took me 12yrs to get DLA and I can’t believe what is happening.

  6. Having read all of the above maybe the way to go with this is via the United Nations they have more power than Cameron and might just stop him short – or have I minsunderstood?

  7. Do you lot think he is really bothered…. The more people that die, the less of a burden to the system we become.

  8. Mr cameron if you cut the dla an privatise the nhs myself an a lot of disabled people will die what are you doing to us are you realy trying to kill the british people your ok you and your family are well taken care of you wont loose your money come and stay with me and learn how hard it is for us peole that are soon not going to be able to manage thanks to you . Your a cruel man .

  9. David camron if you cut my disabilaty an privatise the nhs i will die cause i wont be able to cope an so menny more disabled will feel the same you dont know what your doing to british people and you dont care because your life is safe you get plenty to live on we dont you can change things without hurting people o and i didnt vote for you because your a cruel man .

  10. I don;t want to be disabled its not what I had planned for my future I am no scrounger. I suffer 24/7 in pain all the time, wear morphine patches to dull the pain plus take other pain killers to help. I am no good to anyone the way I am and have nothing but my family that keeps me going, I feel useless apart from the little i get that helps to brighten my dark days, take that away then what is the point, why am I here. You a father and carer of a disable son, should know what we are going through should understand how we feel should have some empathy for us. don’t let your son down he would have needed you as we do to be on our side

  11. Dissection of our society has to stop.
    This oppression of our most vulnerable citizens is unforgivable.

  12. It is totally inhumane, what is being done to the disabled people

  13. Your constant ‘scrounger rhetoric’ and lies about levels of benefit fraud, (not to mention draconian sanctions), have destroyed the lives of disabled and ill people.Nobody chooses disability, and I’d happily get rid of my Cerebral Palsy,in a heartbeat,if I could, – but I can’t! Our lives are hard enough.The last think any of need (or deserve), is be demonised, by our government. We’ve had enough.

  14. The Tories have done nothing but erode the Equality legislation since they got in and no more so than where it relates to disabled people

  15. The facts don’t lie.

    People in poverty (21% of us) bear 39% of all the cuts
    Disabled people (8% us) bear 29% of all the cuts
    People with severe disabilities (2% of us) bear 15% of all the cuts

    The total number of people bearing the budget cuts = 31%
    The % of the cuts that these groups are bearing = 83%

    .. or in other words, 31% of the population is bearing 83% of the cuts.

    Another way to look at these figures is to consider that both disabled people and severely disabled people are also living in poverty, and possibly are counted twice in the above percentages of those bearing the cuts.
    If that is true, then the % of the population bearing the cuts could be reduced to 21% inclusive.

    That would mean that 21% of the population is bearing 83% of the cuts.

    Read more here:


  16. I felt like a criminal because of the wording used in the response from PIP, and had my claim refused, I could not believe this as I have been in receipt of DLA for 9 years, I am getting worse not better???? So now they are going to stop my money take my car! I am devastated and cant stop crying, I am now house bound and have to live on a basic pension……………..Ridiculous questions too that have nothing to do with my ability to walk etc…..They are the criminals. I am going to contest this decision, but I wont hold my breath, has anyone ever known a reversal of decision from a governmental dept. I think not. But I will fight this, I have nothing to loose now and if my health suffers any more, who will care, not them, but I might get this irresponsible behavior some more exposure!………………..Best wishes to you all. We must stand up and be counted.

    • Meryl, Its always worth challenging a PIP decision, it takes time but people do get them changed. Include as much evidence and paperwork as you can about your condition and why you think the decision is wrong. We also recommend going to an organisation like Citizens Advice Bureau for advice, or use a free advocacy service if you can find one near you, to assist you. CAB in particular have a high success rate when people use them to challenge DWP decisions. We recommend that you do not use a service where you have to pay, while some of them are good, others are not. Best wishes to you, Bob.

