May 182014


If you’ve been following this on twitter and face book, you’ll know what a great success the first international #dpactour has been. The excellent Ellen Clifford of DPAC travelled to Canada at the invitation of John Clarke of Ontario Coalition against Poverty (OCAP).

John and OCAP have been great allies to DPAC, supporting us since 2012 ATOS Games protests, and DPAC was happy to return that support. We want to thank all for inviting us to share the knowledge of #dpac campaigns and actions, and the history of the unelected coalition Government’s appalling treatment and stripping of rights from disabled people.

The terrifying model of the coalition is spreading with punitive, harmful and potentially murderous regimes being taken up by other Tories at international and European levels. Canada have an election coming up and already plans similar to those carried out in Britain are starting to take shape. The Canadian people wanted to hear from #dpac on how they could increase campaigns and what was happening here to disabled people. Ellen and John did a tour letting people know what could be done, what has been done and how to fight it.

Remember: #internationalsolidarity, ‘fight to win’, ‘austerity is global so is our resistance’

With thanks to everyone involved we reproduce below some pictures from the #dpactour- more on the #dpactour to watch this space




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  2 Responses to “Celebration and Thanks to OCAP and all#dpactour”

  1. Yes austerity is global and our resistance should be international in scope. The other side takes great effort to divide us that our strength might be less. I have unfortunately fell to often to their divide and conquer tactics.
    Can only say a big thanks

  2. Would have been great to have you in Niagara region, as poor folks in Niagara region are under major attack through their OW offices. People on ODSP here are petrified of Hudak taking power provincially, as his party wants to put people with disabilities back on welfare … and for many of the people here, it means risking frequent suspensions, cut offs, etc. that put one’s housing at immediate risk. As a legal advocate that helps people access ODSP benefits, the average appellant moves five or six times over the year before they come to a hearing. Many of these moves resulted from suspensions, cheque holds, etc. that are given for reasons that are not specific or clear and often the person has to take two buses, if they even have the money for two buses, to get to the office and wait all day to be seen to correct the situation. Also, in general, combining the programs makes all people undeserving, not just those out of work and on OW for a long time … not arguing they should be seen as undeserving, but I am seeing this through the eyes of the public.

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