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“Crisis loansCrisis loans came to an end in March 2013. But if you’ve run out of money and can’t afford to eat or pay your rent, there are still financial hardship payments available from job centres and local councils.Local councils are now responsible for helping you if you’ve been hit by a disaster like a fire or flood and you’re suddenly homeless or can’t afford food or necessities.

The type of help varies council to council.

If you are on benefits there’s other money available, depending on your situation. The job centre won’t necessarily tell you about this, so arm yourself with knowledge.

1) Hardship payments

If your money from Jobseeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit has been stopped for some reason – for example you’ve been sanctioned because you haven’t applied for enough jobs – you might be able to get a hardship payment.

Apply by talking to your JSA advisor. We strongly advise speaking to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau first – getting hardship payments can be tricky and they’ll help you.

2) Short-term Advances

If you’re waiting for a benefit claim to be processed and you need money right now you might be able to get a Short-term Advance from the Job Centre.

How do I apply?

Talk to the job centre.

Who gets a Short-term Advance?

They’re available in all parts of the UK. You’ll have to prove that you’ll be in dire need if you don’t get any money – for example you don’t have any savings.

Do I have to pay back a Short-term Advance?

You’ll have to pay the advance back in three months (six months in exceptional circumstances).

3) Budgeting Loans (soon changing to Budgeting Advances)

Budgeting Advances help you with big one-off payments like rent, clothes and furniture. You must have been claiming benefit for six months to get one. If you haven’t been on benefit long, you can still claim a Budgeting Advance if the money would help you get a job i.e. with transport costs.

Who can get a budgeting advance?

People from all over the UK including Northern Ireland can get Budgeting Advances.

How do I apply?

Download the SF500 budgeting loan form from the GOV.UK website.

When do I have to pay back a budgeting advance?

They normally have to be paid back within 18 months.

How much can I borrow?

The minimum you can borrow is £100. The maximum number of loans you have at one time can’t be more than £1500.

Help – my claim has been refused

If you get refused for financial hardship help, you can ask the job centre to review the decision. You have to do this in writing, stating the reasons why you want the decision to be looked at again. You then send this to your local job centre who will forward it to the reviewing team. Once they’ve considered your case a reviewing officer will contact you.

Find out more about appealing a decision about benefits.

If that review is unsuccessful, you can send a complaint to the Independent Case Examiner who deals with all complaints against job centres.

If you don’t comply with your Jobseeker’s agreement, you may have your JSA sanctioned for a number of weeks. Your local Job Centre should ideally tell you if you’re losing your benefit and explain why, but you may find the money just doesn’t come into your account. 

If you find your JSA money has not come into your bank account, do the following:
Contact the Job Centre straight away to find our why it has not been paid.
If a sanction has been applied, ask why, and ask for information in writing.
Visit a local advice centre such as Citizens Advice Bureau as soon as possible.
If a sanction has been applied incorrectly, challenge it (your advice centre will help you).
If a sanction has been applied correctly, you local advice centre may still be able to help you access funds, food, and stop any further sanctions being applied to other benefits like Housing or Council Tax. They may be able to get the length of the sanction reduced.
You can also apply for a hardship payment if you can demonstrate you’re suffering from hardship as a result of the sanctions.”

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  1. My daughter had a baby in June when she was 17 and was told she would be able to claim income support,and a person from Aspire filled it in for her and sent it off.My daughter phoned them to ask Jobcentre to ask about her claim,and was told she would get it soon,but rang again today t be told they haven’t received it,and she would not have a new claim back dated from when she was 29 weeks pregnant.

  2. how do i appily for a short tream loan

  3. I have just told the jobcentre about a change in my claim and have to reclaim but I dunno if I am entitled to a hardship loan or not

  4. ive been waiting on a bugeting loan now for a few weeks now a was accepted sent the declration bk to them still waiting

  5. Hi Everyone.

    I am awaiting on ESA again after them saying I’m fit for work well let me say that and you tell me.

    My L4 & L5 and L5 SC-1 has gone and trapping my nerve resulting in going for lumbar surgery. I’m now on morphine for the pain plus other medication and I’m getting to the point were walking is so painful even sitting down is a challenge. Any advice on what I could do please. Thanks in advance.

    I just wanted to say on reading all the above comments that really how long will it be until we the British go from protesting and taking it to riots!!! I mean seriously what has this country come to. This was once a great country but now well all I say is read the comments and you will see for your self. It will get to a point were crime is a way of life because of the government.

  6. Looking through the options they seem to indicate you have to be claiming benefits before the government will offer any short term financial help. I am in full time employment, pay taxes and privately rent accommodation but am struggling to cope with basic living costs. I don’t have other income sources like family or loans from the bank. What help is available to me?

    • most of these are accesable to you even if you are working the way this has been put makes it look like for people on benifits but yes you can get hardship funds ect its there for every one

    • If you have a local children centre or it may be the church most villages have food banks and you can get working tax credit to help you out or help with rent you don’t have to do it all on your wages there should be more help for people like you that work as sometimes it must feel like ur working just to get buy when you should be working and feeling the benifits from working hope you get through it ok.x

  7. hi i want some advice about my situation. my girlfriend has epilepsy and some learning difficulties but was taken off DLA but she gets income suppport. i myself have a congenital heart defect and we have a 8 month old son. i was claiming JSA until they tried to put me on a work placement and i told them that i couldnt do it because my girlfriend cant be left alone with our son for obvious reasons, my advisor then said i dont meet the criteria for JSA so i signed off. Now i get no money and dont know what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • you need to get advice on this from CAB I think. If she was getting DLA or PIP you could claim Carer’s Allowance.

  8. My husband signed on on Wednesday and wasn’t even told that he wouldn’t get any money this weekend.All he was told was that it was going to a decision maker as he hadn’t done enough jobsearch over the fortnight so he was told to go on sick and claim another benefit.This government makes me sick as they seem to condone this.This is the second time he has been sanctioned simply because dyslexia wasn’t a good enough reason to not attend something.

  9. Hi everyone just need some advice please I was claiming esa and going to college until my partner found work so I rang d.w.p and told them so they closed my claim fair enough then she said that I can put in a new claim in after my partners job has finished in dec that was fine so the question is do I still need to attend college even tho my claim is closed? and now the annoying thing is my adviser from college rings me 4 times a day everyday and its so peeing me off got a letter from her saying she has rang d.w.p and told them that I haven’t been attending but I have been doing upto the time my partner found work now she has got me sanction but can that happen even tho my claim is closed??

  10. I have been put on hardship a few times for silly reasons now iwas already on a sanction but then they gave me another which cancelled the other out so by doing also my hardship for silly mistakes now I’ve had to apply again, why didn’t they tell me this when I signed on so I could of sorted it sooner? they don’t care how many or who suffers the w….rs I can’t even afford to have my son come for the weekend due to food and heating etc. This goverment wants taking out and someone with a shred of decency taking over. Can anyone tell me what’s happened to this country????

  11. Dark dark very worrying times indeed, Government has to be held accountable for this utter misery they inflict on vulnerable people.

  12. They do not want jobseekers to get a job! There aim is to get you to stop signing on so they can meet there targets and save the governments lots of money! I highly doubt any of the job centre staff cares what happens to us when we get sanctioned whether we have any food/electric/gas.Im pretty sure in fact that they drive home in there nice car without a care in the world to there nice warm house usually 5 miles at least away from where they work to open there full fridge! I wish I could turn my empty fridge on never mind have food in it! What the fuck is a civil servant I think they have forgotten these days! Why are people who work being fooled into hating people who are unemployed ever heard of the phrase divide and conquer! instead of classing all the unemployed as lazy we are not all the same some of us have worked many jobs before! I had a job when I left school at 16 and had a job right up until the age of 26 2years unemployed This country is a fucking joke

  13. This government makes me sick, I’ve been on £1.20 a fortnight for 3 months while having to pay rent and feed my dog, why did they not tell me about this??? Thanks jobcentre, I’m now on antidepressants and lost half a stone because of this. And I was already underweight significantly

  14. In the process of ESA being sorted had one payment told my next one would be the following Tuesday? We are now Thursday and after ringing every day and being told different”stories” been told that they haven’t got my sick note,rubbish i sent it recorded delivery and it has been received and signed for. I have had a gut full of the whole system. I was told that i could go back to work and taken off Income Support. I have arthritis in both my hips nerve damage in my back and a heart condition. The medication i take makes life hard as i don’t function. Crazy and so unfair to people who genuinely need money to eat wash and LIVE.

