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phillipDisabled activists are at the forefront of the campaign in Barnet to stop the sell off of public services to private companies. Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS) brings together a wide section of the community to fight privatisation. Last week Maria Nash was in the high court taking a legal challenge against Barnet Council’s failure to adequately consult or pay due regard to the impact of outsourcing Council services to Capita for a period of ten years. On Saturday 20th March disabled campaigners led the ‘Barnet Spring’ march (ironically through a blizzard of snow).

Philip Rackham, Chair of Barnet Centre for Independent Living, is a key member of the campaign and sat through the three day court hearing in support of Maria.

Why do think campaigning is important?

I’m a fighter. I was abused mentally, emotionally, physically by my Mum. She told me she wished I’d never been born. I used to think am I worth it? But I know I am now. I got away from my Mum and I’ve had my own flat for eleven years. I was married for five years to Suzy. When we got together her Mum didn’t think I could look after her but I did. I used to carry her up the steps to her flat. She died and I miss her like anything. But I keep fighting.

Why did you get involved with BAPS?

I’ve lived in Barnet all my life. Cuts put disabled people down. They’re trying to cut my care package. That’s not right. I sat through the court case. It was difficult, I found it heavy. I have learning difficulties see? But you have to do it. If you don’t fight back, you don’t get anywhere.

Tell us something about yourself

I’m a joker. How many seconds in a year? Twelve: second of January, second of February, second of March…


To find out more about BAPS go to:

Or follow the campaign on twitter: @barnetalliance


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  One Response to “Barnet Spring“If you don’t fight back, you don’t get anywhere” – interview with Philip Rackham”

    We the General Public in Britain are Britain but at present we are RULED by a minority Government that have turned its Employees on the attack of people using their services .Jobcentre Staff are sanctioning Claimants by the thousands each week .Atos continue to assist in claimants Deaths and find terminally ill people ‘fit for work’ .Nicholson still at the Helm of the NHS after being responsible for over a thousand deaths .Blair guilty of selling Peerages for Policy Support in the House of Lords .People without relatives knowledge put on the Liverpool Care Pathway .This is not alarmist but fact.
    So we have a totalitarian Government because we have no credible Opposition – they are all swimming in the same pond .We need a Collective Voice to prevent this Rot progressing any further ,we won the war against Fascism once this is another. Do they actually want Civil Unrest ?

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