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27 July is a national day of protest against the Bedroom Tax – see leaflet here

. Email details of your plans, and if you want help with speakers, leaflets etc.
We know of protests in Liverpool, Manchester and across London including city centre marches, car cavalcades and tours of estates with street meetings. Pensioners groups defending universal benefits might want to join you- see http://npcuk.org/

North East Rally against the Bedroom Tax 27th July , Newcastle Civic Centre -Grey’s Monument Newcastle

Councillors against the Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts are signing a statement to show support – ask your Councillors to sign it: Councillors statement

The more we protest and organise, the stronger we get. A Federation linking new groups across Greater Manchester launches 20 July, after the 100-strong protest at the CIH Housing conference: http://nobedroomtax.co.uk/

Other dates and events
Fundraiser for the Anti-Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation: Friday 2 August from 7.30pm at the Tottenham Chances, 399 Tottenham High Road London N17 6QN. Tickets – £5 waged / £2 unwaged £10 solidarity (tickets can be ordered in advance from benefitjustice@gmail.com ). Organised with MadPride. accessible venue

Sat 13th July central London DPAC and others discussing Disabled People and the fight against austerity; plus Tommy Sheridan of Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax and Eileen Short of Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice, on How can we stop the Tories’ assault on welfare? see www.marxismfestival.org.uk

Tue 30 July Rally for Legal Aid – London 4.30pm-6.30pm Old Bailey EC4M 7EH (nearest tube St Pauls) www.savelegalaid.co.uk / justicealliance@justallianceuk

24 Sept Labour Conference meeting Brighton ‘Cut rents not benefits – build the council homes we need’ 6pm Brighthelm Centre North St

29 Sept protest at Conservative Party conference Manchester

Let us know what’s happening, for website antibedroomtax.org.uk and facebook

– See more at: https://dpac.uk.net/2013/07/national-bedroom-tax-protest-27-july-and-more/#sthash.WrvhbSFt.dpuf


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  9 Responses to “National Bedroom Tax Protest 27 July .. and more..”

  1. Public Meeting Newc 30 Nov: Organise to Appeal Against the Bedroom Tax!

    Newcastle City Council: acting UNLAWFULLY!
    DWP: acting UNLAWFULLY!
    Come to the meeting to plan action we can take against the council, DWP and the tribunals services to force them to hear all appeals and stop implementing the bedroom tax!
    Saturday 30 November, 3pm, St Michael’s Centre, 2 Raby St, Newcastle NE6 2AL.


    Appeals against the bedroom tax have been WON in Fife,
    Westminster and Glasgow on the grounds that all councils are implementing the bedroom tax UNLAWFULLY.

    People have won because rooms were less than 70 square feet; because they have never used their spare room as a bedroom; because they use it for equipment to help with their disability or on human rights grounds.

    The 2004 Housing Act makes it a statutory duty of councils to inspect rooms for health and safety and states that rooms of 70sq ft for over 10 year olds are classed as overcrowded.

    This clearly shows that Newcastle Labour council can EASILY and LEGALLY take action to stop the bedroom tax for thousands of families if it wished to; so far the council has done NOTHING.

    Hundreds of people in the North East have appealed the bedroom tax on the same grounds listed above yet not a single appeal has been heard in Newcastle.

    We need to campaign to have an appeal brought to tribunal in Newcastle. This will open the flood gates for all appeals to be heard in the region.

    The Labour Party claim they are against the bedroom tax. Newcastle is run by a Labour Council. If they were truly against it they would stop implementing it now.

    Newcastle Labour Council: No Excuses! Axe the Bedroom Tax NOW!

    Organised by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! – ALL WELCOME

    Sat 30 November, 3pm, St Michael’s Centre, 2 Raby St, Newcastle NE6 2AL.

  2. Anything in SWANSEA ?

  3. Anything in North Wales?

  4. It discusting that bedroom tax was ever brought in- at the end of the day dont the government think.we leave. Poor enough as it is on benefits with out having to pay any form of tax its ok for.them they have the money -we dont try living on what we get

  5. Stroud Against the Cuts are holding a public meeting on 31st July at 7pm in Lansdown hall.
    flyer here – http://stroudagainstcuts.co.uk/

  6. Two of the links on this post are broken. In the first paragraph, ‘see leaflet here’ doesn’t link to anything. In the fourth paragraph, ‘see councillors statement’ doesn’t link to anything either. Can you fix that, please? Thanks.

  7. North East Rally against the Bedroom Tax 27th July , Newcastle Civic Centre -Grey’s Monument Newcastle please add us

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