  15. i have made a claim for jsa for me and my husband and it has been 5 wks and still havent received anything. i had a phone call from an advisor who told me he was peronally processing my claim that day and would send a payment for the benefit owed to date to my account later that day. when it got to quarter to 4 that afternoon he rang me back telling me he had bad news for me. my claim had something attached to it and he was unable to process my claim so he had to send my whole file to clerical who had to take my whole file off there system and build it back up again. i asked how long this would take and he told me it would be another week. i was not happy. i had mountain debt and my daughter was suffering badly. he told me i could ask for short term benefit advance, so i did. after going through the form on the phone with an advisor, someone rang me back 3 hours later and told me, i would not be able to have the s.t.b.a, as i had outstanding social fund debt and i was not suffering hardship!! errr hello, this was 6 wks now with no money living on only £20 child benefit and £50 child tax credits. i couldnt have a discreationary fund payment as i had help from them previously due to my family having severe difficulties in the last year. who could help me?? no one!! i am still waiting for my claim to be sorted and am now in my 7th week, and i am still attending the jobcentre and applying for jobs. i have even enrolled for college in september to restart my business and management course at evening college. i think it is wrong that they can treat people this way, if i didnt look for a job for a week or attend the jobcentre they would stop my money sstraight away, but its okaii for them to do this to me and god knows how many other families. please can someone tell me another way to get help and finally receive some financial assistance. ive tried everywhere. i have worked everyday since i left school, its only been this past year that both me and my husband lost our jobs. we didnt choose this, we didnt have a choice.

  16. hi was wonderin if u could tell me how much i should be entitled to for hardship payment at the age of 25 , a friend of minr told me she recieved 100pound to last her 2 weeks but when i got a call from them yesterday, i was told i was only entitled to 86pound a fortnight
    is that true, or i my entitled to more?

  17. i was last paid 16th april 2014 i have received a penny from anywhere applied hardship loan wont get paid til around 28th may

    • The last payment we received was 17th April, they told my husband he wasn’t fit enough to sign on, but ATOS said he is, but job centre refused to let him sign on, then phoned me and told me I didn’t have to sign on! We have a four year old daughter and haven’t had any money except child tax credit since 17th April……how do we eat, pay gas and elec or pay the rent? No one has told us what to do?

  18. S.t.b.a’s have replaced crisis loans, stands for short term benefit advance

  19. This so called government shouldbe ashamed, making people desperate. Kick em out now, they have made people do desperate things to SURVIVE

  20. id like to make an official complaint about my Benefit jobseekers allowance ,
    i have worked hard all my life and am currently and unfortunatly looking for a new employer ,
    in the meantime as a UK citizen my Government pays me (av jobseeker) an allowance to pay for
    food and other lifes needs THIS IS LAW .
    here is a summary of experiences over the last few days

    a new system of on line signing has taken over so for the past month or so there has been teething problems
    as expected of a su=ystem change ,so after finnaly getting it correct on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 ,i decided
    that it would be good practice to check with the Jobcentre that payment has been released , and as my airtime
    credit had expired and no money to top it up ,i visited Newport jobcentre by walking the 40 minute walk to get there.
    Upon arrival i was dealt with by a member of staff who explained to me that “its good news & bad news ,your signing
    template has been successful, but we have only paid you £10 because your income based JC has ended ”
    to which i was given a chunky form to fill in to claim “non contributions” based JSA i was then told by the JC advisor
    that i should attend Newport JC the same day at 11.30am to hand in the form , which they could “scan over” and make a same
    day payment for the arrears . i attended the appointment at 11,30am handed in the form and was told that i would recieve a
    telephone callm in the next few hours to process my same day payment .
    after staring at my phone for the next few hours , i recieved no telephone call, so a good freind lent me £10 to call
    the JSA hotline 0345 6088545 , the advisor on the line told me i would recieve another call before 5pm to confirm payment

    no phone call so i rang back ,to be told well i,ll have to wait till monday now due to the time
    monday > no telephone call but had recieved the £10 jsa i was owed
    tuesday > i called the number again 0345 6088545 and was given a verbal apology for the delay ,i was then told i will recieve
    another call regarding payment ,, 3pm ish i recieved a call from a man with a welsh accent (i assume this to be caerphilly
    benefits centre) the man told me ” YES YOU SHALL RECIEVE £133 IN YOUR BANK BY 5.00pm ”
    tuesday 5.00pm > checked my bank ,,nothing !
    wednesday > as my call time credit had expired due to the 15-20 wait before you get to speak to someone i had no choice
    but to take the 40 min walk to Newport Job Centre, as by now all my food supplies are exhausted so due to lack of
    energy the 40 min walk was a gruelling affair , upon arrival i was told i could use the “emergency” telephone ,so i called
    the JSA hotline 0345 6088545 and was told my payment had been witheld to check that I had no arrears with JSA , which i told
    the woman “I HAVE NO ARREARS ” and this is NOT a final payment ,and that I was told the previous day i was to expect payment.
    i was then told “this witheld payment will be decided today by 5.00pm”
    thursday> still nothing in my bank account AND VERY VERY HUNGRY. i mangaged to get a Good samaritan to lend me the use of there telephone to
    call the JSa hotline ,” i was then given another verbal apology and told ” yes , everthing has cleared regarding the witheld status
    of your payment, im sending the details directly to Caerphilly and making this a priority that you recieve immediate payment,
    please expect a call from Caerphilly JC in thext couple of hours
    thursday 5pm NO PHONE CALL < NO PAYMENT !!

    i just like to say im a single man ,i have no family and 1 good friend ,im a proud man and i feel ashamed to
    claim jobseekers allowance ,but at this difficult time in my lifetime i need a little help to get back on my feet
    i have barely eaten anything since monday as i was expecting my £140 fortnightly JSA , i feel i have been blatantaly lied too,treated like
    "a peasant" "a second class citizen" with absolutely no regard to my circumstances and my now painful hunger pangs"
    now when i come to fill in my "Jobseekers Evidence" for lokking for work next wednesday How do i explain that i couldnt ACTIVELY SEEK work
    due to Lack of energy due to me not eating , and "THE NEGLIGENT " staff ,advisors and operators of the DWP and JC ???

  21. ive applied for a hardship payment today at 12 oclock i have 3 children one off witch is 8 days old and am broke due to lossing job and ive been told if i havent recived phone call by 5 wait till monday how do you justifie leaving children without any food or gas your ment to be there to help us and i dont seem to be getting any. also the lady on the phone that said i cannot use my children as an excuse because we get child benefits well let me tell her she dosnt know how much traverling ive had to do to hospital and back due to my child being very ill after being born ! not impressed at all but aslong as youve got your nice warm food and beds to go home to you just think off the people in life that are trying and struggerling

  22. I applied for hardship last Tuesday and its been 8 days and still got no payment im getting worred as I need that money this week :/

  23. Get out there and claim people. Always be ready to appeal in fact do it before you get an answer! apply for everything, go to the CAB asap. Look at help from debt charitys and food banks. Do all you can to get into work and when you work be the same. apply for everything, every fucking break every credit. The only way to whip this shit is in the pocket. Remeber money talks and the vote is silent, vote with your wallet. WORK is a four letter word. strive to do what you love. Im getting £10pw jsa and they want £20k for overpayment for 2 weeks work i done over 3 years. no rent no coucil tax help and a criminal record. it could always get worse and will if you dont fight back RIGHT NOW.

