Oct 142012

Two of our supporters will be joining the front party with TUC leaders and others.

We understand that disabled people will be leading the march but we are asking for every DPAC supporter who can to join us at the short march meeting point at Jermyn Street/ St.James Street just off Picadilly at 11.30 am . We can’t say exactly at what time the main march will arrive there.

We hope to see you all there.



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  6 Responses to “TUC March, October 20th latest information”

  1. Jan and Anne and Ian will be there plus eben

  2. For those unable to attend, you can watch and communicate with people on the ground via my livestream: http://www.bambuser.com/channel/alburyj

  3. http://afuturethatworks.org/march-logistics/form-up-and-transport-tips/

    Long march people being recommended to aim for 11.am approx departing 12.00.
    It may be that they’ve suggested 11.30 for shorter march on similar basis, i.e. assemble 1 hr in advance. Hope I’m wrong.

    Looking forward to see you all, except – really upsetting this – Eleanor L is in hospital and won’t be able to make it. BIG LOVE TO ELEANOR (Don’t delete this El). She’ll be a cyber presence of course.

  4. My daughter and I will be marching and hope to see you there.I wouldn’t miss it for the World as we must continue to fight for rights for disabled.

  5. I’ll be there

  6. right across Europe, we see the political right media agenda, scaring people who should be target in these economic cuts. September 4 people with disabilit’s and their families. supporters protested outside the Dail in Dublin. about threaths from the media regarding cuts to home helps. later the Irish government were forced to do a u turn. this is when the Irish minister for health. James Reilly. with certain political party loyalists can give a nod and wink for private health clinics to open, when people are waiting for medical appointments and wards in hospitals are closing
    I will be attending the protest in London on Saturday. 20 October noisy anger dinified peaceful

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