Dec 092013

Frances Ryan, a journalist for The Guardian and New Statesman, is looking fo disabled people and those with a long term health condition willing to share their experiences of food poverty: both how we’re being affected by it and ways you’re dealing with it.  

Due to being a disabled person, have you had difficulty accessing out-of-home help like food banks? 

Have you been unable to buy food due to benefit changes? 

Have you had to rely on other ways to find food when you couldn’t afford to buy it? e.g. scavenging, skipping etc.

Has your impairment/long term illness worsened due to malnutrition?
Any experiences you think are relevant and you’d be willing to share, please get in touch on Thank you. (Please email rather than write in the comments below as I wouldn’t want to miss your input.)
We think that it is important for people who have no idea what is happening to some of us to hear the truth so if you are willing to share your details with Frances we hope this will help let people know how disabled people, young children and others who have been sanctioned for bizarre reasons such as looking for too many jobs are being left to starve in the UK today due to the policies of the Condem government.



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  5 Responses to “Left without Food and willing to talk to a journalist so people know this is happening in the UK today.”

  1. “this is happening in the UK today.”

  2. I have oesteo arthritis and depression because of chronic pain and mobility problems. I have had my ESA reduced pittance stopped in November. It was my only income. I had to reclaim, only had one weeks payment of 76 pounds in November so I fell behind with council tax payments. I had a nice Christmas gift from the council yesterday. A court summons for January and 60 pounds court costs. They are demanding the full lot of 500 pounds plus the court costs. They are a nightmare. I do not have this money. Only debt. After I have paid for rent, water, electric, and heating not much is left from my pittance of 76 pounds a week. There is NO money left for food. Have not eaten properly since they reduced my ESA last year. I told this to the council and a lady on the phone said “why are’nt you dead then?” I was shocked at this comment. Very sarcastic and nasty. Can not afford to heat my home either and when you suffer arthritis this makes it so much worse. I have had to fight all year to keep this reduced pittance ESA up and running. The constant sending of medical certificates and work related activity is making my condition worse. I feel I have been hounded this year and the court summons just in time for Christmas is the lot for me. Not sure how I will ever be able to pay all this. I actually know its impossible, because I need an operation and can not work now. I am shocked at what this government is demanding. Reducing sick benefit and taking chunks of that back too.

    • while you had no income you should have been able to claim low/no income council tax reduction by telling the council of your changed circumstances. I think you should ask the council if they could backdate a claim for this for the CTR you could have got during November.

  3. I think I am ok but my friend and neighbour has been put in a support group and recieved no payment since Nov 8. After ringing them umpteen times she was told on Tuesday 10 Dec she would recieve her money by Dec 27. She is so fed up of begging and borrowing.

  4. “US Congress, White House to allow jobless benefits to expire for 1.3 million”

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