Oct 122012
We are FACING the biggest cuts to inclusive education provision whilst seeing the biggest expansion of FUNDED segregated provision in education ever. This is partly due to Condem doctrine but also due to the expansion of academies and free schools.
The Allaince for Inclusive Education –  ALLFIE needs strong support during the All-Party Parlimaentary Group on Disabiity’s meeting on the SEN legal reforms where Edward Timpson minister (Sarah Teather’s replacement) will be addressing the education sector on Monday 15th October 4 – 5.30 pm Committee Room 4 – House of Lords, c/o Parliament. We should be making it clear that none of us want Government’s great expansion of segregated provision… And we want an absolute right to attend mainstream education…… Please come and support *** ALLFIE ****. Contact Simone for more details simonee.aspis@inclusionlondon.co.uk
Full inclusion of disabled people in society can only start with a legal right to mainstream education.


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  1. I tell relatives, friends, ex-colleagues of what this Government is doing, whether it be with the Welfare State/Benefits, the Education System, the Health Service etc, but as most people do not think they are being directly affected at the moment, they choose to remain oblivious. My brother, a Labour voter all his life, finds it difficult to believe what I’m saying (for example, he says Labour ’employed’ ATOS, Labour supports the Pay Freeze, Labour is not saying it will reverse any of the 2012 Welfare Reform Act). What is happening to our Nation?

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