  17. my partner is an amputee has been less than two years, still having physio had a review an has had his money stopped saying he is fit for work its disgusting has worked all his life never claimed dole, served for his country from the age of 16 an this is how he is treated

  18. This callous and unforgivable treatment of disabled and vulnerable people is unconscionable. Ian Duncan Smith and this greedy parasitic Coalition Government have blood on their hands. They have to be stopped.


  20. no better then manslaughter 🙁 🙁

    • worse than manslaughter. as it is intentional, with malice aforethought. we should hold a people’s court and charge every single politician who has taken part, or done nothing to help. follow the example of Hans Litten’s action against the Nazi’s in 1931.

  21. My claim is up soon and I am dam sure I am not going to wait another 18 months living on 45 pound a week until I have appealed atos’s decision, my gp saying I am unfit for work should be enough, it’s not that I don’t have a job, it’s I’m not fit enough to do it at the moment

  22. Are you the right person for this job……after all you were caught with your fingers in the public purse falsely claiming for your wife…..a man that has had a house given to him,a millionaire and lives in the grounds of his father in law…also a failure in leading your party and was voted out on a vote of no confidence….so you take it all out on disabled persons

  23. Pleased to comment and sign up to this, solidarity in the fight against austerity and cuts comrades!!
    PPC Green Party Stockton South – jacqui lovell

  24. get a grip man, i hope one day you will see and know the efect you are having in this world and damage you are placing on thise less vulnerable. one day you may be in this position or someone whois close to you

  25. We have a moral and human responsibility to look after those who struggle to due to illness or disability. There are fewer choices, opportunities, positives in the lives of disabled people than there has been for decades. And YOU did this Mr Duncan Smith. There is more hate and prejudice. Disabled people did not put the country into debt, your banker and business friends did. You are making disabled people scapegoats, crucifying them on the cross of the rich. Look to yourself. Look to the heart of compassion and reason. This is not needed. Disabled people are not in the wrong, are not lazy. And how can you expect us to contribute to society without help? Or do you just want to stick us all away in homes and asylums again? Out of sight, out of mind? It is an abomination that a government would pick on the weakest members of society in a time of need. This goes against every decent, ethical and moral code. Stop it now.

  26. Why do you hate disabled people so much? Do you think people enjoy being ill? Do you think my partner asked to have chronic daily headaches that have stripped his personality away and left him in pain? Do you think I want to spend nights on suicide watch when he feels so frightened of where the next cut will hit us? Do you care about the hatred you have stirred up against disabled people where you preach such hateful rhetoric about everyone being job shy shirkers? In a nutshell, Mr Duncan Smith, why do you hate us – what did we ever do to you?
    Congratulations on your legacy – you will always be remembered as the government even more heartless and destructive than the Thatcher government

  27. I thought DLA,. was ours for life, I been out of full time work all my life because I could not cope with the presser’s could not read when I left school. Or mix. Now I cant walk .my mother is gone they insisted I gave what I had from my mother as a gift to help me to live. my stepfather is holding the deeds to my home what is meant to be mine. But refuses to give them to me I had to spend my inherits. because my money was stopped so I had to live on my mums money she left me till I got my DLA Back 3 years later I have it back. But I am still worried it might get stopped again. The new rules are wrong u cant say what a persons is like or needs and less u no them really well so how can u take there money there don’t no. they stop with no warning leave u with a lot less and expect u to cope. The money is less then we got in 1989 were is the sense in that.at one time I was told to live on my DLA that is for a helper and my needs repairs to my scooter my mother gave me. scooter is beyond repair so I will need to replace it.we need to stop this and sigh

  28. I would like to sign too.

    Targeting vulnerable people disabled, sick, elderly, young etc., is a cowardly act by this government who think they can get away with it because we cannot fight back.

    All this to grow the economy? To reduce debt? All in the name of reform, austerity promoting efficiency, instead of bringing prosperity to the masses they have brought despair, cruelty, evil. Social structures have been destroyed, infrastructure has been neglected and destroyed, people have been neglected and ignored, how is this helping the country?

