Oct 022014
Tuesday 7 October
Support Rev Paul Nicolson at the High Court
Legal challenge vs extortionate court costs added to Council Tax bills
9.30am Vigil outside
10.30am – one-hour court hearing
The more of us the judges see in the public gallery, the better!
Royal Courts of Justice, Strand (off Kingsway)
London WC2A 2LL
Rev Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty is valiantly refusing to pay his Council Tax to Haringey, and is ready to go to jail because he objects to the poorest people being unfairly targeted.  He always defends the right to a decent income for all, including single mothers and children, and for pregnant women to afford a nutritious diet. This hearing seeks a judicial review of the Tottenham magistrates who repeatedly refused to tell him at his council tax hearing in August 2013, how they arrived at £125 costs for a summons to late and non-payers of council tax.
**Contact Rev Nicolson TAP 07961 177889  **SMSD / WinVisible 020 7482 2496
·         Haringey has decided to “ensure that maximum possible is charged for court costs” to “act as a deterrent to late and non payers”. However, costs imposed by magistrates should be “reasonably incurred”.
·         Low-income people are bullied into paying Council Tax we can’t afford from our disability benefits and low wages. Summonsed to court for tiny arrears (such as £2.59), we then have punishing court costs added to our bills.
·         The DWP deducts Council Tax from poverty-line benefits – starving us into relying on foodbanks!
·         Council Tax has become the number one debt problem which people seek help with, since the abolition of Council Tax Benefit last year.


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  2 Responses to “Support Rev Paul Nicolson Legal challenge vs court costs added to Council Tax bills”

  1. We are moving back to a society that is broken and run by local council barons with no chance of a new Magna Carta or any other respite. the councils are run by middle class people who have secure jobs and income and are very susceptible to political brainwashing as most are just on their way though hoping to be selected to stand as an MP. At one time people ran the councils with the idea of looking after their borough now it is all political parties who follow party protocol regardless of local need. Governments have set over the years amounts that are needed to live on but these days we are not living on those amounts because more is being clawed back into local government and taxes. even in the 50’s we didn’t have food-banks and no one was vilified for being poor. If there was work available it was taken and it would be now if it were available.

  2. It costs just £2.50 for a council to request a magistrate to issue a summons. The extortionate court costs demanded by councils are scams to generate extra revenue streams to finance senior officers’ jollies and gold-plated pensions. In my view that isn’t just dishonest, but fraud.

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