  24. Had a work trial on the monday I was mena sign on at 9.10 but the work trial started at 8.30 a.m untill 5.30pm. Contacted local job on my lunch hour and they told me todo a late signin wen the trial finished. It was for three days and the closed my claim. Well put it this way I have not had a payment for the jobcentre since midle of january and that was a poxy 96quid. Personally I think its because im young, white handsom and british I get punished. And the goverment wonder why people have to do crimanal activities to survive.! F**king symstm

  25. I was told by social services a few months ago that there is nothing available…I recently asked Lancashire County council and they told me to basicly go to hell as my £71 ESA is enough for anyone to eat and be able to heat there home…it was my own fault for paying my morgage with my ESA and the essential running or a car for a disabled person as there is no public transport near where i live…The fact the DWP was supposed to help with my mortgage but had not got round to it did not matter at all.The fact I cannot get to hospital appointments and am in need did not matter.And now I find this info here…I need money now, from what I read above its still a painful applying process that proberbly will knock you back,will have to try though as i am desperate now.

  26. i went to a furniture workplacement and walked out the 1st day now i am getting my money stopped until may 1st 2014 if i didn’t go at all it was going to be years i filled out a hardship payment book and im waiting to see what happens hopefully they say yes if they say no i have no food no lights no gas and i have to pay my water rates if i don’t get hardship payment im in trouble i think

    • Don’t worry about your water bills. The water companies NEVER cut off residential supplies. You’ve only got to worry about the water company sticking an Attachment Of Earnings to your benefit payments. As for the British government… Once upon a time, ‘they’ said Italy was corrupt. Now, it’s the UK. MPs making the public pay for their perverted, and expensive, lifestyles. Whilst the tax payers – including those in receipt of benefits – suffer. If there was ever a reason to rebel the UK government validates such. Good luck, Damien.

      • How right you are! George Osborne was responsible for attacking those in council houses by intoducing the so called “bedroom tax”
        whilst he also attacked the disabled and single mother’s. Did he put heavier taxes on those in the highest earning bracket in his efforts to claw back money? No! He went for the jugular and hut those in poverty and those unable to work. He was even going to attack pensioners, but was prevented from doing so. Now we are left with his draconian actions, which Teresa May hasn’t yet addressed.
        His actions were even more of a disgrace when his private parties at a large Georgian mansion were deemed to be funded either all of in part by us the tax payers!!!! How much longer will people put up with
        poor excuses for human beings, in charge of our lives?! I have stronger wirds in relation to him and the previous government which woyld not be allowed to be published but need to be said.

  27. i have been claiming jsa 4 about 4 weeks and the day i was meant to go to my appointment at the job center the job agency rang me up and said do you want to work tonight i said yes . so the following day i phoned my job center up and told them that i worked yesterday and i want to sign off they told me because you missed your appointment we are going to have to see proof that you was working that day. so i got the job agency to send me my payslip. so i took it to my local job center and showed my payslip to them and now they are saying the payslip is a fake. what drugs are they on i told that bitch of an adviser ring the job agency and she said sorry but your claim has been closed and you can make a rapid reclaim. now why would i want make a rapid reclaim wen i got a job already. all that i want is my last payment so i can get on with my life

  28. I have found work but have to wait 8 weeks before I get my frist wages was on jsa only for 5 months is there any help out there for people who have to wait on there frist wages I have no money coming in at all

  29. Ive been on ESA for close on twelve month with spinal injurys after a serious bike accident.with no medical with ATOS ive requested for my files to be looked at given the fact they have had this sent to them by myself but they refuse to place me in to a work related group or support group and informed me that ATOS who conduct the face to face assessments are experiencing delays mmmmm!!!.DWP have had all my history from GP,consultant,and all that needs to be done is DWP contact ATOS to confirm this And bingo I get what I’m entitled to as after all DwP are the ones who make the final decision not ATOS they’re just the decoy.I’m waiting for a second operation any time soon but this does not count for anything to DWP.My point is this, first 13week on ESA you should get called on for this assessment as they call it for this period you get standerd rate 77£ pw.after this period if your still eligible your placed in to one or the other groups as I said and you get 35£ approx more each week which would only be keeping the wolves from the door anyways which I’m sick of.

    Bottom line the government are in that much debt god knows why,this place as gone to the dogs hit the vulnerable first why we scheme how to hit the well of. Briton is bust and broken and it’s only a matter ov time before they realise raping people’s bennefits who are genuine is not going to even cover the interest on the billions worth of debt were in as a country play with caution in today’s world you never know whats up their lying,scheming,cheating,good for f***€ all Armani sleeve.

    • You have it worse than me …and i thought i had it bad enough…I have been on £71 ESA for 5 months awaiting assesment by A-TOS-ERS, cannot physicaly do anything without pain and discomfort ,and I am on pain prescription meds, had ACDF at c6-c7 already and need further investigation and treatment as I am disabled and suffering still.I calculate that I am at the mo owed anything from £2000 to £4000 once they decide just how ill I am…it dont help me at the moment tho because i cannot feed myself heat my home ,pay a mortgage and run a vehcle on £71 a week.Today I have asked the Redcross for help to get me to an important MRI scan this thursday as i cannot afford the £14 diesel for my own vehcle,which is going to get taken by debt collectors soon anyway.
      The thing is aswell, I want some medical proffesional to tell me I can work.Every one fears this from A-TOS-ERS med people, being told they are fit enough for work…even though I know at the moment its impossible I would love to be told that I can work by a health proffesional and it wont do me more harm than good,as I am my own boss and can make a lot of money if able to work, I am eager to somehow get doing it ,even if it does me damage as I need food and other essentials.I have sold near on all I own that can be sold…even my new uninstalled Kitchen, which leaves me without any kitchen.
      I was thinking its been 5 months, money must be coming soon…but you have waited a year…I cannot wait that long ,the wait already is affecting my health and recovery from op…another few months of this and I will loose my home,in a few weeks if my car get taken im house bound with no public transport.Thanks to the DWP not really giving a sht.

  30. So the big problem with me is that even though I have a degree, when i get a job i can’t afford the first month food or travel. It’s too hard, no parental help! no one care’s, minimum wage just get you more into debt and if you finally get a job that isnt that bad then you have to do the oyster photocard nightmare or at least have enough money in your account for food and a one off wkly travel card, but i dont because Dole money isnt enough !! – there should be a scheme to pay a reward for finding a job!!!

  31. have been sanctioned wife gets paid monthly so went for a hardship payment filled in forms at job centre at 2.30 got home phone rand was the decision maker she said I wasn’t getting no money because I was sanctioned she said should be on job seekers think she was barking down the wrong street she said she was in madely job centre thought walsal dealt with claims

  32. im going to be homeless with lots ov stuff n 4 cats in 1wks time, i moved from the south 2 b as my cousins home in the north.. dunno wot 2 do or where 2 go

    • contact your local council,if you are over a certain age (50 i think) or classed as vunrable due to illness or disability,they have a duty of care to rehouse you (dont know about your cats though). they can also help you with private houssing (including deposits and advance rent but it will be vouchers not cash). hope this helps.

  33. Ps…..husband is on esa in the support group. Many thanks.

  34. Hi. My son is 19. He is still at home. He finished college last September and had to sign on jobseekers. He got sanctioned for a month for failing to do a course. Now he is sanctioned again for 13 weeks for being 5 minutes late. Not only is it affecting whole family but is dad is having liver treatment and I am sick it is affecting our housing benefit. The arrears are growing into hundreds. Nobody gets DLA. I helped my husband to apply in october due to he is soooo I’ll but they have a backlog.

    Is it really true my son can get a nil income housing benefit form? The first sanction had me speaking to the manager of our council offices. He said its £73 non dependant deduction a week. He said if I wanted to find some advice that could reverse this to feel free and get back to them as he was not aware of anything.

    Trying to help husband get well and its been the worst ever time. Sons 2nd sanction few days before christmas. If husband had any kind of help given from dla I was going to find out if our son could claim carers because we are literally relying on him a lot. We are vertually housebound. We have two other children.