    Too many people have paid too much for these tories out of touch with humanity to “fix” the economy.

    Please don’t vote the tories back into power, they are pure evil. Please vote their official opposition, I know many people are angry at Labour’s claims to only represent the working people, and may be feeling excluded by this, but much of this is politicking to try and win additional votes away from the tories. Even the tories recognise this and have started attacks on labour about them going back to spending money on welfare, saving the nhs, reducing student fees…labour has a long history of protecting human rights, please do not forget that, in your anger and outrage at them seemingly not directly supporting you. Yes, Ed, is not my ideal choice of leader, in fact labour is not my ideal choice of party, but consider the alternative, if you vote another party you will be helping the tories get back into power and you will have only yourself to blame.

    3 chronic conditions, I worked for 7 years while I was sick and getting more and more ill, until I could not work anymore. 3 years unemployment put on JSA and having to look for work and go for interviews, despite being to sick to work, jump through all the Seetec hoops so I could subsist on £274 per month, many times I have felt like giving up, but that is contrary to my Christian faith, finally moved onto ESA for 7 months and Atos Assessment in December 2014 bungling incompetence, dismissed my PIP claim, re-reviewed by someone who refused to consider the impact of my conditions. 10 days until my WCA assessment, a new round of joy, every day is a struggle to get up, food makes me sick, I have felt this government’s austerity measures, if I could work I would work, too all those people out there in the same boat, do not despair, I know I am often borderline, but keep going don’t let them win!

    • I like your approach, Benjamin.

      The feedback I get is that issues specifically relevant to disabilities/chronically ill/their carers etc are not discussed by people who are not directly affected.

      I would like a daily paper to take up our cause; the only one which could realistically do this is the Daily Mirror. On Saturday, though, the leak last Friday of the Tories plans for £12 billion of Welfare cuts didn’t even make their front page (it was on page 2). In my opinion. this was a huge disappointment, and a lost opportunity.

      One final point:I listen with disbelief to the Lib Dems’ Norman Lamb (Health Minister). He talks as if he’s had nothing to do with the Coalition Government in the last 5 years yet, not only has he been aMinister in that Government, but he has voted for all the Welfare cuts; it’s an insult to us all him talking about what he would do (for example, in the field of mental health) if he gets back in power!

  29. I find the prospect of the Tories being reelected truly terrifying
    The endless persecution of the sick and disabled is deeply troubling
    As a disabled person I have contemplated suicide many times
    Why should we be driven to the depths of despair by a heartless uncaring Government?
    The press also share some of the blame for running and supporting the propaganda about disabled people being workshy

  30. All we want is a little space in our lives to try and tackle this great injustice.

  31. No one wishes to be ill, how many more are you going to murder? stop attacking the most vulnerable it’s evil

  32. Trying my hardest to live, I have a disability an am trying to keep a job an struggling badly, I need your support pip wise not more cuts an no help so I end up having to give my job up an eventually end up house bound

  33. I would say what so many above me have voiced – disability is not a choice. I paid ample contribution for 30 years – I made a decision to sell my own car when awarded Life DLA and get a mobility vehicle. Cuts mean my nearest bus stop is unreachable even if I did 10 yards sat and wobbled on. Its well over a mile away – now my freedom may go too and I watch all the people flooding into the area all with cars within weeks of arriving in UK? I could not afford to run a car till almost 15 years after I started work – crazy world soon they will have us lining up to be shot. Well its happened with Hitler!!

