Jan 182014

Sign the petition to Scrap the Cap NOW, get your organisation to endorse it, like it to you friends on Facebook and Twitter – we need as many signatures as possible.  Endorsers include the Black Women’s Rape Action Project, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, John McDonnell MP, WinVisible.

Women Against Rape was among the groups demonstrating at the High Court in October.  We heard in court what the mothers and children have gone through, including living for years in rundown housing.   They are represented by Rebekah Carrier of Hopkin Murray Beskine, who describes the Cap as catastrophic, cruel and arbitrary:

“Two of the families have fled domestic violence in circumstances where they were financially reliant upon their abusive partners, and they now face a stark choice between descending further into poverty and risking losing their homes, or returning to their abusers in order to escape the imposition of the cap.”

Even Child Benefit, and many refuges and hostels for vulnerable women are not exempted from the Cap.  Lisa Longstaff of Women Against Rape says:

       “We call on the government to put the safety of women and children first by lifting the Benefit

        Cap so no one is trapped in a violent a relationship where they risk injury, trauma and even death.”

Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 January

Appeal vs the total Benefit Cap

In defence of families affected & impoverished by it.  The Cap is even more drastic than the bedroom tax and is trapping women and children in violent relationships.

9.30am Join the protest outside the court

called by Women Against Rape

Royal Courts of Justice, Strand (off Kingsway), London WC2A 2LL


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  3 Responses to “Sign the Petition to SCRAP THE CAP NOW!”

  1. Cut the Cuts!!

  2. no cuts

  3. I am ashamed to say in my 20 years of being eligible to vote I never have, but Mr Cameron and his party have to be stopped before they ruin even more people’s lives, and the nation ends up resembling the dark days of Mrs Thatcher.
    I will now vote for the rest of my life, including a yes vote for an independent Scotland. And I have encouraged many to do so as well.
    The recent changes have already caused immeasurable suffering to thousands of people. Disabled people, people with long term health issues and those with mental health issues are being treated abysmally! The one size fits all approach to the whole benefits system does not and will not work.
    The introduction of ESA benefits is a demeaning, judgemental process one tick in a box by a financially encouraged ATOS employee has literally ruined lives.
    Even though the government will not accept any responsibility, the FACT is that these changes HAVE directly, or indirectly caused people to take their own lives! No one will admit to having blood on their hands though! All swept under the carpet, and forgotten…

    The bedroom tax has of course had the biggest effect on poorer and larger families, and the severely disabled who need full time care. Who can stop these reforms any of these changes? It’s reminiscent of the biblical story “David and Goliath”, except this time around David is Goliath…It’s a no win situation!

    Now we are about to face the “Universal Credit” which I have read a little about on GOV UK. I can barely get my head around it. The plan to cram 6 benefits into one monthly payment? Sounds nice and tidy, but in practice for those claiming it sounds like a financial nightmare.
    Claimants can be forced into free labour if they cannot’ find a fully paid job with the aid of their “work coach”. This opens a big can of worms. Who will an employer choose? A person that is not claiming UC but is willing to work, even for minimum wage, or a person on universal credit which they do not have to pay at all? And of course generous employers will be subsidised by the government for every worker they employ in receipt of universal credit.

    The benefits cap is indeed the final straw! This WILL leave many families, couples and single people HOMELESS. Living well below the poverty line and facing the prospect of getting into debt by borrowing high interest loans.People are already relying heavily on food banks to feed themselves and their children. The increase in demand for this service will be huge.
    Who sets these caps? They obviously have no idea of how much people have to pay in rent, especially those with private landlords. I could go on, but I’m getting more and more angry by every tap of the keyboard.

    I can only hope that on the 18th of September 2014 that my fellow countrymen get to the polling stations and make the right decision and vote for an Independent Scotland.

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