  35. Hi,

    I hope someone can advise me. I signed on JSA in September after finishing a college course. I’ve been doing everything I can to find a job. I attend all my advisor meetings. Attend courses they send me on & apply for jobs through my internet account. My advisor told me of a job in my account to apply for. When I got home my mum had put her laptop in to be repaired. My library wasn’t open so I couldn’t apply for two days until we got the laptop back. When I did the job was expired. I continued applying for other jobs & attended my weekly course. This week I found out by letter that I’ve been sanctioned for 3 months for not applying a job in my account. Even though I explained why I couldn’t. I’m in shock. I’ve never had a warning or a two or four week sanction. Straight to this. My mum will be expecting her keep on Friday. She won’t be able to keep me as she is on Income Support. It’s nearly Xmas & I’m worried sick. I put in a letter for a reconsideration yet have heard nothing back. As I live at home it’s doubtful that I’ll receive a hardship payment as I’m single with no children. I can’t believe this can happen when I’ve done everything asked if me except apply for one job. After reading other peoples comments I fear I’ll have nôthing for three months & my mum will kick me out. It’s awful when prison suddenly looks apealing 🙁

  36. my benefits are sanctioned over christmas for arriving to a work programe 5 mins & 15 minutes late on 2 appointments ive no money until the 5th january is i cannot get a budgeting loan as they say i owe them to much already i have no food no electric no heating & 2 young children im in desperate need of some form of help is there anything i can do

    • Leon , please get to a CAB or welfare rights unit-contact your local authority re having nil income for housing costs and contact job centre, local authority or GP for food vouchers

    • social services usually have funding to stop children having to go into care if that is something you might consider trying. Other than that what about a hardship payment rather than a budgeting loan?

  37. I have been signed off for severe depression and anxiety since February, and as a result of my illness and associated symptoms I was sacked from my job of 14 years in May. I claimed ESA but this has been stopped due to me failing my WCA (they stated they hadn’t received my form which was sent back 3 months before the WCA). I have asked for a mandatory redecision and have been told that there is no time limit for this to be looked at. I was told to claim JSA in the meantime. I went to my local jobcentre to claim JSA today, but was told I was ineligible because I am unable to look for work. I was also told that there is no other benefit I can claim. I’ve had no payments of any sort since November 15, and this was only £55. How am I supposed to eat, pay bills, pay my rent?? Starve say the DWP……Not to mention the detrimental effect this is having on my condition. This government is killing people with their archaic benefit reforms

  38. Was reading above about it beig illegal for banks to take charges from your benefit .my bank charged me for an ovedraft which then made me overdrawn each month .i have now being endlessly paying charges from my benefit for years now ,what do i do if its illegal for them to do it .

    • I had this once when I I banked with rbs every month they took money from my income surpport I rang up and said look I am not working and you have taken charges from my benefit money and left me short and they refunded every thing got ove £500 that they had taken back

  39. Before I proceed with my response I’d just like to point out that although I’m not disabled I’m crippled with the recent welfare reform that was introduced by the lousy bald headed twat Ian Duncan Smith.

    In September 2013 It was required of me to attend ‘the mandatory work programme’ where I had was chosen to work in the Shaw trust charity shop in Middleton Manchester. In my attempt to make a good impression it was decided of me to arrive just before the shop opened, as soon as it did a women approached me and I explained who as I was and handed my letter from the D.W.P informing me of the agreement.
    She then went into the stockroom, looked at a chart on the wall then said “we don’t need you and will contact the jobcentre” It was then decided of me to go back to my local jobcentre and explain that I was not required, the next day it was required of me to sign-on and on the day I usually get my dole “NOTHING WENT IN” After a week of living without food a letter arrived from the jobcentre ‘you have been sanctioned for 13 weeks’ Without delay I appealed against it and attached proof of my bus ticket to the statement, this was turned down and clearly shows that the government covers their arse by allowing private companies to exploit people! The forced labour programme is an extremely crude concoction where the government claws back what you should rightly be entitled to! If anyone has had the inconvenience of this they will obviously realise:

    Unemployment is going down and the Mandatory Work Programme clearly attributes this by sanctioning people, when faced with having to signing-on you will notice straight away your advisor is ever so keen in taking every opportunity to sanction you. This to me suggests that they have targets to meet and are paid on a commission basis. Everything that is backed by the government (be it Liberal/Labour or Conservative) is full of corruption ensuring they stand every chance of winning… Ever heard of an M.P who gets brought to justice for fiddling their expenses? If unemployment really has gone down then when will there be a change in the current rate of inflation and an end to pay cuts on peoples wages? There’s certainly no noticeable changes in the state of the economy either! That’s the government… POWER, CORRUPTION AND LIES!!!
    In my opinion, if no one is willing to take your skills seriously look for a bit of free enterprise as M.P’s are ever so keen to accept cash-in-hand.

    Many of you may have watched a documentary called ‘on benefits and proud’ (can be viewed on youtube) a few months ago. Although many of these people were a complete drain on society, the image this projects to the working class suggests all those long-term/unemployed are scroungers and uneducated. I happen to have been unemployed for 6 years and 8 months and can confirm that I am qualified to do 5 jobs:
    1. Qualified car Mechanic 2. Mig Welder 3. Tig Welder 4. Arc Welder 5. Auto Electrician.

    I can confirm that their is certainly no shortage of skilful workers in this country as my skills have never been taken seriously by any employer I approach… “You need experience” is the typical excuse associated with qualifications and the effort you put into achieving them. If you can conduct yourself competently in the field of work you have studied the employer has absolutely no excuse!

    1. Experience = you have done the job, one builds up knowledge the hard way by making mistakes.

    2. Qualified = you know your job and have received professional tuition therefore makes the ideal

    I find it most ignorant when these issues are never taken into consideration when talking about the long-term unemployed as it’s the opportunity of putting theory into practice. Thousands of people study for the career they wish to pursue only to hit a brick wall. It’s extremely frustrating having to accept that employers concepts in this country are way behind that of other countries. Having to accept unskilled manual labouring is proof that life is in fact how it is and certainly not what made of it as you can’t dictate the outcome!

  40. i got sanctioned because i was too il to attend the activity for work programe.they now send me £16 pw which is taken by my bank for charges.ive applied and been refused a hardship payment and ive had no money or food in my flat for 4 weeks now. so im off shopplifting in asda now coz im starving. ive never been a theif but my own goverment have forced me too have to do this. i have pancreatitus so if i dont eat i am in absolute agony. so for the £10,000py they have saved in bebefits,its now going to cost them £400,000py to keep me in prison.

    • There is an Act of Parliament which over-rides banks taking charges from your account if you are in receipt of any of the following benefits.

      Section 187 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992

      • Income Support
      • Tax Credits
      • Child Benefit
      • Job seekers allowance
      • Incapacity benefit
      • Disability living allowance
      • Attendance Allowance
      • CSA payments
      • Other DWP payments.

      These social security benefits are granted to stop hardship and are designed to meet basic day to day needs, and are exempt and are protected under the Social Security Administration Act 1992 sub section 187. from arrestment in terms of section 187 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 (see Enforcement of Civil Obligations in Scotland, Scottish Executive report, at paragraph 5.245).

      Section 45 of the Tax Credits Act 2002 Chapter 21 part 1 is an identical provision to the said section 187 of the 1992 Act. This stipulates that the banks can not apply any charges to money received as benefit, and any such charges are unlawful and therefore disallowed.

      • Im on income support and had an overdraft for a while they are constantly taking money of me because i cant afford to pay it back and they have took loads of money of me for not having money in my account when ive set up direct debits, will i be entitled to a refund tia x

    • FOOD BANK. Duuno how you get coupons, doc I think. If you’ve got pancreatitis, surely you can get ESA? its a free phone number, DO IT ASAP. all u need is sick note. They will give u hardship payment then cos yr ill, it will be paid while awaiting esa payment.

  41. Recently I had to take a significant amount of time off of work due to my mother suffering a massive stroke and having to deal with everything that followed. Settle bills, chase banks, move her property, etc, etc. Due to this and not ringing up work everyday to update I was laid off. Now finally after two long emotional, stressful and cold months I have been able to get on the job hunt again. I haven’t received much money owed by ex employer , what I did the bank ate for late fee’s. As per my fellow writers above I am penniless, electric is all but gone, gas isn’t used due to I would rather a down and out mug me than some pompous fat twat, who speant £100,000 ish having a heated pool built last year in winter. (Eon CEO), my supplier thinks my meter is broken. I think there calculator is, cause the rates are astronomical. Anyhow, food situ v low, although have two dogs. May have to go the Korean way if desperate, 🙁 . I have applied for an advance on jsa but was turned down, the council said I was not eligible for a hardship loan until I had received a jsa payment.All they can do is give me a food bank letter for Monday, the day I applied was Wednesday prior. I know I have joked a bit but if I didn’t I would probably get worked up and do something silly in order just to have the very basic of needs. What else is there that I can do.?

