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Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

We are asking for the inequality in the way Personal Independent Payment (PIP) claims are handled to be stopped and for those making transfers from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP to be treated in the same way as fresh claims for PIP.

Currently those making claims for PIP have their payments backdated to date of claim. However those receiving DLA do not get their claim backdated even if a change of circumstance means they are entitled to a higher rate of payment.

Payments are made from date of decision, meaning current delays, which the DWP admit to, mean claimants losing out on several weeks payments, depending on the length of delay and time to process a claim.

This goes against what the DWP themselves have said in response to questions from Susan Elan Jones MP i.e. ‘…the benefit is backdated so NO ONE is left out of pocket’. The current system is in no way equitable and victimises long term disabled people.

There is a petition at

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  One Response to “Stop Discrimination by DWP Towards People Transferring from DLA to PIP”

  1. I have been on the higher Rate mobility component following a car accident in 1995 along with the low rate care component. Last year I was diagnosed with Bladder cancer and had my bladder removed and am now an ostomy patient. Following my surgery I unfortunately experienced post surgical complications and was unable to let the DLA know immediately. However I did inform them the beginning of the year in January 2014. And was told I would have to make a new claim for PIP which I did. In April 2014 I had my invitation from Motability to renew my current vehicle which 3 years lease was up for renewal. After careful consideration I decided to wait to see the outcome of the PIP assessment just in case I was unsuccessful. The month of May came so I chased Capita up on the 11th May as I had heard nothing. I was then miraculously told that a doctor could visit me to carry out the assessment on the 13th May – wonderful thought I!! “er, well – not quite, by July this year I had heard nothing and for that matter neither had Capita who then chased up the health officials report. Whom had told me it would take around 2 weeks to reach the DWP. A further 2 months of chasing and complaining with an official complaint being made to made to Capita and was upheld. They sent the “Hard copy paperwork” to the DWP on the 29th July, yet to be received!! On or around 12th August they sent out a duplicated “hard copy” which they received shortly after. Today, I have thankfully been awarded the enhanced rate of the mobility component and the enhanced rate of Care so thats somewhat reassuring! however my question is this – my application was made 4 months after my bladder removal for the cancer and my care needs obviously changed. Why because I have been on DLA why does my award not start until the End of September 2014 and why do I not get the difference in money between the Care packages? And I also raise the question – why am I being penalised for daring to get CANCER and having to live the rest of my life with a plastic bag attached to my stomach I know the government are trying to try to make cuts to the benefits system, but I am sorry, I feel that this is victimisation of the chronically sick and disabled and for once I am ashamed that I belong to a nation that treats its people in this manner.
    Whilst I appreciate that I am not THE ONLY ONE, nor I doubt will I be the last, I would urge all those of you in this situation to sign the petition to STOP discriminating against people who are through no fault of their own put into this horrendous situation. Treat us with respect and dignity as you would expect to be treated yourselves or justify your actions with more than mere hot air!! A disgruntled voter

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