Nov 042014

(with apologies to Tom Pride)

Today we received an email from the laughably named Disability Rights UK, copied below:

Copy of email from DRUK pt1

Copy of email from DRUK pt2

and so on…….

At first it didn’t sound too catastrophic, we thought, and compared to our recent revelations about DRUK & Maximus and DRUK working for Private Health Insurance companies (including UNUM) with the 7 Families insurance marketing scheme, and their Association with Creagmore and an “Independent Living Conference” we thought this sounded like it might actually be about the interests of real actual disabled people!!! – ish.

hmmmm “so what’s the catch?” Said we.

And who is “guest speaker Professor Jacob Hacker from the US”? we thought.

So we looked :

And here he is – guest speaker Professor Jacob Hacker from the US

“He is the author of a 2007 proposal for universal health care, “Health Care for America,” that became a template for several presidential aspirants’ plans, as well as of several briefs on how and why to encourage private health insurance to compete with a new public health plan for the nonelderly—the so-called public option..”

So its not about forwarding the interests of disabled people at all, its about Private Healthcare Company Profits. Again.

Disability Rights UK” are not the least bit concerned about the Rights or the Interests of the disabled people of the UK.

DRUK are a no more than a shabby marketing outfit masquerading as a charity.

We demand that DRUK come clean about how much they are being paid to promote, lobby and market Private Health Insurance.

If you want to tell DRUK how you feel they are on twitter as @DisRightsUK or this is their website contact page


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  1. Here is something about Hacker. PPNP campaigns for single -payer health insurance. .

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