  42. Hi i am 37 year old single parent to a teenager i have only been on esa for 8 weeks and my cooker and washing machine have been taken back after i couldnt keep up payments, i cant get a budgeting loan as i have not been claiming long enough i phoned local housing who have let me apply for a community grant but its very unlikly i will get it, im doing my washing in the bath which is not doing my back any good as i suffer with sciatica aswell as depression i cant cook my daughter a hot meal and i dont have a microwave so we are living on sandwiches im getting very low n feeling sucidal and crap that i cannot give my child a hot meal, my family are unwilling to help and i got turned down for a shopacheck loan i just dont know where to turn to get the help i need to buy a second hand cooker and washer can any one help me find some where that will loan me the money

    • there may be a credit union in your area which would be the best option as they don’t charge astronomical interest rates like payday loan sharks.

      • There are various trust funds who can look to offer help with essential household items eg United Utilities Trust Fund, British Gas Energy Trust. You can apply to them direct via the internet or see if your local CAB can help you. If you are not a customer with these companies have a look at the Turn2Us website. There are 1000s of Trusts listed and information and advice.

    • You can contact Helping families with dissabilities(excellent) or,The family fund.They replace ANY white goods that are needed for FREE.I would strongly recomend either of these charities.Gud luck!

  43. Hi I’ve just been recently sanctioned from 31st october til 27th November but now there saying I can get sanctioned from 27th November for another 4 weeks. All because I never filled the expenation form out in which I never received. I also applied for hardship but haven’t heard nothing back. I’m so desperate for food, electric and gas and I’m also afriad of the dark since I saw a figure in my hall passage. I feel that desperate I’ve been thinking of robbing someone or breaking into house’s. I suffer with depression and I’ve also been in hospital for trying to take my own life because things got to tough like what I’m going through now. Can anyone help me in what I could do and I also would like a number to contact the hardship fund department. Thanks for taking you’re time out to read this and thanks Jason T

    P.s I’m a 26 year old man from leeds and need help with rent also already in arrears aswell and been court twice over rent being stopped cos I been sanctioned b4.

    • Jason

      Please be strong and please, please do not do anything that you will regret. This is so upsetting reading posts from young vulnerable people. I am sorry you ended up in hospital before. Please do not go to that dark place again. Believe me its not worth it. Things really will get better for you. You are young and you may have so many opportunities ahead of you. We are all suffering and in poverty at the moment because of this vile authoritarian government. I’ve heard some local churches are helping people with food etc. Please get to a food bank asap. Keep on going just like the rest of us. Soon this rotten government will be gone. Never give up on yourself. Never. Take care.

  44. I am a 23 year old male with A levels and a degree.

    Unfortunately I have been forced to sign on. My “Advisor” has put me down for picking/packing work and cleaning.

    Not only that, I was sanctioned for not attending a group session. The reason for this is because I met up with a guy who interviewed me for a job. I told the job centre the reason and told them to ring the guy. I even got him to write them a letter. The PROOF is there. How can they sanction money for trying to get a job??????? Its ridiculous. They cant make ONE phone call. Its all computerised and robotic in today’s world so we don’t even stand a chance.

    Why are the sanctioning innocent people?

    The UK is meant to have a system in place to help those in need. I’m not a bad person. I have saved lives, raised money for charities and even worked voluntarily. I am treated with disgust by our system. I can now see why a man set himself on fire outside of the Selly Oak job centre!

    I have lost weight. I have depression. My motivation is zero. I am in a pit. As I write this, suicide is in the back of my mind because I feel helpless. The support is not there and it never will be until there is a major change. Would me taking my own life be enough to make the system change? Sadly I think it will. It always takes somebodys life to make people realise.

    I have waited over 8 days for a hardship fund. I am living on old biscuits which I had from Christmas 2012.

    • Stay strong. please don’t take your life away.

      • Richard

        Yes you must stay strong. What a waste it would be if you carried this through. You are young with your whole life ahead of you. I know what these robots with no conscience are doing at the job centres. The power is going to their heads, they are just following orders. Well that’s what they said when the tyrant Hitler was in power. Please re think this awful situation. You are not alone in your suffering and poverty. Please try food banks and local churches may help. You can go to the local council and try for a hardship payment. Just keep fighting and keep going. You have to. This authoritarian government would not care if you took your own life. Many have already, and the truth is brushed under the stinking carpet.

        Things will get better for you. Take care of yourself please.

  45. I’ve got no food rent is due also got an appointment 20 miles away on Tuesday at a local hospital with atos to see if I can get PIP don’t get paid ESA until next Thursday already had budgeting loan 3 months ago suffer with recurrent depressive disorder care cluster 3 and severe anxiety

  46. i really need some money beacuse i have no food and i need to pay rent and i need gas and eletric i cant get help nowhere and i have been to the food bank 4 time AND you can only go 3 time they cant help no more

  47. hi folks im on the work programme and recently made the mistake of turning up a week early for my appiontment am i likely to get sanctioned?

  48. have not a penny for food or rent to get my daughter bk im in a big mess

  49. been on esa since 17 27 now with depression an axitaty had medical beginning of this year failed now got my appell next month worried coz im ill an to messed up to work at mo. but was late sendin my sick note an money not gone in . give sick note for payment at 11.30 friday an still waitin for money were is it. an what chance havevi got passin appel as depression

    • Hi
      I was on ESA for a while for a number of reasons, one of which was for despreesion. I managed to pass my medical (meaning they paid me the ESA) with the help of my mum. What i suggest you do is get ALL the documents you can possible find to support your case. I thook things like all appointment letters, that showed i was spending hours a week at variours different doctors and theapies. Get the sick notes from your doctors, if you can show that another doctor has signed you off then that is very powerfull. You also need to bring something to prove what medication you are on (assuming you are on antidepressents etc) You need to get a pen and a piece of paper and write down “why you are unfit for work” think of the key main reasons and make a note of them, then try and find documents to back up your main reasons so they arn’t just hearsay. Try and find out online what the DWP criteria is for being “unfit for work” this may well be impossible to find but you may get some ideas. Also when you are there remember that you are depressed, what i mean is that a lot of people go in to the meeting and dress themself up/make themself look smart, all the says to the doctor is that you can’t be that unfit if you are able to take pride in your appearence and make the effort to iron your clothes, do your hair, put make up on etc (if you were a woman), which is something that almost all people that are depressed can’t do. Another big point is that if you have been on ESA for that many years then if you can show that nothng has really changed from the last medical you had then how can they find you fit for work when they didn’t last time??!! I hope you have a good reason for giving the sick note in late….. make sure you tell them what it is!
      I hope that i have been of some small help to you. I know just how stressful the whole thing is and they really don’t understand that or care. But you need to remember that no matter what you have to do what they ask or they will just stop your money then you have to go through the whole medical process all over again. I know that a lot of what they ask is very hard with depression but they don’t see it like that and they won’t make exceptions. Good luck!

      • I thought i had passed my medical,as i was put on to esa,for all of last year,at the end of last year i was invited to a maxims work programmer ,which io felt i did not have to attend,then i got a letter telling me that i have to go to the work related programer. But unfortunately i was unable to do so,as i had no one to look after my son who 7 years old and it was Christmas term. So i called the maxims company to let the staff know my situation,then a week after i was asked to go to another appointment,but i was to ill to do so as i have serve epilepsy grand mal and peti mal,also i have a broken spine and arthritis and i am i have bi polar disorder,and i am on 22 tablets every day. I have had my money stopped as i was ill and had no one to look after my child,i am dreading getting though this week and next week. The crazy part for me is the benefits i am getting now is serve disability and the esa is been taken away which means i have a weeks worth of money to last me a fortnight and i am a single mum with a 7 year old,i feel like i have done something really bad,as is it a punishment being ill? All the best to every one who is suffering like myself. Good luck.

