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The ‘One Show’ are looking for people who have had or are waiting for a PIP assessment with CAPITA. CAPITA carry out assessments in the midlands, parts of Yorkshire and in Wales only (please see map with postcodes to identify if you are in a CAPITA PIP area).



If would be happy to talk about your experiences to Donna a film maker from the One Show in Manchester please read on -talking to Donna does mean you need to appear in the film , but obviously all that can will help get the message out on PIP. Filming will start week beginning 21st April- so please get in touch with Donna immediately-


see below for more details and contacts for Donna, and please contact Donna directly with any questions, not DPAC


The controversial Personal Independence Payments, brought in last year to replace Disability Living Allowance have been heavily criticised for causing ‘distress and financial difficulties’ to long-term ill and disabled people, due to the long waiting times and differences in the PIP assessment such as the new 20m rule. 

In this film I would like to meet some of the people behind the headlines and the statistics. I want to get across as much information about PIPs – in a clear and visually interesting way– in order to both engage the audience and get the main points across.

We are looking for people case studies of PIP

I would really like to meet some people who have had or are waiting for a PIP assessment, and find out their experience of PIP so far, and how it has affected them and their families everyday lives. The film will hopefully involve two such case studies, as well as a presenter who will be there to meet our case studies and chat to them about PIPs.

 There is a possibility that we would like the case studies experiencing PIPs assessments to get the chance to meet Stephen Duckworth from Capita so they can ask him any questions,  that they might have about PIPs. They would also be able to have a representative from a local  organization with them when they do this as support, if needed.

For this reason, we are currently only looking to feature PIPs Case Studies that have been assessed or are waiting to be assessed by a company called Capita (not Atos case studies). Capita assesses in The Midlands, Wales, and some areas of the north such as Yorkshire.

At this stage, it would just be good to chat to as many people as possible about their experience applying for and being assessed for PIPs, and if you talk to me, you are under no obligation to take part in the programme, and our conversations would be confidential.

If anyone would like to talk to me, please  pass on your  names and numbers to me with a good time to call, or you can get in touch with me on 07774027012 or email me at donna.wood01@bbc.co.uk. I am available at evenings and weekends too!

 Notes on Logistics of filming:

The film will be a short film of around 4 and half minutes long that will be shown on The One Show, in about 3 weeks time (date TBC could be a bit sooner or later than that!).

The film will prerecorded, and then some of the issues raised in the film will be discussed in studio with the presenter. Filming will take place on one day on the week beginning 21st April.










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  4 Responses to “Have you had a PIP Assessment with Capita? Contact the ‘One Show’”

  1. had a capita assessment and report, no mention of my severe anxiety or social phobia, the whole report reads as if they are trying to disprove every point on the sheet. One of the statements actually stated, no significant signs of anxiety, basically stating I was fine. No mention of my GPs records that go all the way back to when I was at school suffering from this mental illness or the fact I had to take redundancy because of my socialphobia. Makes me and my doctors look like liars, how are they allowed to get away with this?!?! Who can I complain to and get help from?

  2. Phoned CAPITA for a home visit as cannot travel to the appointment they made at Birmingham from Derby , with regards face to face PIP assessment , forced to accept a venue in Derby even though may not be well enough to travel on the day
    was told ” home visits are not available ” due to being overbooked and refused a home visit !
    i have complained to capita and advised my MP , i tried to get a home visit but was met with impossible
    excuses , 20 mins going round in circles on the phone only to then be told i had refused the Derby appointment ! and i was described as contrary ??
    i had not refused anything , just wanted to make a home appointment if possible , eventually forced
    to accept the Derby appointment under threat , and if i am too ill to go on the day , what then ?
    months to get this far too , very unfair , ” home visits unavailable ” , this must he headline news !
    Belfast helpline , somewhat unhelpful to say the least , will try again tomorrow and record it !
    has to be heard to be believed .

  3. I’ve got scoliosis and aortic stenosis from birth the assessor who was supposed to be medically trained he admitted he wasn’t . He took everything out of context didn’t refer to my serious heart conditions which stop me from walking and also that I’m under a mental health nurse for severe depression he didn’t mention anything about this to DLA I’m so frustrated and angry at the way I’ve been treated I even provided proof

  4. I applied for pip in august last year ive had 2 assesments and still not heard anything the last assesment was end of june they told me they was rushing it through then i was tol it would take up to 12 weeks i keep.ring for update but get the same stupud reply dont know how long its gonna take

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