Nov 242011

As you may know Motability have announced this week that anyone insured as another driver for a Motability vehicle must live within 5 miles of the disabled driver/owner of that vehicle.

This followed on very quickly from the odious article produced by Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail.

Many people who have Motability cars have family and PAs who live further than 5 miles away and we are asking everyone, even if you aren’t affected by this change to write and complain to Motability about how it will make life even more difficult for disabled people and their families. It will particularly affect anyone living in rural areas where public transport is very poor anyhow.

Some examples of what disabled people have said about these changes are

“my daughter’s PAs are 3,4,6 and 9 miles away and we looked long and hard to find appropriate people that close”

“Both my PAs will be affected as they live 6 and eight miles away, as will my family and friends who drive me from time to time. RSA indicated that this new 5 mile ruling was adversely affecting many people. “

Royal Sun Alliance who have a dedicated phone line to answer the insurance elements of the change the Motability Regulations strongly urge people to write to Motability to complain, at the following address:

Motability Operations
Crossgate House
Sothwark Bridge Road
London SE19HB

Download a template letter you can use here: Motability template letter


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  One Response to “Changes to Motability Insurance”

  1. I have been,for the last ten years, in a companionship relationship with a disabled man who has to walk with a zimmer-frame.We live separately,about 6 miles apart.His condition has deteriorated and now he is very nervous about falling because he cannot get up on his own and in the event of a breakdown would not be able to waIk more than a hundred yards or so.I am effectively his carer when we travel or go out anywhere. Recently ,in Scotland,on holiday (which I paid for,by the way.), he did fall,was hospitalised and was temporarily unable to drive to get us home in the London area.We were faced with the problem of how to get home. I was not covered to drive his car on my insurance but Motorbility arranged an extension for me on his insurance, in case it was needed.In the event,we stayed in Scotland till he had recovered and could drive again.We have now realised how important it is for me to go on the insurance,so we don’t get caught out so inconveniently again .He has just taken delivery of a new Motorbility Car and is asking for me to go on his insurance in case of future problems or emergencies like this.I think it will be possible since we are before Jan.1st.But I do live just a bit more than 5 miles from him and presume that ,in future this will not be allowed.I am 74 ,can drive and have a smaller,old and less reliable car, which copes less well with his walking frame and spare crutches.He is much younger,believes he is the better driver,in spite of mobility problems,hence the fact that we use his car and not mine.

    Some thought needs to be given to weed out the abuses of the system,whereby family members are effectively getting a cheap car which does not really benefit the disabled without penalising genuine people.

    I accept that there are abuses,with people letting their relatives have the car and rarely benefiting personally
    at all. But this broad brush solution will be hurting lots of genuine people.I hope the scheme will at least allow emergency extensions for holidays or long trips,but there must be lots of genuine cases like ours where,even for short trips,it would be helpful to have a second driver,even if that driver lives further than the new regulations allow. He drives to me four times a week in spite of living more than 5 or 6 miles apart and we are frequently in the car together with the potential for me to need to drive in an emergency. The 5 mile limit is far too tight.

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