Apr 182014

Tribunal – Law Courts, Cathays Park, Cardiff, April 23, 2014 at 10am

Incapacity benefits – deaths of claimants

A tribunal will decide whether the Department for Work and Pensions
should be ordered to release its statistics on the number of people who
have died while claiming Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support
Allowance, at a hearing next week.

The First-Tier Tribunal (formerly the Information Tribunal) will be
hearing an appeal by Vox Political blogger Mike Sivier, against a
decision by the Information Commissioner and the DWP to refuse a Freedom
of Information request on the subject.”



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  3 Responses to “Tribunal into DWP releasing statistics on the deaths of IB/ESA claimants”

  1. Please if you know a place gathering these statistics ie campaigners can you put me in touch Im trying to make a website

  2. The government/goverment’s of the UK are expert’s at getting the truth surpressed


    • how true Annos,how about deaths in police custody,Hillsborough coverup,Orgreave coverup,Stonehenge-Battle of the beanfield,media coverage altered and video tape going missing,i could list loads of instances of the truth being withheld,one last one,maybe the biggest lie of all,Iraq and all those WMD’s Saddam had pointed at us,45 minutes away.
      one thing,especially in this digital age is,you can’t hide the truth forever.
      good luck Mike getting that FOI request,if theres nothing they have to hide,then lets see those statistics.

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