Feb 132014

DPAC support the ATOS demo on Feb 19th. Due to the use of the DPAC logo on some of the posters showing DPAC support we’ve had loads of emails about this. So just to set the record straight- DPAC are not organising the Feb 19th Demos.

We are not responsible for the 8am starts in some areas and accept that these timings will often be difficult for many disabled people. Please contact your local organisers on this, not us.

There may be DPAC speakers, there may be DPAC people at this- and why would we not be there? DPAC along with UKUncut organised the successful ATOS Games across the UK in 2012, so we’re really pleased to see a set of national and local disabled people taking this up again two years on. Big thanks go to Tom Smith and others for mobilising everyone….

The info for all demos is on Facebook along with specific pages for local demos.


Any disabled people wanting to speak about their experiences or to have something read out from them on their behalf should contact a local organiser to arrange this. 

see also


We wish everyone a safe and peaceful action


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  2 Responses to “ATOS Demo Feb 19th-everywhere!”

  1. I have wached domocercy go doon the drain over the past 40 years.
    So ifyou are unfortunate to be disabled and you are not in the main streem of sosiaty, you become reverent , and surplus to requirement so
    We are a cost beredon and a drain on what would be in a allmost perfect green and prosperous land.
    The real question is how do ya get ya dignety back.
    O and just a small thing Respect

  2. It is an across-the-board event, with admins and support from many people affected by or passionate about this monstrous DWP/ATOS Genocide of the weak and ill. The methods they are using to rule people ‘fit for work’ are malicious in the extreme and the stories that are surfacing constantly are heart-breaking. We have support from all political persuasions and all are welcome. This is about Humanity, care for all in society and stopping this govt undoing what was a beacon for the world, a decent welfare system. The team of admins on this protest have already decided to work together until the decision on a persons support needs goes back into the hands of their medical team. We will also be looking at other important issues, such as the NHS.

    As far as start times are concerned, we hope to have people at every demo from 8am, but join us when you can, it’s a team effort, we all do our best, if you can manage half an hour that is very welcome. There’ll be a minutes silence at 1pm to commemorate no less than 25,000 dead as a result of this system

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