    • hi there.. i have been to atos for a medical for the acact same issues.. i have an exstencive medical histy when its comes to my mental health.. even from a small age i was seein shrinks to help me with my emotions and was diagnosed with ED (emotional detachment).. butu now i am all of a sudden able to work apparently… thing is i dnt understand how i can be cured cause the some fool of a guy who hasd neva met me says so.. they didnt even look at the evidence and wasnt interested… gettin accepted for desperssion though atos is unlikely. so i have been on jsa for about six months.. i dread goin to that place evry two weeks… i cant even speak to my advisor without afending the person somehow… io do my job search but have neva been contacted bk. EVA. they say unployment has dropped by 40.000.. ERRR no it hasnt they just kicked every1 off benifits to save money…. i no people who are fully grown and are on dla for havin HDHD why am i so different..

  50. No jsa no food no lecky, gas, no Crosses loan what the fuck is going on poll,hungry cold,its time to stand as one take in force as on fight as one for wr will be damed in poverty while these fat big wig poloticians sleep well and destroy us

    • Going thru the exact same thing nyself right now my jsa. Claim has been suspended for missing a work programe appoitment I was ill with a stomach bug and there was no way in hell I was able to atend that day so I notiyfied the advisor this was in october its now december and they have decided to suspend my claim a week before xmas and the job center has informed me I can’t claim hardship payment until january so now I have a xmas to look forwrd to with no food no gas and no electricity i am required to attend the work programe once a month and the one appointment I haved missed results in a very bleak looking xmasif I could of got a doctors note for having diorreara I would of but it takes 3weeks to get an apointment and I was better ihope this helps somone who may find themselves in this positon. Plus if anyone knows weather dwp have to inform you of decisons by law please let me know

      • Hi,i went through the exact same thing,first I must say I want to work,im not a lazy yob,i am a 53 year od male who up to a year ago worked for the same building company for 18 years until a new management team arrived and a few of us was forced out,i then went through a employment tribunal which is as bad as dealing with dwp,anyway I ended up on the work programme,last December I ended up with bad flu I had a appointment with my work coach,i phoned her and explained I was full of flu,she said don’t worry lots of people have it I will send you another appointment out I thanked her,but before the letter arrived confirming another appointment.i received a letter stating that I was recenentaly informed a doubt had arisen and that a descion had now being made and my jsa had being sanctioned for 6 weeks,i did not have a clue what the letter meant.i went to my jobcentre and they tried explain.they said I had had aletter which I could have defended myself on the reverse of and posted it back to them.there is such a letter,but I did not receive one.i told the jobcentre I had informed my work coach that I was ill,they told me it was the work programme who had being responsible for my money being sanctioned,i asked them to phone her they said they was not allowed,for the next 6 week I went through hell,my work coach saying it should not have being sanctioned,the jobcentre telling me the sanction was wrong.yet I had to ask for a review of descion that form went missing,my first appeal form went missing.i asked for my second appeal form to be copied and dated and my letter of complaint I posted them together in the same envelope my appeal was received my complaint was not.even though they were in the same envelope,this is just the tip of the iceberg,i had the phone rudely cut off half a dozen times as soon as i asked about my comlaint.the jobcentre staff and the work programme staff acted as you would expect 2 rivalry nursery schools to behave blaming each other,after at least 50 phone calls & walking around 40 mile overall back and forth from work programme to jobcentre in snow\cold etc,the jobcentre telling me I could not see the manager etc I had had enough,.what if this had happened to my eldery parents or any eldery person for that matter,who could not walk the miles I had had to etc.i went home and made a banner and arrived at my jobcentre at 8-30 am with my banner,you see I am allowed to self certify myself sick for 2 weeks in any 12 month priod of claming jsa but it turned out my work programme coach sent the email to the wrong place informing whoever I had reported sick to her,jobcentre saysshe should not havereported me as I had told her I was sick yet they wouldn’t help me.anyway the jobcentre manager must have admired my banner because for the first timm her backside became unglued from her chair.she came out side and read my banner and told me she would o and enquire what was happening up to now she had no idea and thats the manager,i demonstrated all morning then put in another letter of complaint stating if i had not received the information which I had being asking for for 5 weeks now,whichsimply was why was my money sanctioned\where did my letter of complaint go\and what has happened to my appeal which was going to be treat as a emergency,all of which I was entitled to knowand within a period of time I told them if I did no thave the imformation by Friday which was 3 days away,but also around 5 week from me first asking,i would demonstrate for a full week starting the following Monday and alternate the days between the jobcentre and the work programme place.guess what on the Friday at 4-10pm yes 4-10pmleft it as long as possiblethe complaints manager phioned me very apologetic and guess what the sanctioned had being reversed my money would be in my account no later than Monday,sheesh a coincidence that was the day I was going to start my demonstration.i told her to stick the money where the sun doesn’t shine & also I hoped my work coach was prepared to work a little harder with me because I now had acriminal record which I was not going to lie about to any future employer,the manager growled a criminal record I replied yesi stole my dinner from tesco and was caughtby the security staff work coach disappeared I wonder next coach claimed I missed a appointment which I was notified of by letter,again i was sanction that was overe turned after yet another 6 week battle.i was ot denying a letter had being sent to me,i did not know if one had or had not,i was saying I did not recireve one therefore howcould i possibly attend a appointment I had no knowledge of I am now seeing my 4th work coach ,out of the 4 only 2 are still working at interserve,

        • By the way I applied for a udgeting loan on the 15th or 16th of November 2013 on the 26th of November I received text message from dwp stating.(We have recievedyour application for a will get a letter with a descion within 10 working do not need to contact us.If we need anything further we will contact you.itis now the 8-1-2014 yesterday I phoned the budgeting loane department who told me someone would phone me back within 3 hours,wow they did only totell me they had no knowledge of a loan application from me ,omg I asked the lady how I had the text on my phone then,she replied that she would send me aform out straigh taway I told her no i want to complain,she replied you can comlpain to who the the hell you like,but it wont get you a loan we need you to fill out a application form,my complaint to someone else now awaits reply again within 10 days.

  51. im hoping someone can give mw so advice im 31 weeks pregnant I was claiming esa wen I got told to transfer my claim to income support I was due to get a payment off esa on friday now im worried I wont get any money till my claim for income support goes through I have a flat to run running out of things really dont no wat to do

    • Hi,
      I would suggest calling the job center… fun fun fun! and asking them and if they say your money will be stopped in the mean time, then ask them what help you can get. When i was on ESA and i was pregnant (last year) i was able to get a maternity grant of about £800 (something like that) to use to buy things for the baby, if you haven’t got one already or don’t know about that, then look into it as all mums to be can get one if they don’t work and you don’t ever have to pay the money back, so you don’t need to worry about getting into debt or more debt as the case may be.
      There is a chance that your ESA money will continue and then just be swapped for the income support, well that would be the best way to handle it anyway,
      They may just pay you the portion of ESA until the date that you switched to income support. For example say you get paid ESA every 2 weeks and you switch to income suppport a week into the 2 week they will still paid you a weeks worth of ESA, but you may have to wait for your income suport claim to be process before you receive any payment from the income support benefit. You may be able to claim a short term advance (see the top of this page) which you will have to pay back within 3 months but it will tied you over for now if you need it .
      Sorry i can’t be or more help, good luck hope it all works out.

  52. hi i am a 19 year old pregnant living with my partner and 2 year old we have a joint jsa claim but we are not sue to get paid any money till saturday and it is only £60 i don’t get my jsa until tuesday i am down to £3.10 on the emergency of my electric which wont last until saturday i really dont no what to do and i’m wondering what help i can get?

