Aug 162011

DPAC were pleased to read that twelve doctors employed by Atos Healthcare are under investigation by the General Medical Council over allegations concerning failure to put the care of patients first when carrying out “work capability assessments”.

Atos have ruthlessly gone about getting disabled people off benefits regardless of the consequences for individuals unable to otherwise financially support themselves. Common Atos practice involves serious inaccuracies in medical reports, assessments conducted by medical professionals with specialisms irrelevant to the condition of the person being assessed, and doctors not even registered to practice in Britain.

The high numbers of decisions overturned on appeal reflect a system wholly focused on targets at the expense of the welfare of the poorest and most oppressed members of our society. This is the truth covered by persistent government and media propaganda which contends that the majority of claimants for Employment and Support Allowance are actually fit for work and therefore fraudulently applying. The fact that medical professionals have allegedly been complicit in upholding this lie and committing injustice is saddening.

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—-Ellen Clifford


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  2 Responses to “Atos Doctors under Investigation”

  1. My experience of ATOS doctors is exactly this. Innacurate medical reports and untruths. before establishing i worked for HMPS. I was dismissed because I have multiple sclerosis, supported by an ATOS medical report that could have won an award for fiction.

  2. Nice to see you again, Eleanor! My Trades Council (Kensington & Chelsea) took part in the DPAC protest re Elaine McD’s treatment outside our Town Hall. The first organisation the newly re-formed Tr Cl has agreed to affiliate to is, of course, DPAC.
    Love and Solidarity

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