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Maximus are taking over the Work Capability Assessment Contract on 1st March 2015.  But Maximus are also a Work Programme Provider and have been involved in the Work Programme since the implementation of Labour’s Flexible New Deal.
Have you had experience of Maximus and the Work Programme? What happened?, How did Maximus treat you?  Were you sanctioned?.
Your voice matters, and sharing your personal testimony will empower others to do the same too as well as helping us to campaign against Maximus, the WCA, the Work Programme and Sanctions.
You can e mail DPAC your personal testimony here mail@dpac.uk.net
We will never disclose your name or personal information without your permission, but we may use your testimony (after your name and all personal details have been securely removed) to campaign against this, by publishing it within a report or as a quote for other campaigning material.
Please tell us if you don’t want your information published and we will not do so, but your information will still help us to understand what is happening.

Take part in the Day of Action against Maximus 2nd of March – at one of these protest locations around the UK or on social media (details to follow)


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  One Response to “Call out for your experiences of Maximus and the Work Programme.”

  1. I’ve been getting messed around by Maximus for nearly 2 years.
    Everything they asked me to do I have done & more.
    Now i’m looking at a sanction.

    My adviser has been off for 4 weeks sick so they handed me over to another in the office,she wanted my email so I could stay in touch while i was on a training course set up by maximus through learn direct.

    I received an email saying that my maximus account had been 365 days in- active and had been cancelled, so i contacted the girl in the office via email and sent a very quick message saying.

    “Hi, i recevied this email from you people please read i have no idea what it’s about”.

    I got an email back saying i find the use of the words “YOU PEOPLE” to be offensive.

    They never got back to me about the suspended account and the office girl that i was supposed to report to has blanked me every-time i was in the office.

    The only written paper work i have had in four weeks was a letter telling me my review date & time.
    2pm thursday.

    so i go to the review I get my work program for the next month and on the top of the paper work they have put ( job search 1pm – 3pm), because i never turned up at 1pm for the jobsearch they are going to sanction me.
    I’m not even supposed to be their i’m supposed to be on a training course with learn direct.

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