  34. this government is crucifying all sick and disabled people. they need to be stopped

  35. Lets vote this morally bankrupt Government led by a public school coward and bully out of government !

  36. The govt are killing us off slowly but will get quicker soon!!!!

  37. I am a disabled person with a congenitial disorder which is a none visable disability which causes me nothing but problems through all my life, and I caught Meningitis at the age of nine so things have never been easy.But as I have got older like I am in my mid forties now and had over 36 jobs in 25 years which is not good, But companies and organisations are very reluctant to make any form of adjustments because they cannot see that there is a disability. So they either sack you or lay you off due to your disability.Because they classify you as a liability rather than an asset, so try an form of HR or Occupational Health to have you removed from post or use department restructuring to have you made redundant.This then impacts upon your health and self esteem and the government along with its Austerity programme don’t make things any easier and set stupid targets which Mr IDS endorses so even if you go to every job club write CV’S weekly the government move the goal posts and sanction your benefits. This drives me crazy because I am like most people who try so hard to get employment but get no feed back and attend all sorts of activities to try to get into employment, but this is still not good enough to the job centre. When will the government consult with people with disabilities then try to find then suitable employment so that this can lead to continuity of employment, rather than make you take on any job even if it is suitable or not. Because this is just setting those with disabilities up to fail and can have a massive affect upon your benefits once you get back round to receiving them.

  38. the governments polices towards the sick,disabled(& unemployed) disgust me

  39. The treatment of sick and disabled people by this Government is nothing short of murderous. Lifelines have been removed and incomes slashed. It must stop.

  40. why not actually prosecute him or them under common law for misfeasance 🙂

  41. This government does EVERYTHING to drive me into suicide. I have been paying my taxes every year, now I am disabled all I am expected to do is die.

  42. The austerity based attack on social benefits in the UK, especially those directed against disabled people, is proving to be a toxic model of social regression that is being copied by governments internationally. For that reason, here in Toronto, Canada, we stand in solidarity with those in the UK who challenge and resist the attacks of the Cameron Government. John Clarke, OCAP

  43. I have never seen such attrocious deception, by the administration of the last 5 years, in the manipulation of statistics and twisted rhetoric to justify denying people genuinely in need of financial help. The result has been the needless deaths of so many vulnerable people such as the disabled and the elderly, on the one hand, and many capable people forced into a homeless status, on the other. Over the term of the last five years, I have seen reports of so many deaths which ultimately amount to manslaughter.

  44. I am disabled thru no fault of my own, i have wide spread osteoarthritis in most of the major joints in my body, including my lumbar spine and neck. I live in constant pain evetyday. My mobility is worsening every day.
    My disability was made worse by struggling to care for my mother for 13 years, she has dementia. I didn’t choose to be disabled.
    I would love not to be so i could work, and walk as fast as i used to when i was younger and i could do more with my grandsons if i wasnt disabled.
    I am sick to the hind teeth of this governments treatment of the didabled and sick, old and needy We are targetted in so many ways its disgusting. I really believe the intentions are to eradicate us disabled etcs, by worrying ourselves to death or commiting suicide. Or starvation or withholding vital medications etc.
    He can’t get rid of us by taking us out and shooting us. No he and his government have found ways of doing it by cutting benefits. Usng a bogus firm called Atos to declare that we are fit for work when we are not. Declaring that those dying will have benefits stopped if they don’t work.
    I have lived 60 years and in that time i have never know such an evil vindictive group of people called a goverment in this country before.
    Im not even proud to be British any more and since this coalition came to power they have took the Great out of Great Britain and turn us into a 3rd world country with thousands more homeless and thousands starving and relying on food banks. But this government won’t acknowledged what they’ve done becsuse they only think of themselves and theire rich bed buddies.

    • I agree entirely with what you say Rosemary. I am in a very similar position as your good self, plus, other ailments. NEVER have I seen such Hypocrisy, Lies, Demonising of the Sick/Disabled by M.P’s/ Ministers. The only thing I can akin it to was when the Nazi’s first came to power in Germany. They too started killing the Disabled/ Mentally impaired before carrying out their destruction of the Jews.
      What Gaul’s me more is that Labour as a Party have also signed up for Benefit cuts should they gain power?
      Like most level headed people, do believe there need to be cuts,—However, on an even plain of which the past 5 years have not been.
      We have been targeted unjustly, labelled as workshy by this administration & by this seen to be so by the general populace.
      I have nothing but contempt for this coalition, & any other Party that see’s Ill people in this vein.

