Nov 142017

one of our members has written to Christian and if anyone else woudl liek to his email address is


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  5 Responses to “Awaiting repsonse from Christian Horley – the death denying Tory on last week’s Question Time”

  1. It speaks volumes that this vile Tory toad of a man has not responded to my letter. I also sent a copy to Stella Creasy, as she shook her head when Chakrabortty mention the disabled deaths and appeared to side with the Tory. She hasn’t responded, either.

  2. I really wished I’d have recorded (in-light of what some limited others have done) my PIP assessment as the assessor claimed they were doing more a review of my PIP claim when it clearly states on some declaration (I took the liberty of taking a photo of) the following:
    “Regulation 11 of the Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013 gives the Secretary of State the authority to determine afresh” (afresh being the operative word then the assessor I had in York blatantly breached with regards to what I said above it being a ‘review’, cont’d “at any time whether a person continues to have limited or severely limited ability to carry out activities”

    This is an outright breach of the regulations done by the assessor completely and is completely in contempt of the law!

    • Thus lots of things being left out of my assessment (most likely on purpose) to cause me either frustration or be far more likely not to win my claim to be in award of PIP, what I am not saying though is I would have had a successful claim had they included everything but I may as well not have bothered going to the assessment for it not allowing me to go through the farce that is the MR that is before a proper formal appeal by the judicial system.

  3. milan madich has been found guilty of genocide . was the welfare reform act a subtle form of genocide? mp s probably thought it legitimises it with it being via an act of parliament. in a democracy there are principles that must be upheld by parliament thus the weak and vulnerable must not be scape goated for financia crises . if you allow it to stand it sets apresident for future governments of whatever colour. a lot of disabled people getting the letter saying their benefits stopped obviously take their own lives. the D.W.P. leave it to them to jump through a million hoops to get it back in tories knew disabled people were not in a position to fight back . i will always remember ian duncan smith laughing and mocking disabled people in parliament showing utter contempt for the poor . it is very serious what happened from 2010 when the coalition formed the government they should not think they can get away with it , it brings democracy into disrepute.

  4. What an excellent letter. I have been searching to communicate with someone like.

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