  53. Hi please could someone advise how I can go about getting some financial help? Long story short I have recently moved (private rented) as was evicted (legally as I was on periodic tenancy) and my new home falls under a different council so had to put in a new claim for housing benefit. It’s was taking ages so i called them only to find out they didnt get the form so i put in another last week and my rent is due at the end of the month so I doubt it would have been paid by then. If I miss the rent then I will be jeopardising the tenancy (they don’t know I am on HB as I have a job I am just off sick on ESA). My baby is due in 2 weeks and all my credit cards are over the limit as is my bank overdraft. I have £40 cash to my name to feed my 3 year old and don’t have a vehicle or any way of getting to the job centre. I haven’t been to see the midwife in months and when my phone bill doesn’t get paid in a few days no doubt this phone will be cut off…. I am so scared and even if the money does eventually come through they probably won’t backdate to when I moved in so I will be a month out. Who do I need to speak with to try and get a payment to cover the rent at the end of the month?

  54. hi i was just wondering how long does the hardship come throw i done it tuseday and my mate said i would get it friday and i haven’t had nothing come throw

  55. One last thing do u no roughly how long it takes sad my job centre did say this morning I should get a call but I have had nothing and do u no if there is a number I can call the job cntre on to find out the progress

  56. Does anyone know how long hardship fund takes to go through to being accepted as I am still waiting for a call and I got sanctioned from my job seekers because I didn’t turn up to my work programme which is in an area I have been threatened out of hense why I moved I have no money and I need help with food and that someone please please help me

  57. If I get hard ship payment will I have to pay them back ?

  58. I work full time and live alone but my out goings are more than incoming. I weigh 7.5 stone now, lost over a stone in 6 months because i have nothing to buy food with and can’t afford petrol to get to work, i have no where to turn. I am on the maximum dose for depression and can’t carry on like this. I have no support as a single person with no dependants. Can someone advise please? I’m scared I’m going to starve to death at this rate. I have spoken to a company about my debts and they agree I have basic living costs. I need something in the meantime to eat whilst I get things sorted. Any advice welcome

    • J, I am currently in the process of writing ‘How to live on a budget’; I am happy for you to obtain my email address, and I will gladly offer any help I can. There is no charge, as those (including myself!!) can’t afford such charges!!

  59. Dear Sirs/Madams,
    Well, it seems as if I am not the only one in this precicament (though at times I do feel as if I am the only one). I was sanctioned early July for reasons that had not been clearly explained to me, and upto now are still unclear! I did apply for and eventually recieved a one off payment from the ‘Hardship Allowance’ of course as most folk know this small amount hardly covers day to day survival expences, but survive I did (Just). Once the sanction had passed all was well with the JC+ for about two weeks! The very next time I signed on I had a sick note signed by my Doctor. please understand it was not a sick note that said I could not work, it had simply said that ‘I should avoid walking!’. This is due to a severe case of Spinal Stenosis. The person behind the desk just looked at the sick note and signed me off JSA, no explanation no nothing. I asked what should I do now to claim benefits, his reply came as a complete surprise, ”I have no idea, but I can’t sign you for JSA because you have a sick note”. ”So what do I do now?” I asked..”Sorry I can’t help, I have other people to see and sign on now, try phoning CAB or Age Concern!”. Seriously, I am only 57 years of age! This public servant was obviously not up to his position as a Job Centre advisor! I applied for ESA the next day after having found out about the Benefit from a friend. I applied over the phone and the application was successful, this was 5 days after applying. Before recieving the letter telling me I had been successful in my application for ESA, I had recieved two letters telling me my sick note had expired! My sick note was valid till the end of August and I had not even sent that one to them since they did not request it. So I sent the valid SN in, hoping things may be resolved…No chance..after a week they had not recieved said sick note! I obtained a copy from my GP and also a SN for the next two months, to ensure that they got to the relevant department, I took them to the Job Centre and asked politely if they would make sure the items got to the place they needed to be. Now one week later I have still heard nothing with regards to my ESA claim. I have had no money from any source for nearly four weeks, my food ran out 5 days ago and I have not eaten in that time. I have applied for ‘Hardship Allowance’ and so far have heard nothing on this. I really am on the very brink. How is a person supposed to live? A letter has just arrived from my local council, they are threatening to evict me from my rented premises. I have no idea where to go from here and depression has taken a grip and I am now more than desperate. Please advise if you can.
    Many thanks.

  60. Hi, we have a joint claim of JSA. Jon centre sent a letter saying my husband had an appointment in july but the only letter we had recieved was for on the 10.10.13 we didnt think anything of the date. You have sent endless letter saying weve missed appointments . So we sent letters proving that was the only letter we had got. You stopped our money for over 3 months, you changed your mind and accepted what we had said . Now at the last minute they changed your mind again the day before we was ment to get our money. Now we dont have time to get anything sorted.
    Very disappointed that you’d do that at the last min. Iv now been ringing for 2 days to ger through to hardship payment and still no luck. Each day I dont get through its just more days with absolutely nothing

  61. there all the same sat on there fat behinds and don’t give a fuck about anyone

  62. im paying off a budgeting loan but when you get a job do you still have to pay the loan back

  63. Hello, i have been sanctioned for 2weeks because i apparently didn’t attend a appointment with my work program which they didn’t inform me about in letter phone call or email like they normally do, but to top it all off Ive had my adviser cancel appointments on me and re-booked them for later dates this has happened numerous times before Ive ever been sanctioned I’m quite disappointed at the lack of intelligence of these people handling other peoples claims and money i feel like Ive been cheated out of two weeks of money because of appointments getting mixed up i still don’t even fully understand why Ive been sanctioned there was no real indication in the letter explaining why Ive had my money stopped i don’t know if someones got confused because of rescheduled appointments but i would like some sort of clarity or help on the situation if anyone is reading this please help me as i need my money to secure the roof over my head and for food in my belly Ive been reading others situations and noticed the same type of things happening its almost as if this is happening on purpose to people that’s just how i feel.

    Hi i am a single claiment on JSA 4 weeks ago I attended a jobcentre group session I gave them my book&appointment card (stapled together) after the session had finished I left and completely forgot they still had my book&appointment card & left
    The next time I went to sign on (2weeks later) i asked for my book&appointment card back apparently they had LOST IT! And I had to be issued with a new book&appointment card there and then when doing so my advisor stated I had missed a personal advisor interview! I explained that they had infact not given me back my book&appointment card & lost it so how was I to know I had an appointment if I didn’t have my book&appointment card!
    She said well you will probably be sanctioned & she rebooked the interview I missed wit my personal advisor which I attended as I had a new book&appointment card so I knew when it was!!
    I signed on Tuesday & today Friday they have paid me nothing!i rang for an explanation and they said I had been sanctioned for 4 weeks!!i asked about hardship they refused because they said I was not a vulnerable adult!!
    How vulnerable can you get with no money no food no electric cant pay any bills can’t travel & still expect you to get to the jobcentre to sign on even when your sanctioned!!HOW CAN THEY SANCTION ME FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS THEIR FAULT?

    • We have sent you an email Lee

      • i recently have been in this position and my only error was careing for my son who had to been taken into hospital with severe asthma attacks , unable to print out my details of my job as i still was expected to do all of this while looking after my daughter and son who was in hospital. i told them i could produce it at a later date but they have stopped my jsa for 4 weeks, and i am still expected to do the 19 steps a week to find a job on no money or they will stop my jsa for another 4 weeks, i may add at this time i also attended a interview for a part time job and got the job but this is not enough for them now im left with no money for food or anything and they think it is acceptable . i have written a letter of complaint to my mp and local media, i dont like been treated like a dog im not a drunk or a drug addict or a lay about i genuinely want a job ,