  45. the cleansing of the sick and disabled has to stop.. NONE of us wish to be ill or unable to dance to your tune Iain D smith history will look back at this time with utter Horror

  46. I have been lied to by the DWP,they told me by telephone that I had to be Terminally Ill to be in the “Support Group”.

  47. Have paid into system for over 40 years since the day I left school, 7 years ago diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease after which I worked for another 4 years before having to stop working. I did not want to stop as we need the money to pay the bills and live. We just about survive on the money I now get but never have any to spare and with the new changes in the system despite being in support group for both ESA and DLA indefinitely I live in fear of the new assessments as it seems you now have to be almost dead to get any money and sometimes even that isn’t enough. The constant hammering of the sick, disabled and vulnerable needs stopping now, no one should be punished for being ill, disabled or vulnerable in any way.

    I didn’t think it would happen to me it’s something that happens to other people, just goes to show it can happen to anyone at any time so it could be you tomorrow so help stop this systematic harassment now as it may be you next being refused the help you desperately need.

  48. Please vote this government out.

  49. I am frantic with worry that my Mobility Component of DLA might be reduced or even withdrawn when they get around to me. That would effectively make me house-bound for the rest of my life and stop me working as well.

    How can they give you an ‘award for life’, then threaten to take it away?
    Can you imagine what would happen if they told everyone over 80 they would lose their state pension because they couldn’t afford to pay people who live too long?

  50. this government is abusing us as disabled people..god help us if they form the next goverment

  51. My DLA was grated for life because my disability will last for life, to lose it is a breach of contract by the present government and a disgrace

  52. Enough is Enough now we are totally sick of the bullying by this Coalition Government so lets all vote them out in May & stop further torture as if were all rich Bankers would be different had enough of the ConDems

  53. I have just been told my cancer is back, 2 weeks after being given the all clear. On listening to what the Tories are proposing I do not want to live any longer. Many people ill like me are now on Britain’s death row. Because that will be the outcome of this hate campaign.

  54. Please sign for me couldn’t sign These cuts are so unrealistic to the care of disable .unfair the vulnerable are held as the fault for countries problems .

  55. Our lives are difficult enough without the added stress caused by this governments policies

  56. I would like to add my name if that helps.

  57. I am Kenneth look after mum for 20 years now mum is terminally ill my money cut and now have to find £1000 per month towards care package. Mums care package reduced from 91 hrs a week to 56 hrs a week nearly half reduction. Just shocking. Ludicrous

  58. Sandy Hay Pembroke, please add my name to your list.

  59. Add my signature please, people should not be left in poverty for misfortune of being disabled or ill.

  60. Enough is Enough

  61. As a benefit advisor working with both Macmillan Care & Pumping Marvellous Foundation (heart failure charity), I see patients on a daily basis and hear their stories of how they’ve been refused benefit.
    A prime example of that would be, a guy who had a Heart Transplant last Feb and was refused disability benefits in August.
    Another, a lady who was diagnosed with bladder cancer, underwent major surgery last year, needed physical and emotional support on a daily basis. Benefit Awarded, but no payments until Feb 15 because DWP decided she hadn’t been ILL long enough to qualify straight away. Yet she’d had this cancer growing for sometime prior to diagnosis and she’d been poorly for months.
    Those examples are an absolute disgrace and, just the tip of the iceberg.
    Just how ILL does a person have to be to qualify for disability benefits under this regime?

  62. The way this government treats its disabled people is appalling-I fear about my DLA being reduced by them

  63. The harsh ideologically driven austerity measures of this government have hit hardest disabled people and other vulnerable groups in society. DPAC have been incredible activists in the face of this inhumane assault and we should all work together to oppose cuts, end WCAs and re-instate ILF.

