Feb 152017

Southampton City Council drafted in Capita to help deal with a backlog of assessments for care packages. Leaked emails suggest that staff who work for Capita are given financial incentives to reduce people’s care packages without assessment. To date 1 in 5 people have had their care packages reduced but none have had an increase, in spite of the increase in the National Minimum Wage (as employers disabled people now have to pay their PAs). This is contrary to the Care Act of 2014. DPAC held a protest against Southampton City Council on Wednesday 15th February 2017.

The protest was organised by Southampton DPAC with support from national DPAC

See the news item with an interview with DPAC’s Ellen Clifford on BBC South Today on 15th Feb:


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  3 Responses to “Watch: DPAC Protest Against Southampton City Council over cuts to care packages”

  1. its happening her in neath cuts to the welfare help its getting worse and there seems no end in sight

  2. I dare say some of those people were previous ILF users, what I want to know is – What’s happened to the “4 more years of ILF Transitional funding”, given to LA’s by the Government ?

  3. This is the tip of the iceberg. Cutting disabled peoples care package is totally against their human rights. Not only carried out by Capita but the Social works departments all around the country. I visited a friend in Canada a few years ago and her care package had been cut so drastically, she was only allowed one shower a week. She was a diabetic type 1 and unable to walk. Often during the night she had severe sweats which left her soaking and in need of a shower. That was about 5 years ago. I saw then, the writing on the wall for the most severest cuts here in the uk. They were taking place so slowly, so discretely that no one really noticed.

    These cuts have been systematically taking place for years. A cut here, a snip there, some more cuts here and there and now even more cuts. People getting paid to ensure the cuts go ahead without any kind of face to face assessment. Above everything else, surely this is something that should be reported to the un. These are illegal cuts under the human rights act. This is sheer discrimination, nothing less. If I required 18 hours care 5 years ago. Why do I not require that same care now? Perhaps I might be given a miracle cure that doesn’t exist. While my disability progresses my care continues to be cut to the very bone. There is something very wrong now and the result is lowering the life expectancy of the disabled in the uk. The mental stress of disabled people has gone beyond normal. It is simply barbaric Dickensian and brutal. The one and only reason for the cuts is to save money. From the weakest group in society. This just isn’t cruel it is heading down the exact same road that Hitler took. The difference is that it is happening at a slower rate and not so publically. The only media covering this is dpac and almost no mainstream media. .

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