Sep 272013

While New Labour are urging the condemns to sack Atos, let’s not lose sight of the real issue-that is that the WCA is not fit for purpose and must be scrapped!

The report contains coverage from the UK media put together in one place. It has hundreds of entries over the years up to Sept 2013


To read/download the report- along with other DPAC research reports on ILF, WCA and IDS lies.


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  2 Responses to “DPAC Report – Work Capability Assessment”

  1. Long awaited.

    “The Government’s response to the consultation on the PIP assessment Moving around activity”

  2. I used to be an appeals worker with the main branded advice provider, I have worked on 100’s of appeals and have come across many horror stories,3 that come to mind were
    1. a client who had suffered a stroke and was paralyzed down her entire right side she was even having to learn how to write left handed, her assessment declared “no upper body disability” and she was declared fit to work
    2. a client with severe mental health issues who was given very poor help from the device provider above he was not given help to fill out ESA 50, his appeal was a joke to say the least and when he asked for someone to go with him to the hearing (he failed his assessment due to not being given help to fill out the form and given no advice on the assessment process) he was refused and handed a self help guide (that I put together as an aide to appeals not to replace an appeals worker) he contacted me and asked me to help, I formatted a submission, discussed the hearing and went with him (2hrs in total) and he was placed in the support group
    3.a one armed man was asked at his assessment ” Do you think your arm will grow back in the next 2 yrs?” I KID YOU NOT!

    Since Oct 2011 I have not lost an ESA appeal

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