  64. The sick & disabled have taken a constant hammering on all levels by this coalition. Disabled people have enough to contend with on a day to day basis, without being made to look like scroungers, (which has resulted in a rise in ‘disability hate crimes’) … then, to top it off, they’re treated worse than criminals!

  65. Whilst the Government scour Britain to find all the weak/ill /disabled amongst them, they then take away what is needed to maintain some type of living,then sit on their fat rich backsides, scoffing expensive food and drink,rubbing our noses in it and lording it over us,whilst branding us low life scum,benefit scroungers or any other derogatory term they can dream up,so much for paying my way in life, it was pointless,because some(like me) payed into the system ,to be helped during times of need,but because i became disabled I’m now treated like a worthless waste of space,whilst still paying towards the cosy little life that the so called politicians dreamed up cuts that can be ill afforded by the sick/disabled . It is worse now than at any time I can remember, i wasn’t comfortable with what i had before this government came to power, now I’m in thousands of pounds worth debt, due to severe cutbacks, to support the 1%, they claim more for a breakfast than I pay for a weeks shopping NOW WHO IS A SCROUNGER ?

  66. Catherine Haigh
    North East together (regional network for people with lived experience of mental health conditions)

  67. Its a hate crime! – What a shoddy way to treat people. Politicians know about the 10s of thousands of suicide’….. and they dont care. The job of a government is NOT to kill their people. They work for us (not the other way around)

  68. Things are so tight for me now, I wonder how much further my money can stretch. I’m falling behind on bills and being chased on them, meanwhile my stress levels are increasing, which affects my dialysis. I cannot work while I need dialysis three days each week. I feel I’m going under. How much more can we take, whilst this tory led coalition takes our survival money and transforms it into further tax cuts for the wealthy.

  69. Totally agree,what is being done in the name of austerity is merely an ideologically driven attack on the disabled.
    Ian Foster

  70. I didn’t ask to be disabled and ill. I’ve worked for 43 years and am still working, but now that I need a bit of help, it is either denied me or it’s a massive, stressful struggle to get that help. Stop punishing those that cannot help themselves through no fault of their own.

  71. The current neglect and persecution of the disabled and vulnerable people is intolerable. It is cruel, deeply unjust and an affront to civilised, liberal values. It is impossible to build a healthy and sustainable society on such injustice. It is shameful that the UK, as a wealthy country, has fallen so far as to attract the attention of the UN for violations of the basic rights of disabled people. Decency has been seriously eroded, and this needs to be urgently redressed.

  72. I add my signature with pride – stop this systematic killing of sick and disabled people

  73. Exhausted as it is and now more.

  74. Yes I totally agree, these appalling and ideologically driven, cuts are attempting to strip disabled people of their dignity by trying to force them to beg for things from charities that should be theirs by right, and ultimately killing people because these charities simply don’t have the resources to take over the role that the state used to fulfil. We are human beings and it isn’t our fault that we require support in order to fully participate in society. These appalling and inhumane cuts MUST STOP NOW, and those that have already been made must be reversed, so that we can take our rightful pace in society, as equals, alongside our able bodied peers.

  75. There but for the grace of God. ..it could be you,

  76. As a Limb Amputee of over half a century I see my peers being isolated and imprisoned in their own homes due the closure of the ILF, 20%, changes to DLA/PIP, draconian measures with the WCA, around 27% cuts to LA’s resulting in drastic reductions in Social Care meaning vulnerable adults are being placed in bed with a 15 minute home visit at 6.30 pm wearing a blinking adult incontinence pad without medical need.

    Our society, driven by the political classes and supported by the media, is now devoid of compassion.

  77. I’M NOT A CRIMINAL for being ill. I have had 4yrs fighting for the ‘right’ to struggle to walk, treat PTSD, manage constant pain and wait for NHS proof when the NHS is breaking like I am. I’m only allowed to be ill until September!
    Lib Dems entirely ineffective. Might as well not be there.

  78. When will these attacks on Disabled people….YES, we are people, stop???

  79. I am signing this as a member of DPAC.

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