    • I unfortunately worked in the contact contact centre for the not so wonderful DWP! I have also beem on benefits, and so not only empathise but also sympathise with the what you are going through. I have been homeless June 2012, living in a tent, no food, no money.. no solid roof over my head. I got got sanctioned for no signing on, I couldn’t sign cause I was about 15 miles away from where I signed on.. luckily I had my partner to see me through, keep me warm, look after me emotionally and mentally! Now on ‘allowance’ terms, the government say the minimum you need to feed yourself, pay bills ect each week is about £57 on a single claim and £115 fortnightly, now why the bloody hell do they think it’s acceptable to put you on hardship payments receiving only £20 f/n? You cannot physically feed yourself and keep yourself healthy with £20! Most of us struggle with just £115… Now as I have always claimed as a couple we have recieved more. But how are we supposed to clothe ourselves, feed ourselves, pay for gas & electric to keep us warm over the next fewonths? I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of seeing people homeless begging on the streets, busking for some money just to feed themselves for the night! Who is gonna take them in and keep them warm this winter, whose gunna feed them. We all damn well know that you can’t physically get employed if you have no home, how can this person wash to smell clean for an interview? Where can this man shave his heavily grown beard? Where can this man buy/wash his suit? They are quick to sanction you when you are 3 minutes late to sign on or you applied for 1 less job then on your agreement.. buy these airheads who sit behind this desk, choosing your fate, they have a like 4 bed house to go home to, a warm house with fluffy carpet, a partner to greet them, dinner already cooked and ready to serve, a nice warm bed to sleep in. This person doesn’t worry about paying his rent cause he bought his house out right.. there are so many people who are homeless through no fault of their own!! People who lead good lives such as myself and my partner as of September 2013 rendered homeless and now sofa surfing as no home to go to. Then one day (what happened to us) the landlord doesn’t pay his god damn mortgage, only 2 grand left to pay, he could have paid it off with our rent! We were given 3 weeks by the bank to pluck £1150 out of our arses to pay for the rent in advance, deposit AND agency fees which obviously we couldn’t do, no jobs and claiming benefits!! No help towards costs from them! Nothing! We, my partner, dog, 2 cats & I were rendered homeless!! Now I suffer woth depression and have done for the past 5 years, this was one of the most stressful times of our lives, I am only 20 years old!!!! The council refuse to help, even if you’re on the streets, you’re not priority!! No emergency accommodation I.e b&b to stay in! This country makes me sick!! Having been born and raised here with true English blood, I get palmed off and kicked to the curb!! This country will not stop and will never change! I’m past the point of hoping one day it will. While those in number 10 enjoy their 4 houses, 2 villas, rolls royce & luxury holidays every year, I’ll just sit here going from week to week, wondering if I can feed my loyal animals (they’re more important than me).

  65. hi i had been sanctioned because i didnt attend an interview with my advisor due to a misunderstanding and was told my sanction would end on the 16th of august last friday. i applied for hardship before then and i have not had any feedback and i cannot call because of no funds at all. I was expecting to recieve my JSA today Wednesday but have not recieved them, I am in a mess and have not eaten for over two days only taking water.I am worried and depressed about the whole situation.I don,t know what to do, i have noone to look for help from.

  66. I provide care for a 73yr old man who’s recently had a fall and fractured 2 vertebra 2 and 3 in his neck. With hospital appointments and then doctors and chemists to pick up more tablets for his other problems all time is taken up i get to sleep at gone 1am and 7am im on the go again.. I dont get carers allowance because my experience with the Gov is they are quick to take your money in tax but are so keen not to give it you back. carers allowance takes money off my uncle and gives it me instead.So they just take off him and i dont want that. . Im sanctioned week after week for arriving late to appointments or failing to attend but i call them to say its not possible and tell them why but health care for the elderly is just not exceptable. due to 24hr care for my uncle not being classed as important enough excuse not to attend and Im supposed to leave my uncle in his own Sh*t and Urine for an hour plus so they can say ok see you next week which could be verified in 2 mins over the phone. But i have to drive 10 mins up the road spend 20mins waiting to be seen so then I’m late for my 4pm appointment which is then 4.20pm anyway and its always my fault. I have complained over and over again the number on your letters say ring them they make you ring the job centre they palm you off again. they get the hospital appointments and doctors notes photo copied and added to my file.. I’m continuously cleaning and washing clothes and bedding cooking and shopping. Ive had no life or been out since June7th. I’m Continuous trips to the job centre to be told the same things you was late so we are stopping your money for another 28days. They stop my rent then because of a change in your circumstances and housing think i have started work then have to go through another investigation to prove nothing as changed in my circumstances since May 30th. My uncle would still be in hospital if i hadnt of said i would care for him, healthcare at home, doctors surgery and Othapeadic outpatients know im his full time carer and so do DWP so why they playing so damn difficult. its driving me up the wall and im stressed enough as it is. SOS ” white flags blowing in the wind “

  67. I got accepted a hardship payment today, how long does it take to get in my account?

  68. “A previous article discussed Thatcherism. It’s Chicago School fundamentalism writ large. It’s financial terrorism. It’s hugely exploitative.”

    “It’s forced-fed austerity. It’s corporate welfare. It’s mass privatizations. It benefits business and society’s wealthy. It’s government of, by, and for privileged elites alone.”

  69. Jus one more thing is please can you consider me because I didn’t want to go through this because I never claimed benefit before but this is my first benefit but to much for me as I didn’t want it to happen I was going to work and had accident on 16 jan 2013 and im still having too much pain my shoulder so when I don’t eat im not strong and looking for job I got to go to libraly please is just cant understand why I cant get at least some money to make me eat and do some things. I have been in advise bureau but they couldn’t do nothing please advise me where and what to do. Thanks for your consideration

  70. I have been trying to gets funds as esa stopped my benefit from 28 of june 2013 as they told me to claim job seeker which I did on 16 june 2013 but haven’t received nothing I think till maybe next week. I got a phone call from haringay environmental health saying to ask job centre about short term benefit but they said they don’t know about it. Its been a month without money to eat or to travel as im still in sick notes as my left shoulder is broken and they said I can work with one hand, they stopped my housing benefit, council tax everything a whole month what else can I do as I feel my immune system is going down as I haven’t been eating because I don’t have money and cant even borrow nowhere. im still seeing my physiotherapy every two weeks to treat my shoulder. Thanks

  71. I understand that this is not the right place for this but I am desperate and need help, I am very great full for any help or advice form anybody.

    I have had my JSA sanctioned for 28 days for not attending an appointment at a work program. The reason I didn’t go is because I didn’t receive the letter telling me about it. I normally get notice of the next appointment in person when I attend the WP but I volunteered to do a fortnight unpaid work trial in a garage and had to phone and cancel I have been told I don’t qualify for hardship payments I can not loan any money from the councils citizen support scheme. I live alone and have already (1 week in ) ran out of electricity and gas.

    I have an appointment to see the citizens advice but when making the appointment over the phone I was told the best I should expect is a voucher for a 3 day emergency food parcel and help appealing which may take a month. Can any one tell me if I can qualify for a budgeting loan while JSA is sanctioned? Also is there anywhere I can turn to? I am seriously considering leaving my flat and going to a homeless shelter as I know I could get at least a meal a day if I were in one. I have no family or friends to turn to within 80 miles and don’t know where to turn. I am currently sat in a library, I don’t own a computer. Thanks in advance 🙂 George

    • The jobcentre sucks mate i feel bad for you that u are in that situation. If i was you i would apply for a budget loan. Hardship benefit and also the advance payment which has taken over crisis loans. Stop working for free. I know avanna bakeries in rogerstone are taking on you should apply ther as it will lift your spirit knowing u have the money to live. I hope all goes well for you.

  72. I used to be able to find good info from your blog

  73. My son is going through surgery he has been suffering for going on now for 3 yrs, in October last year his esp payments where stopped as they deemed him fit for work, even though his wound is still open and causing him terrible pay, he is still under the specialist at hospital and he hasn’t had a payment since then, my husband and I have been keeping him for going on now 9 mths, and we are finding it hard to keep up with the bills and our grocery shopping, even if he applies for JSA he still wont be able to look for work as he is still going for more surgery, no employer would take him on if he does find work, can you explain to me were we stand and what is available for my son as this is causing us as parents stress, which I myself shouldn’t be going through as I have a heart condition, any help and advice would be gratefully appreciated thank you.

  74. I am currently paying of.a budgetimg loan and will finish paying it in october would it be likely that i would get accepted for another if i applied again in october. Thanks in advance x

  75. are e s a stopped on the 22nd may because my wife was found fit for work so we had to make a new claim as me as the lead claiment i have been on esa for about 8 years we have still not heard anything yet and the rent of 4oo pound is due soon we have got no money for food or electric could you please tell me what i can do i just feel like ending it all i no i wiil get evicted if the rent isnt paid through direct debit and i will get bank charges please help me

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