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photoThe Tory Government’s callous decision to continue with the closure of the Independent Living Fund, announced today by Mike Penning represents a further ideologically driven attack on the quality of life of all but the richest UK citizens.

For those people who rely on the fund for their care and support, the prospect of the devolution of such care to Local Authority adult care provision is harrowing indeed.

One ILF recipient, Mary Laver, made a video about what her life would be like without the ILF. You can see it here:

What is most illustrative about this video, to me, is not her condition as presented in the video, nor the fact that a woman like Mary could not possibly have been an Olympic Torch Bearer without the help of the fund, but a single sentence she uttered after watching the video of herself in the Houses of Parliament last November. It spoke volumes. She said “I never realized how disabled I am until I saw that.”

Another, perhaps better known ILF recipient is actor and comedian Liz Carr who plays Clarissa Mullery in BBC’s Silent Witness. She says  “The closure of the Independent Living Fund will inevitably lead to the erosion of  independence, inclusion and freedom for disabled people who have high levels of need.  I am one of the 18,000 people in the UK who receive support from the ILF and it is this funding to pay people to do the things I physically can’t do which enables me to get up in the morning, work and have the same kinds of opportunities as everyone else.  I don’t think I’m being overdramatic when I say that today’s news is devastating to those of us whose lives and existence owes a great deal to the Independent Living Fund.  How can already strapped for cash Local authorities take up the slack when the Fund closes in the summer of 2015?  How many of us are going to lose our independence as residential care provides a more cost effective option?  A future without the ILF is terrifying.”

Merry Cross of DPAC and Left Unity says that the decision is “the worst example of the hypocysy asnd lies that Cameron has come out with since he took office in 2010, claiming that he would be protecting ‘the poorest, the most vulnerable, the elderly, the frail’. The intention is to destroy Local Authorities as part of the privatisation agenda. I can’t think of a single reason why any disabled person would be reassured by that statement at the end of the press release that the government “‘want to make sure that disabled people are given the support that allows them to fulfil their potential’” and I can’t think of a single reason why any disabled person would feel anything other than terror and horror. I’d say the governmentt commitment to disabled people is as shallow as its commitment to the pockets of its rich friends is deep.”

That is the truth at the heart of the matter. Withdrawing this lifeline from those of us who need it is sentencing us to a life inside the sterilized walls of a local authority Care Home, or imprisonment within the no less confining walls of our own homes, granted “care” in such meager doses as to deny us the dignity of choosing our own time of rising, sleeping, eating or even the voluntary usage of such necessities as the toilet.

The Court of Appeal found the decision of the Tory Government to close the Independent Living Fund unlawful last November on the grounds that the duty of the government to promote equality had been neglected. The judges found that the DWP had failed to fulfil its duty, under section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, to have “due regard” to the need to promote equality of opportunity between disabled and non-disabled people in its decision to close the fund. It was found that briefings given to then disability minister Esther McVey by officials did not adequately make clear “the potentially very grave impact” the closure of the ILF could have on service users and that whereas responses to the consultation indicated that “independent living might well be put seriously in jeopardy for a large number of people”, this was not conveyed to the minister in clear terms.

To callously strip disabled people of their most basic freedoms cannot by any reasonable person be considered a promotion of equality.

We would thus urge persons of conscience, politicians, and organizations concerned with any and all human rights to join us in the condemnation of this policy and to support the next steps in challenging the manifest sadism of a government bent on imposing destitution and despair on the populace.

Campaigners will continue to fight the closure. DPAC’s Ellen Clifford said, “The fight continues. We are seeing the impact of the closure on 2010 and how local authority support is failing to meet the needs and rights of disabled people under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The strength and resolve of grassroots disabled people got us this far and we are not giving up now. This has never just been about protecting support for existing ILF recipients, however important that certainly is, but it is also about the fundamental right to independent living for all disabled people.”

Article by Conan Doyle

Photo from Rockinpaddy touring with Graeae’s Threepenny Opera



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  14 Responses to “DPAC statement on government announcement on closure of the Independent Living Fund”

  1. I agree with all the above comments, we MUST stop the closure of the ILF, and the other care cuts. What will the future be like for our offspring, living in a world where leaders just don’t care about the disabled, it would seem they would be quite happy for us to ‘just go away’ and not use our voices to shout for what we are entitled to have.
    No ILF = Prisoners in our home, unable to have the basics in life that everyone else takes for granted, or end up in care/nursing home.

    We have a voice, let’s USE it.

  2. I hear the government want us to march to parliament so they can declare us all fit for work. But seriously when will the public wake up and realise they’re just a car crash away from being disabled themselves and stop this

  3. I am disgusted with the closure of the ilf. how will our local authority be able to cope with the kind of support i get from the ilf .

  4. What about a “Jarrow March ” to hand a petition to Cameron by Disabled People affected by the closure of the ILF ! The immense difficulty of organizing that would surely catch the Public imagination?

    • I totally agree all that physically can be done, should be done. Sign petitions, walks to No.10 anything that wakes up the media to exactly what this slippery Government is capable of. If you here of anything that we can do to challenge this decision please let me know. All good things, Valerie

  5. The government spends billions of pounds a year, 320 million pounds is negligible. There is no credible argument for scrapping the fund – it is nothing other than part of the ongoing war against disabled people.

  6. A very good, well written article. We, like all ILF users were devastated by the closure news. This came as a complete surprise and shock after last years court of appeal ruling in our favour.
    We have already written to Penning and our local MP David Tredinnick (Tory unfortunately) for all the good that will do, but we will continue to fight this crass, uncaring and cruel government as far as we can, we will not give up in the fight to, once again, overturn this closure decision.

  7. Please sign the petitions in this link:

    Petition 1: Calling on Labour to Create Replacement for Independent Living Fund.
    Petition 2: Express your disgust that the Independent Living Fund is being closed in June 2015 and calling for Nick Clegg and David Cameron to intervene and STOP THE CLOSURE OF THE INDEPENDENT LIVING FUND!

    • Crap news about the ILF – very interested in the Government’s report that had ILF impact upon disabled peoples opportunities to access MAINSTREAM EDUCATION. A strong quote and statement from the Inclusive Education Organisations such as ALLFIE would have welcomed the opportunity to respond to Government’s shameful ILF closure report in a DPAC press release. Disabled People if they do not get ILF will have no choice other than to rely upon segragated education or NO access to mainstream education as the disabled students allowance only covers EDUCATION aspects not SOCIAL OR HEALTHCARE.



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